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  1. Circumcision does not affect the size of the penis. However, it may affect the appearance of the penis. Removing the foreskin may make the penis look less bulky but this does not impact the sexual functioning. In fact, circumcision has various medical and sexual benefits like reduced risk of STIs and STDs including HIV, reduced risk of penile cancer, lower risk of cervical cancer in the female partner, etc. Schedule your appointment with the best doctors for circumcision at your nearest Pristyn Care clinic.

  1. Tight foreskin conditions, including phimosis and paraphimosis do not cause infertility but affect the sexual functioning. Sex with tight foreskin can be very painful. Sometimes, sex can also be impossible if the man has phimosis or paraphimosis. This can affect the healthy sex life and funtioning of the individual.

  1. The recovery time and healing process after circumcision depends on the type of circumcision technique chosen. In India, common circumcision procedures performed are- conventional circumcision, laser circumcision and stapler (or ZSR) circumcision. Depending on your type of surgery, your surgeon will suggest you tips and precautions to follow for a smooth recovery. Tips and precautions to heal circumcision wound faster include- 1. Do not have sex or masturbate until complete recovery 2. Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes 3. Take all prescribed medicationRead more

  1. Yes, at Pristyn Care, circumcision is covered under insurance. Circumcision by laser and ZSR is covered under most insurance plans in India. The patient will not need to make any upfront payment or have the hassle of getting TPS or insurance approval from the hospital. Pristyn Care’s dedicated team does the insurance related paperwork for all it’s patient’s making the experience all hassle-free. To know more about what all your insurance will cover and clear any other doubts regarding insurance coverage for circumcision, get in touch with our medical teaRead more

  1. Having sex with tight foreskin (phimosis) may be pratically possible but is really not a great idea. Doctors and medical experts suggest on refraining from sex if the man has phimosis. Having sex with phimosis can be very painful and can also give rise to other complications such as urinary tract infections, balanitis and paraphimosis. If you have phimosis, avoid sex and if you still wish to have sex with phimosis, use a condom and lubricant. The best piece of advice for someone with phimosis is to consult a urologist to the soonest for prompt treatment.Read more

  1. Tight foreskin problems such as phimosis and paraphimosis are common among men of all ages. Tight foreskin often occurs due to infection or scar tissue. If the condition is not severe, you can loosen up the tight foreskin with natural remedies and other treatment options like foreskin stretching exercises, warm baths, steroid creams (for tight foreskin), medications, etc. it is strongly advised that before trying home remedies for tight foreskin, you should consult a urologist who will let you know if the home remedies would be effective for you. For sevRead more

  1. Typically, self dissolvable sutures are used in circumcision. These stitches take about 2 to 3 weeks to dissolve and the wound further may take up to 5 - 6 weeks to heal completely. It is important to understand here that the recovery and healing time varies from patient to patient and also on how well the surgery is performed. As it is highly invasive in nature, recovery after traditional circumcision can be very discomforting and may take 6 to 8 weeks to recover completely. Also, the risk of infections, redness, itching and other complications associatRead more

  1. Balanitis is the inflammation of the glas or head of the penis and infection is the most common cause of balanitis. For mild cases of balanitis, medications and ointments can treat the condition. If you have severe balanitis or if medications and other nonsurgical treatment approaches have failed to cure this condition, the urologist might recommend circumcision to treat balanitis effectively and prevent its recurrence. It is important to note here that if your doctor has suggested circumcision to treat balanitis, delaying surgery is not wise as it can lRead more

  1. Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin after being pulled behind the glans of penis, gets stuck and cannot be moved back to its normal position. Phimosis will require immediate medical attention and will not go away on its own without treatment. If nonsurgical treatment methods are not helpful in pulling back the foreskin to its normal position, circumcision surgery might become necessary. Paraphimosis is considered a medical emergency, so if you have symptoms of paraphimosis, you should book an appointment with a top urologist in your city right away.