Hemorrhoids and related myths!

There are a lot of myths related to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids commonly known as piles is a problem which is not discussed openly because of its symptoms and the area that is affected. Due to the lack of discussion, there are a lot of myths related to hemorrhoids. The myths gradually start turning into facts and patients suffering from piles do not get the right treatment at the right time. Here are some myths about hemorrhoids.

Piles causes symptoms treatment

Myth 1: Once you get hemorrhoids, it is a recurring problem

There are certain temporary situations such as childbirth or pregnancy or straining through a difficult bowel movement. A laser piles treatment is effective and most advanced technology for its treatment. Along with the treatment, you need to take care of your lifestyle habits and dietary pattern for a permanent cure.

Myth 2: Everyone gets hemorrhoid once

A lot of people believe that the majority of the population will suffer from hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. This thought came from the high recurrence rates of conventional methods but this is not the truth today. Piles laser treatment has decreased the recurrence rate to the lowest level which further reduces the chances of getting piles.

Myth 3: Hemorrhoids can lead to cancer

The symptoms of hemorrhoids and rectal cancer may be confused with each other as they are same-bleeding on and off. Piles do not increase the risk of cancer. So symptoms of piles can mask the presence of underlying rectal cancer. Therefore, treatment for piles is essential as and when diagnosed or it may grow in size and number.

Myth 4: You should not exercise if you have hemorrhoids

Lifting heavy weights with poor technique — like holding your breath while you lift — can increase the risk of hemorrhoids or make existing hemorrhoids worse. Other than that, regular exercise can help prevent constipation and weight gain and, in turn, reduce the risk of hemorrhoids. Exercise is actually an important part of avoiding hemorrhoids

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Myth 5: Spicy foods can cause hemorrhoids

There is no such study or research that shows hemorrhoids can be caused by hot, spicy or exotic foods. However, there can be digestive and stomach problems which may cause a problem to the hemorrhoids when you pass stool and can also contribute to diarrhea which can be painful.

Myth 6: Eat plenty of fibers so that you do not get hemorrhoids

While eating fiber is one of the best things you can do to help prevent piles from developing, dietary habits are not the only factor involved. Toilet habits have plenty of influence over the formation of piles. Avoid sitting for a long period of time or straining during a bowel movement. And in addition to continuing to eat plenty of fiber, be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Myth 7: Excessive cycling may cause piles

The assumption that piles disease may originate from excessive cycling and a hard bicycle saddle are wrong. Cycling relieves the pelvic floor and thus may be favorable in the early stages of the disease.

Cycling causes piles

Myth 8: Only older people get hemorrhoids

People can develop hemorrhoids at any age. They are most common between ages 45 and 65, it’s not unusual to see them in younger adults as well. As people age, the connective tissue between the anus and rectum weakens, making them more susceptible to hemorrhoids. people of any age can get hemorrhoids — a common cause of hemorrhoids is pressure on the anus from straining associated with constipation or diarrhea. Pressure on the abdomen during pregnancy, which causes veins to swell, can also lead to hemorrhoids.

Myth 9: Piles is always associated with bleeding

This is not correct. There may or may not be with bleeding. Piles are either external or internal Piles. The patient feels the swelling around the anal opening in external piles. In the case of internal piles, it cannot be felt initially. When the disorder progresses, the piles protrude. There may also be a discharge of mucus with itching around the anal orifice. So, you see! There are many things to know about piles.

Myth 10: The food you eat does not affect hemorrhoids

One of the biggest risks of developing hemorrhoids is constipation. When you include high-fiber diet and stay hydrated, you can keep prevent constipation and keep bowel movements soft. Consult a doctor for proper supplements if you are not getting complete fiber diet.

Myth 11: Avoid exercise if you have piles

Most exercise is good at preventing hemorrhoids with one possible exception. Weight lifting with poor technique may increase the pressure in the rectal veins increasing the risk of hemorrhoids. If you do have hemorrhoids, regular exercise can help heal them and if you are susceptible to hemorrhoids, light regular exercise such as yoga, swimming or walking can help keep the colon more regular without placing a strain or increased abdominal pressure which can lead to hemorrhoids.

Myth 12: Only unhealthy people get them

Anyone can suffer from hemorrhoids and there are many healthy people who suffer from hemorrhoids. However, if you wanted to reduce your risk of getting hemorrhoids, eating a healthy, balanced diet can help.

Myth 13: Only men get hemorrhoids

This belief is absolutely false and baseless. Men or women both can get affected by hemorrhoids anytime in their life if they lead a faulty lifestyle if they suffer from chronic constipation if there is lack of enough fibers and excessive presence of junk food in their daily diet. In fact, females bear a higher risk of developing hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Myth 14: Surgery of piles is painful and prolonged

This was not a myth when the doctors used traditional methods to treat piles. But with the advancement of technology, laser treatment is completely painless and takes place within 30-40 minutes.

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Even after reading all the myths and truths about hemorrhoids, people are hesitant to consult a doctor – a busy schedule, the fear of embarrassment or painful surgery, or panic that it could be something worse. Few prefer to have discussions with neighbors, colleagues or family members in order to find out a possible solution for the disease, which is not suggested. The doctor is the right person to consult with as every problem varies from person to person.

After a thorough examination, he/she will discuss with you appropriate treatment for hemorrhoids– of which surgery is the permanent cure. Surgery is easily avoidable in the early stages of the disease. Hence, being embarrassed about piles and not treating them will not help. So, book an appointment at Pristyn Care and get the most advanced laser treatment for piles. It can be treated well through surgery and can relieve you from unbearable pain – forever!

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