Everything You Need to Know About Laser Vaginal Tightening Process

Physical intimacy with the love partner is something that nobody wants to sacrifice.

Having a good intimate moment with your partner and enjoying making love to them would elate your heart and mind. However, if the intercourse goes painful, or if you feel sexually dysfunctional or just not satisfied with the way your body is reacting to it, you may end up feeling frustrated.

feel sexually dysfunctional

Hands down, the struggle real!

Thankfully, magical solutions like a LASER vaginal tightening process exist. And if you are considering going for one, prepare yourself. Move further only after you’ve gone through this blog. Also, discuss everything you need to know about vaginal tightening.

What’s the point? Why should one go for it?

Like any other elastic muscle in the human body, the vagina can also lose some of its elasticity.

And to your surprise, it’s not the frequency or lack of sexual encounters that can loosen its elasticity. This mainly happens only for either or all of the following reasons.



Childbirth, as we know, is obvious to cause the loosening of vaginal muscles. It’s almost similar to pushing an object the size of a watermelon out of a hole the size of a lemon. Although it’s superelastic, the event of giving birth to a child can loosen it to some extent.

Vagina changes after childbirth

Speaking of how it happens because of growing age, here’s the answer. As we age, our hormonal secretions decline. This results in a decrease in the strength of the muscle and surrounding connective tissues. As a result of this, the tightness of the vagina also declines.

This happens due to the lack of estrogen in the vaginal walls, resulting in the change of diameter, also known as vaginal atrophy.

Bottom line, this looser feeling is enough to make some women want to get their vagina back in its old shape and size with retained tightness. And that’s where vaginal tightening (aiming at tightening up the vagina again mainly to enhance sexual experiences) kicks in. (Also Read: Vagina Tightening After Childbirth)

Other reasons for vagina loosening:

1.Retarded cell regeneration or poor blood flow at the genitalia

2.Prolapsed bladder

3.Aging, weight loss or obesity

Most Preferred and Recommended Procedure for Vaginal Tightening

Like any other human health concern on the planet, vaginal tightening also has several procedures. Either you can undergo reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery (vaginoplasty) or LASER surgery. The choice that you want to make has to depend on the convenience that you want.

For example, if you are okay dealing with hormonal imbalances caused due to creams used in conventional vaginal tightening methods, you can consider going for it.

However, if you are looking for a super clean, minimally invasive and completely safe vaginal tightening process, hands down, a LASER surgery is your best bet.

Moving further here’s a comparison of LASER surgical vaginal tightening procedure to the other tightening surgeries.


Results in normal tightening procedure don’t last long but in laser vaginal tightening it’s long-lasting


A slow and gradual process in normal tightening procedure whereas in laser vaginal tightening effects can be seen in one session only


The normal tightening process is time taking whereas laser recovery is fast


No Recurrence in laser tightening whereas recurrence is there in normal tightening.

Hormonal Imbalance

In laser tightening there is No Hormonal Imbalance whereas in Normal tightening process Hormonal Imbalance is there due to creams

Carcinogenic Chemicals

No Carcinogenic Chemicals in laser tightening process, in the normal process there is the use of Carcinogenic Chemicals

Advantages of Undergoing a Vaginal Tightening LASER Surgery

As you look forward to undergoing a LASER surgery for vaginal tightening, you’d be digging some benefits out of it. Thankfully, we are under a great fortune. Vaginal tightening brings in the following advantages.

Breakthrough Procedure for Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation
  • Immediate effect with a long-lasting result
  • Better control over the urine. Eliminates odors and relieves itching
  • Restores vaginal suppleness and unifies the texture of the skin
  • Better sensitivity while intercourse enhancing sexual satisfaction
  • Little to no downtime from regular daily activities

LASER Vaginal Tightening Step-by-Step Procedure

The next thing you might want to know before actually stepping up for the treatment is the procedure. Aiding to the same, here’s the procedure, broken down into steps.

Step 1: Pelvic Exam

The procedure starts with a pelvic exam that the gynecologist will conduct before starting the treatment.

Step 2: Insertion of the LASER Probe

Right when the treatment begins the gynecologist will insert a fractional CO2 laser probe about four to six centimeters into the vagina.

Step 3: LASER beam is sent

The laser beam penetrates about 0.5 millimeters into the vaginal wall. This enables the maximum stimulation of proteins.

This whole procedure ultimately tightens the vagina ensuring overall vaginal improvement and a huge level of satisfaction.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Also, speaking of hygiene, as the vagina is a sensitive private area, a separate probe is used for every woman. Plus it’s a completely painless procedure. The person undergoing it will just feel a little pressure.

And the best thing: the procedure will be done within 10 minutes, so you’ll not have to take a day out. You can go through the procedure even during your break hours.

Expert Tip: It is suggested that women must undergo the process three times. Each of these sessions should be spaced four to six weeks apart.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation - Benefits You Must Know

This is done for the best results.

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Final words

As women, growing old and going through different events and scenarios in life (like giving birth to a child), causes your body to change. These changes can often disturb the way your normal life is functioning.

Vaginal tissues loosening do just the same. The decline of hormones. Reduced tightness. The increased diameter and a diminished sex drive can all adversely affect the way you feel about yourself and your relationship with your partner.

One fine way of ruling out this fiasco is by undergoing the vaginal tightening procedure.

All you need to do is go under the LASER and the rest will be taken care of; within a span as short as of 10 minutes.

In this post, we tried to talk about everything important related to the vaginal tightening process. Hopefully, this helped you. Don’t forget to share with your partner or friends who might need it.

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