Piles Behavioral and Homemade Remedies

Piles are usually a cluster of blood vessels which are cushioned by tissue and muscles of varying sizes. They are also known as hemorrhoids which develop inside and around the anus. It is usually seen that as an individual grows older, the risk and frequency of developing piles increases.

Behavioral Remedies

Some minor changes in an individual’s behavior and food habits can give relief from piles.

Light Food in Dinner: A significant factor for the development of piles is diet. One must not eat food products that contain too much fibre, laxatives, deep fried food, spicy food and similar stuff.

diet for piles

Water: Adequate intake of water and a combination of a balanced diet would result in healthier and bowel movement, and as a result, piles would not be developed.

drink water

Homemade Remedies

Some remedies can be cultivated at home and believed to give relief from piles.

Triphala Powder: Since constipation is one of the main causes for piles, Triphala powder can be taken regularly to eradicate constipation.

powder to eradicate constipation

Castor Oil: This oil carries a wide range of nutrients like anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory chemicals. This oil can decrease the size of the piles and reduce pain.


Asafoetida or Hing: An individual should try to include Hing in their diet, wherever possible. It could be included in the preparation of vegetables or dissolved in a glass of water before consumption and reduce the chances of developing piles.

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 Hing in Hemorrhoids

Piles Creams

Many creams and ointments are available for the treatment of piles. Some of the favoured options of creams are Corticosteroid, Lidocaine, Tronolane, Hydrocortisone Anti Itch Ointment and others.

Types of Painless Piles Surgery

The popular methods of Painless Piles Surgery are:

Stapling: This is a kind of painless Piles Surgery that is used to treat prolapsed piles. In this method, a surgical staple will fix the prolapsed piles back into place inside your rectum and cuts off the blood supply. The tissues in piles will gradually shrink and be reabsorbed in the muscles.

painless Piles Surgery

Transanal Haemorrhoidal Dematerialisation: This is another cost-effective and painless Piles Surgery. In this method, an individual does not even require general anaesthesia. It uses a medical instrument which is equipped with a Doppler transducer to locate and eliminate the terminal branches of the superior haemorrhoidal artery.

haemorrhoidal artery

Rubber Band Ligation: This is one of the most common kinds of Piles surgery. In this method, a medical band is used to restrict the blood supply to piles.

 kinds of Piles surgery

Sclerotherapy: In this method, a chemical solution is injected into the piles. It is a painless piles surgery as the solution relieves pain by making the nerves numb around the area of piles. Scar tissues will be formed in the area, and the piles will fall off.

chemical solution inpiles

Hemorrhoidectomy This is one of the most common methods of painless piles surgery under the influence of local anaesthesia. In this case, the doctor will open an individual’s anus and gently cut out the piles.

gently cut out the piles

Recuperation Time

Painless Piles Surgery is a minor surgery that does not require the patients to be admitted to the clinic. Painless Piles Surgery is conducted under the influence of local anesthesia which allows the customers to go back the same day.


Usually, piles are not considered a serious health issue and are expected to disappear on their own. But they can take the form of painful and permanent problem, and in that case, surgical procedures like Painless Piles Surgery are used. Painless Piles Surgery is not a one stop solution but a lasting process that is designed to bring back the customers’ good health and also his or her self-confidence.

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