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  1. The laser-assisted cataract surgery is by far the best type of surgery that a patient can choose to undergo. This can treat astigmatism as well as irregular shaped cornea. Ophthalmologists suggest patients to under laser cataract surgery over the conventional cataract surgery so that it can soften cataracts. In laser-assisted cataract surgery, there are no cuts or incisions made that ensures faster recovery and minimal downtime.  Consult with ophthalmologists from Pristyn Care to know more about various types of cataract surgery- traditional as well as lRead more

  1. If you are experiencing blurred vision due to a cataract that does not allow you to do anything properly, then you should consider cataract surgery. In case you have developed cataracts in both the eyes, then the doctor suggests curing both of them within weeks. Experts suggest that it is best to remove cataracts at the nascent stage as the time required to complete the surgery takes less and the recovery is also fast. Also, the risk of significant visual impairment due to mature cataracts is also reduced considerably. In case you are considering undergoRead more

  1. Before that, let’s understand the functioning of the eye. There is a lens inside the eye that focusses light onto the retina. These light signals are then passed through the optic nerve which is converted into electrical impulses that the brain perceives and helps you to see. A cataract is the clouding of the lens inside the eye. As the condition worsens, the clouding gets denser which makes it difficult for the lens to focus the light. As the light that enters through the lens is scattered, the vision gets blurred. If you are looking for the treatment oRead more

  1. There is no definite answer to the question. The opinion on the same is bifurcated. One group believe that Ayurvedic treatment is a very effective treatment for cataract, provided that it is chosen in the early stages. On the other hand, another group is of the opinion that surgical intervention is a most-effective treatment option. The main objective of the Ayurvedic treatment for cataract is it strengthens the tissues and nerves inside the eye.  It is recommended that you choose the most advanced treatment for cataracts from Pristyn Care. Our team of oRead more

  1. Cataract surgery is done to treat cataracts. Cataract is a medical condition that causes blurry vision and increases the glare from the lights. In case of suffering from this disease, it becomes hard for you to carry your daily normal activities without facing any problems. In this situation, the doctor advises going for cataract surgery.    Cataract surgery is also recommended when a cataract interferes with the treatment of your other eye problems. Your doctor may also suggest going for this surgery if your cataracts are making it difficult for yoRead more

  1. Cataract is a medical condition wherein your lens becomes cloudy. Due to this, you experience visual impairment and blurry vision. Also, in case of suffering from this problem, it becomes quite hard for you to perform your daily activities without facing any issue.    Surgery is performed to correct the cataracts by replacing the cloudy lens with the artificial lens. There are two ways to perform this surgery, one is traditional cataract surgery and the other is laser cataract surgery. Traditional cataract surgery  can be quite painful as it involves incRead more