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  1. In order to experience the complete results of hair transplant, the patient needs to wait for a year. The reason for the same is that the hair cycle takes a year to fully grow natural hair on the scalp. When hair transplantation, irrespective of any type, is performed by specially trained and well-experienced hair experts, the results tend to be permanent in nature. Doctors who have successfully completed several hair transplantation procedures, have a good aesthetic sense as well as provide necessary precautions to follow for natural hair growth and preRead more

  1. According to research, hair transplant treatment improves hair growth and caliber permanently. Hence, this implies that once the patient opts for this treatment, they don’t have to undergo the treatment ever. Also, doctors recommend following the post-operative instructions diligently during the recovery period. Moreover, in order to maintain hair growth, the person should go for treatment after 12 months. Hence, it can be concluded that hair transplantation treatment is one of the most effective options for those who are looking for hair growth on a perRead more

  1. No. There is no relation or association between hair transplantation and cancer. The USFDA has approved this as a cosmetic procedure which is absolutely to perform for natural hair growth. This cannot cause development of any malignant cells.  The contributing factors for cancer include genetics, smoking, unhealthy eating habits or prolonged inhaling of carcinogens. Hair transplantation is taking hair from one area to another which means the patient’s own skin cells and hair that is being transplanted back in. Hence, it cannot cause cancer. 

  1. No. This is not possible. Hair transplantation involves taking hair follicles from one part of a patient’s scalp and implanting these on the same scalp. There is no involvement of another person which is so during organ transplantation. In case, someone implants hair follicles from another person’s tissues, the body rejects these as foreign particles. The area of the scalp where doctors take hair follicles from is known as donor area and the area where these hair are implanted is known as the received area. In case you are looking for hair transplantatioRead more

  1. There are primarily five reasons for the failure of hair transplantation- surgeons lack the required skills and experience, patient didn’t take enough post-operative care, patient is not an ideal candidate for hair transplantation, clinic not equipped with latest technology, and doctors failed to understand patient’s exact needs. You’ll be glad to know that Pristyn Care houses doctors with over 10 years of experience in hair transplantation. They also guide patients to take proper preparation and recovery steps to lower the risk of side effects as well aRead more

  1. In Delhi, the cost of hair transplantation ranges from $350 to $600. The total expense of hair transplantation is dependent on the location of the clinic, type of hair transplantation technique you choose to undergo, amount of baldness covered, traveling cost and the skills of the surgeon. In addition to this, add medicine bills and follow-up visits which are extremely crucial to trace healing. But remember all of this cost is worth it when you get natural-looking hair on the scalp. At Pristyn Care clinics, we offer financing options such as zero cost EMRead more

  1. In one session of hair transplantation, surgeons transplant between 1000 and 2000 hair follicles effectively. In case, the patches of male pattern baldness are large, doctors transplant almost 4000 follicles in one session. These numbers of follicles are usually transplanted effectively when someone undergoes the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In case the patient undergoes the Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), doctors can transplant a higher number of hair follicles. Consult with Pristyn Care doctors to know moreRead more

  1. No. When an experienced hair transplant surgeon performs any method of hair transplantation, there is no damage to any other hair follicles. As a side effect, the hair suffers from ‘shock’. Both the hair transplanted hair as well as the natural hair fall off completely. After this, the hair regrows that looks absolutely natural and voluminous. At Pristyn Care, doctors rely only on the best technique of hair transplantation- Direct Hair Implantation- that guarantees no damage to any other hair follicles on the scalp. Contact with our experts to know more.

  1. Hair transplantation is more effective than non-surgical techniques in stimulating hair growth in areas where hair is unable to grow. People after hair transplantation have reported 10-80% of full hair growth within a year. There are various techniques of hair transplantation. However, the efficacy of these techniques depends on factors such as a patient's healing capabilities and individual needs. In case you want the best results with hair transplantation, consider a Direct Hair Implantation. This is a non-invasive method of implanting hair follicles iRead more

  1. Generally, single hair transplantation is necessary for dense, voluminous hair growth. One session of hair transplantation is enough when it is performed by trained, experienced  hair restoration surgeons. After the first surgery, the patient can go for another hair transplant that can add hair density by implanting more follicles between other implanted follicles. Doctors recommend having a second, third, fourth hair transplant done only after waiting for 6-12 months so that the implanted sites are completely healed by then. With the Direct Hair ImplantRead more