Gallbladder Removal & its Side-Effects

Many people face different types of complications and problems regarding their health, due to some reasons like unhealthy lifestyle, improper food-intake, natural reasons, etc. One of the major problems that people face due to such reasons is gallstone.

What is a gallstone?

Gallstone is a type of hard substance that is formed from bilirubin and bile cholesterol. It is possible to dissolve the gallstones by consuming the required medicines (mouth intake).

Why is gallbladder Surgery required?

Sometimes, gallbladder surgery is required because these stones may become too uncomfortable and interfere with the patient’s health.

Is it possible to live happily after the removal of gallbladder?

Since gallbladder is a major part of the digestive system, its removal is bound to inflict some specific side-effects onto the patient. But still, fortunately, it is possible to live a healthy and long life even after the removal of gallbladder. Moreover, the gallbladder surgery is also considerably simple.

How much change does the digestion process experience after a gallbladder surgery?

Without the gallbladder, the bile juice from the liver can directly move into the intestines, which earlier moved through the gallbladder, and still complete the digestion process without much fuss. Hence, if required, doctors usually suggest a gallbladder surgery, if it is the only option that the patient has.

What are the side-effects of gallbladder surgery?

There are some particular side effects that a person may have to face after the removal of gallbladder. Five of these side-effects are mentioned below:

1.Person faces difficulty in digesting fat

Due to the releasing of bile juice directly into the intestines, now that the gallbladder has been removed, the person may face difficulty in digesting fat. The medications that the person has to consume or intake also may cause indigestion. This period usually does not last long for the patient, but there might be some long-term side-effects, which are caused by the leaking of the bile juice into other organs or due to the gallstones that may have been left behind in the bile-ducts.

difficulty in digesting fat

2. The patient has to bear constipation

In some cases, it has been found by the doctors that removal of a diseased gallbladder can actually straighten the digestion process which earlier seemed troublesome and finally resulted into constipation. Hence, it can be concluded that gallbladder surgerycan actually reduce constipation. But, due to the medications that the patient has to consume, the surgery and the anaesthesia used during the operation can lead to a short-term constipation. Dehydration can make this problem worse.


3. Diarrhoea and flatulence

The indigestion that the patient has to face, also in-turn causes some more side-effects which can result into the patient getting diagnosed with diarrhoea, and sometimes, flatulence. The removal of gallbladder can cause excess fat or insufficient bile in the body, which can result into loose stools.

Diarrhoea in gallbladder removal

4. Intestinal injury

During the procedure of the removal of gallbladder, it is very rare to happen, but sometimes, the surgeon may damage the intestines, which may later cause a lot of uneasiness for the patient.

Intestinal problem

5. Jaundice or fever

Sometimes, a stone or a part of it remains in the bile duct after gallbladder surgery, which can cause severe pain, or jaundice. A complete blockage of the bile duct can also cause an infection.

fever in gallbladder removal

Gallbladder surgery is a very effective process or operation which relieves the patients of all their ailments regarding their gallbladder immediately, with very less side effects. Gallbladder surgery is pretty simple and is usually easy to recover from which is an added plus point.

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  1. I had no idea about gallbladder surgery but after reading this article. I got to know a lot about the whole gallbladder removal procedure and it’s side effects. I can now opt to go for surgery.

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