Know about Piles

Like most diseases discovered and undiscovered, piles comes with several inconveniences. Problems in sitting. Problems in standing. Excretory problems. Irritation inside the rectum. Bleeding and whatnot! It’s just as painful as it gets.

Piles Causes

No matter which grade or which type of piles you suffer from, in the end, it’s suffering and you. The best you can do is try and prevent the following reasons that can be prevented.

  • lack of fiber in diet: consume more leafy vegetables, fibrous fruits, oats, etc
  • inadequate fluid intake: drink more water and more healthy liquids like juices
  • no physical movement: start indulging in some kind of workout
  • straining while passing stool: avoid this to all extents
  • constipation and diarrhea: eat food that’s healthier and consume more water
  • constant sitting or standing for long hours at a stretch
  • sitting for long periods of time on the toilet: this can inflict bacterial infections resulting in piles
  • constant heavy lifting: if you are at the gym, keep altering weights
  • being obese: cleanse your diet and treat obesity
  • Pregnancy: follow a healthy diet routine during pregnancy and stay away from stressful conditions
  • anal intercourse
  • stress
  • previous surgery of bowel
  • constriction of intestine following a surgery
  • spinal cord injury that leads to the bladder and rectal dysfunction
  • genetic predisposition to piles
  • dysfunction of the floor of the pelvis

Symptoms of Piles

Just like any other disease in the world, piles also has various symptoms. And the most common of those piles symptoms are mentioned below.

  • Bright red blood from the anus. The toilet paper and even the bowel moment can be streaked by this blood
  • Lumps and a painful swelling near the anus
  • Bowel movements pain a lot
  • The area around the anus becomes red and sore
  • The area around the anus becomes red and sore
  • Wanting to itch around the anus (don’t do that though)
  • Anal mucus discharge
Know what the causes and symptoms of piles

The Right Food for Piles

If you are looking forward to finding tips for piles prevention this section will help you right away.

Piles is a condition mainly caused due to poor eating habits.

The best way to prevent it is by improving eating habits. So, what you can do is add more fiber to your food. Start consuming more water.

Some of the most common food items rich in fiber are Legumes, such as split peas, lentils, black beans, lima beans, baked beans, etc.

But you can fix it all: LASER Treatment for Piles

The final treatment, the right thing to fix it all up, to rid yourself off of all the pain, a LASER treatment for piles is just what you need.

The process is simple. Takes less than an hour to carry out. And is safer and totally painless when compared to other piles treatment options.

To know more about it, have a look at the procedural steps.

  • A dose of anesthesia is given
  • LASER energy is used and sent into the submucosal hemorrhoidal nodes directly through the radial fiber
  • Swollen nodes shrink down from the inside
  • The same LASER reduces the blood supply. This stops the abnormal growth of hemorrhoids inside the rectum
  • Ultimately the whole process prevents the occurrence or recurrence of the disease in most cases

Total time required for surgery: Thirty Minutes

Right after the surgery the patient can be discharged off and taken back home.

And that’s not where it ends. Apart from the time saved, the following are other advantages that a piles LASER surgery holds against any other treatment option.

  • No cuts or wounds
  • Lightning-fast recovery
  • Sphincter action is maintained excluding all odds of incontinence and fecal leaks
  • Least amount of pain when compared with any other piles treatment option
  • Minimal blood loss
  • No diet restrictions

Sounds awesome, right? Well, this is totally something that can save you from all the pain that a piles condition can bring into your life.

All you need to do is get in touch with Pristyn Care and leave the rest to us.

Final Words

Piles are one of the most painful diseases affecting every second human being at least once in life. No wonder it’s really important to spread awareness about its causes, symptoms, cures, prevention, and the best piles treatment.

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