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Can I consult Pristyn Care’s hernia specialist in Bangalore from home?

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Why should I choose Pristyn Care doctors for hernia treatment?

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Can I seek advice from Pristyn Care doctors even if I am getting treatment from some other doctor?

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Consult the Best Hernia Doctors in Bangalore with Pristyn Care

Pristyn Care takes pride in the fact that we have the most experienced and skilled team of surgeons when it comes to hernia treatment. All our doctors have more than 10 years of experience in treating different types of hernias effectively. Our hernia doctors specialize in performing both open hernia repair surgery and laparoscopic hernia repair surgery. The doctors are skilled in operating the latest USFDA approved diagnostic and surgical tools. Our doctors also understand the value of safety and quality care. Hence, they focus on building a good doctor-patient relationship based on trust. They create an environment for the patients where they feel safe to undergo hernia repair surgery. You can consult our doctors by booking an appointment with Pristyn Care. Give us a call and we will connect you with one of our most reliable hernia specialists available near you.

How to choose the best hernia doctor in Bangalore?

The key to choosing the best hernia doctor is doing thorough research about the doctor’s qualifications, experience, skills, education, and background. To do this, you can follow the points given below:
  • Doctor’s Certification :
    A gastroenterologist in India has to complete 5 and a half years of study in MBBS followed by 2 years of MD course and 3 years of DM (Gastroenterology) course. With the seven and a half years of residency training of MBBS and MD, the candidate earns the title of a General Surgeon. The additional 3 years of DM in gastroenterology makes the surgeon a specialist in treating conditions related to the entire gastrointestinal tract. Both general surgeons and gastroenterologists are certified by a respected board (Medical Council of India or National Board of Examinations) that ensures that the doctors follow the guidelines and maintain a high standard of care under all circumstances.
  • Doctor’s License :
    You should check whether the hernia doctor you are choosing has a valid practice license or not. Visit the and type the name of the doctor to check his/her license. All the doctors who are eligible to practice medicine in any field are included in the Indian Medical Register. Once registered, the doctor becomes eligible to practice in all states and cities of India. If your doctor is properly licensed, his/her name will be available in the registry.
  • Doctor’s Experience & Skills :
    The years of experience a hernia specialist has reflects his/her knowledge in the respective field. You can ask the doctor how much experience he/she has and what are the various methods they follow to treat hernias. A skilled and knowledgeable hernia specialist will answer all your queries regarding the treatment methods. The way the doctor answers your questions will also help you analyze how the doctor usually communicates with the patients and whether you feel safe under his/her care or not.
  • Doctor’s Published Material :
    You can try looking for published medical research of the doctor related to hernia treatment. A doctor who is passionate about advancing the care in a particular field usually participates in clinical research. If your doctor has made such contributions, it further reflects his/her zeal to learn about the technological advancements for the treatment of hernia.
  • Doctor’s Reviews :
    Make sure that you choose a doctor with positive reviews. A doctor who claims to specialize in hernia treatment is most likely to have treated many patients in the past. Look through the doctor’s profile or website to see the reviews and testimonials given by the patients. Through these points, you will learn more about the doctor and you’ll know whether you can trust him/her for hernia treatment or not.