What are Best Foods for Piles

A person who has piles needs to be very careful with his diet. Whatever a human eats, is digested and passed out of the body as fecal matter via the bowel moments. These bowel moments are passed out from the anal opening. Passing bowels can be very painful.

If wrong diet is taken, the stool can be hard which can cause unbearable pain while passing bowels.

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Eat Healthily- Keep Piles at a Bay

The new lifestyle of increased hours of sitting and a decrease in physical activity has rapidly increased the number of piles’ patients. Apart from the routine habits,  lack of a healthy diet and insufficient intake of water also plays a major role in the occurrence of piles. Undernourishment and dehydrated body are more prone to get piles.

You can change your lifestyle to some extent and can definitely change the eating habits to reduce the risk of piles. Increasing the intake of food items mentioned below can reduce the risk of piles to a great extent.

1. Drink a lot of Water.

A hydrated body runs at a very low risk of getting piles. Water frequently helps remove toxins and excess fluids from our body, helping in normal bowel movements. Increasing the intake of water is medically proven to prevent piles.

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2. Fruits such as raspberries, pears, apples, bananas, and pineapples are rich in fiber and help the human body stay resistant to piles.

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3. Adding legumes like split peas, baked beans, lentils, black beans, lima beans, etc. help the human body keep piles at a bay. If you have a healthy intake of such foods in your diet, your body already acts as a barrier to piles.

add legumes to your food

4. Whole Grain food items such as brown rice, oatmeal, bran flakes, and barley help maintain the body to a hydrated and healthy state, lessening the risk of piles.

whole grains are good for piles

5. Vegetables including green peas, broccoli, sprouts, and cucumbers are considered highly effective to reduce the occurrence of piles in a human.

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There are a few foods that are suggested to be avoided. If take any such food, it can result in inconvenience and pain while passing stool. It is medically suggested to not avoid the condition of piles and eat the prescribed food to reduce inconvenience to the body. What is the best food during piles?

Below is mentioned briefly what should be eaten and avoided by a person suffering from piles:

1. Strong Caffeinated beverages should be avoided during piles. A person having piles should avoid taking coffee, carbonated and caffeinated colas, and drinks.

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2. Deep fried and oily food should not be consumed if one has piles. Oily food can cause constipation which can increase the pain and troubles during piles.

portraying strict no for deep fried food in piles

3. Some Dairy Products such as skim milk, whipped cream, condensed milk, etc. may lead to constipation, causing more troubles to the case of constipation.

portraying no to eat for dairy products in piles

4. Bakery Foods such as Bread, Cakes, and Bagels contain very less amount of fiber in them. This can further reduce the water level in the body, making it more difficult to pass a normal stool.

portraying no for all bakery food in piles

5. Processed Meat contains several preservatives which can hinder the normal functioning of the digestive system and fluids, making the normal passage of stool more painful and difficult, especially during piles.

portraying no for processed meat in piles

6. Polished rice is devoid of any natural nutrition and fiber. They contain excessive carbohydrates which increase the risk of constipation, making it more difficult for a patient with piles to pass a stool.

Apart from eating good food, for instant relief Piles laser treatment is highly advisable. Laser treatment provides guaranteed relief to the patient. Unlike the open surgery, the patient treated with piles faces no major complications or pain post the laser surgery. The patient gets instant and permanent relief from piles with the laser treatment.

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