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  1. Many cultures, including our Indian culture, orthodox families often associate virginity with the rupture of the hymen. Bleeding after intercourse is considered as evidence that the hymen is intact which in other words means that women are pure, and have never indulged in sexual intercourse before. But in reality, the condition of the hymen does not always have a correlation with sexual activity. Studies to date have not proven that changes in shape, size, or rupture of the hymen tissue, are associated with sexual intercourse between females and male parRead more

  1. Vaginal itching is common and has many causes and the symptoms may range from mild to serious. In many cases, vaginal itching may occur due to irritation from clothing, menstrual pads, cups or tampons, scented intimate washes or vaginal tightening gels or creams. Avoid using these products to prevent vaginal itching.  In some cases, vaginal itching may be caused due to fungal or bacterial infections. In the case of infections, the female is more likely to have itching inside of the vagina. Some skin conditions including psoriasis, folliculitis, and seborRead more

  1. Endometrial hyperplasia is the condition of abnormal thickening of the endometrium (cells which line the inside of the uterus). When the endometrium thickens, it can cause unusual vaginal bleeding. While the condition of endometrial hyperplasia is not cancerous, in some cases, it can be followed by uterine cancer. So it is best to work with a gynecologist to monitor any changes.  The primary symptoms of endometrial hyperplasia is abnormal vaginal bleeding. Contact your gynecologist to the soonest if you experience: Vaginal bleeding which is heavier or loRead more

  1. It is common for a female with regular menstrual cycles to develop an ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts are usually harmless and go away on its own. Cysts on ovaries are less common after menopause. Females who have reached menopause and have an ovarian cyst are at an increased risk for ovarian cancer.   If a female has an ovarian cyst, she is usually advised to just wait for the cyst to go away on its own in a few months. But in some cases, ovarian cysts can break open, or rupture, which can cause a lot of pain and heavy vaginal bleeding.   OvarianRead more

  1. In most cases, ovarian cysts are harmless and go away on its own without much trouble. But, if an ovarian cyst continues to grow in size, it may rupture suddenly, causing pain and mild to severe bleeding. The pain due to ruptured ovarian cyst is usually sharp and sudden and is felt on one side of the pelvis.   Ovarian cyst often ruptures during or immediately after strenuous exercise or sex If the bleeding after ovarian cyst ruprture is heavy, the female may experience shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness and a rapid heart rate. If left uRead more

  1. Females have two ovaries which produce eggs and the hormones estrogen and progesterone. At times, a fluid-filled sac known as a cyst develops on one of the ovaries. Many females develop at least one ovarian cyst during their lifetime, which is mostly normal and not something to worry about. In most cases, ovarian cysts are pain free and cause no symptoms.  Other common causes of ovarian cysts include- Problems with the hormones Use of hormone-based medicines which help in ovulation Pregnancy, which is normal Endometriosis   Pelvic infections  PolycysticRead more

  1. Vaginal tightening exercises are very effective and beneficial when done regularly and with the proper technique. But, vaginal tightening exercises take quite some time for you to benefit from the results in how your vagina feels. Most females fail to maintain consistency in such exercises due to their busy schedules, personal life or they just get impatient as the results take really long to show up!  Well, there is an easier way out. A woman of any age can undergo surgical or cosmetic vaginal tightening procedures to tighten her vagina. With the vaginaRead more

  1. The vagina loses its elasticity due to multiple childbirths or age. There are various creams available but these are not safe to use. Women can undergo laser vaginal tightening surgery for effective and long lasting results.    The laser vaginal tightening procedure is a pain-free procedure which brings back the natural elasticity of the vagina. The whole procedure is completed in about 4 to 5 sessions. Each session for laser vaginal tightening lasts for less than 20 minutes and is carried out at a gap of 25 days. There are no cuts, sutures, blood lRead more

  1. Vaginal itching is a common concern of many females. Itching in vagina may occur due to irritants like vaginal sprays, femine wash or scents, etc or may also occur as a result of a skin disorder or sexually transmitted disease (STD). In rare cases, vaginal itching might  occur due to stress or vulvar cancer. In most cases, vaginal itching is not a cause for concern. However, you should contact your gynecologist if vaginal itching gets severe or if you suspect another underlying condition.