Happiness boost metabolism and health


Fast metabolism and happiness are important aspects to attain a healthy life. If you chase one of them, the other will naturally come to you. Therefore, understanding your metabolism is the key to better health. 

Metabolism is the chemical reaction in the body that converts food into energy that your body needs. Even if your metabolism is slow, your body will burn calories from the food. It works even when your body is sleeping. However, if the body receives more calories than it requires, metabolism does not take care of it. These extra calories get stored as body fat and do not burn. 

Hunger Hormone – Leptin

Leptin is the chemical in the body that impacts your food intake and your mood. It has a connection with dopamine – a neurotransmitter that controls your happiness. When levels of leptin dip, dopamine levels increase; that’s when mood starts to rise. 

Leptin informs your brain that your body has enough energy stored to engage in normal activities such as exercise, eat, burn energy and engage in a process like pregnancy. But when you diet for weight-loss, the production of leptin decreases. Hence, your brain senses starvation. Therefore, several processes start to bring back normal leptin levels.  

A properly functioning leptin system leads to better metabolic performance. It improves brain function, mental strength, memory, coordination and it can even affect the regulation of mood and emotion.

Leptin Hunger hormone

Happiness and Metabolism

There are different scenarios where people don’t feel happy and deteriorate their health and metabolism. For example: 

So, here are some tips to improve your mood and boost your metabolism: 

  • Rise and shine, it’s exercise time

Metabolism is oxygen. Oxygen comes from breathing. Breathing is the result of exercise.

Early morning exercise will keep you active for the entire day. Exercise not only changes your body, but it also changes your mind, attitude and your mood. But when life gets busy, we put our health on the back foot. So, find some time for yourself, step out of home and feel the fresh air. Get started and get going!
For elderly people, morning yoga is very effective. It makes you flexible, energized and accelerates metabolism. If you make it a part of your daily routine, you will notice an improvement in your joint pains and muscle strength. You do not need special instruments, begin with stretching and warm-up exercises such as clapping, marching in place. 

Morning exercise relieves all your stress and keeps you happy and energetic. (Also Read: Yoga Poses For Every Woman )
Exercise regularly

  • Walk, walk and walk

People ask if it is possible to speed up a naturally slow metabolism. The answer is- you can manipulate your metabolism to an extent. Walk whenever you get a chance. Even a gentle walk in the morning keeps you healthy and happy. 

According to research, people who tend to move more frequently have greater life satisfaction and happiness. In other words, active people are generally happy. 

According to the United Nations’ World Happiness Report that was released on 20th March 2019 to mark World Happiness Day, India holds 140th position in the list of 156 nations. 

There are a lot of factors contributing to this happiness index and one of the prime reasons is poor health and hygiene. (Also Read: What are the ways to prevent varicose veins? )
Walking To Get Strong

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep gives your body the complete rest it needs. When you sleep, your body and mind recover. Lack of sleep makes you cranky and losing two hours of sleep continuously for three days can affect your metabolism. 

It is a vicious cycle; when you don’t sleep well, you get stress which increases your food craving that further increases inflammation and worsens your mood. Therefore, sleep deprivation halts the body functioning.
Love Your Sleep

  • Eat everything in the right quantity

Water is important to regulate bowel movement. It helps release waste from the body. Similarly, a fiber-rich diet keeps your digestive system in control. A well-balanced diet includes carbohydrates, minerals, proteins, and vitamins. 

Avoid saturated fats and include avocado, nuts, bananas, dried apricots, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Excess salt and sugar can change the fluid balance in the body. It may increase health risks such as high blood pressure. 

Another important aspect that you need to understand is food that triggers a negative effect on your health and mood. Take a note of the food that changes your mood and energy levels. (Also Read: Mediterranean diet to Keep Your Gut Happy )
healthy food in a bowl

  • Smile and laughter increases metabolism 

Laughter is the best medicine. Yes, it is the easiest way to boost your metabolism. If you laugh for 10-15 minutes, you burn approximately 30 calories. Laughter yoga is also practiced by a lot of people. Stay happy and spread happiness around. 

“Everybody needs a hug. It increases your metabolism. -Leo Buscaglia”

smile increases metabolism

Final Words

Be active, eat right, take proper sleep and maintain happy weight. These are a few things that will help you keep going.  Therefore, be happy and keep your metabolism humming from dawn to dusk. 

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