How Pristyn Care Works

Pristyn Care relies on tech-based healthcare clubbed with quality medical services to provide minimally invasive surgeries in several cities of India. 


Often the patients who contact us are unaware of the entire workflow he or she has to go through in order to get the appropriate treatment. Hence, they do not put their trust and avoid getting treated. We believe in keeping our patients informed so that they can make an informed decision without any external influence. 


Here is a step-wise process on how Pristyn Care simplifies patient experience-

  • Step 1: Booking an appointment- The first and foremost thing you need to do is get in touch with us for the procedure you want to undergo. You can call us at the number provided on the top right-hand corner of the page. 


Another way is that you can fill-up the form on the right-hand side of the page present on each treatment or disease page of our website. Our medical coordinator will speak with you at the earliest and book an appointment for you at a convenient time based on your location.

In case you want to consult online with the doctor, you can do so at


  • Step 2: Detailed consultation with a Pristyn Care expert- You have booked an appointment with the doctor of your choice at the nearest Pristyn Care clinic. Visit him or her according to the appointment. We recommend you reach the clinic 10 minutes early to avoid any delay.

    The doctor physically examines in a sanitized private consultation room with the latest technology and equipment. You can clarify all your doubts and ask him or her any questions that you might have related to the procedure. Our doctors explain the entire procedure and recommend the necessary preparatory steps you need to take.

    After the consultation, the medical coordinator in accordance with the doctor, books an appointment for the surgery at any one of our partner-hospitals or clinics. You need to complete all the necessary diagnostic tests at a diagnostic center prior to the surgery. 


  • Step 3: Clearance of insurance- Pristyn Care assists you in getting the insurance approval within 30 minutes. Pristyn Care is not an insurance regulatory. Your insurance coverage depends on the health insurance type (personal, corporate) and the terms and conditions set by the insurance provider. Our insurance team helps you get the maximum benefits of your policy and makes sure that while availing the insurance, you have all the payment options – cashless and reimbursement payment (depends on the hospital to hospital). Also, the details of the insurance policy are not shared with anyone for security purposes. 


  • Step 4: Pick up before the surgery- The medical coordinator books a cab for you so that there is no hassle for transportation. On the day of the surgery, we provide a cab at a stipulated time to take you and one of your family members to the hospital. This is done so that you reach the hospital on time and there is no delay. 


  • Step 5: Assistance in hospitalization by Care Buddy- A dedicated Care Buddy helps you through the documentation of the admission process. After this, they ensure that your private room is ready. In your private room, we provide you a personal kit that includes a toothbrush, soap, and clean towel. There are 24 hours of assistance at the hospital. In addition to this, we provide a complimentary meal to the attendant. Also, our doctors provide instructions on how to recover post-surgery so that there are minimum side effects. 


  • Step 6: Drop off after the surgery- Once the procedure is complete and you have been kept under observation for a couple of hours, we take the responsibility of dropping you off safely at your doorstep.


  • Step 7: Follow up within a week- Within one week of the recovery period, our coordinators call you to book a follow-up appointment that is free of charge. The doctor checks on your progress and advises accordingly. 

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