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  1. The answer is no. It is not possible for the hymen to repair naturally. The only way to repair a broken hymen is to undergo hymenoplasty, also known as hymen repair or construction surgery. There are several home remedies and exercises that an individual can try but there is no substantial evidence that can confirm the effectiveness of these remedies. Therefore, a more effective option seems to be a hymenoplasty.

  1. Once a woman's hymen is broken, it is said that she has lost her virginity. It is not possible for that woman to be virgin again, she can only create a new hymen or 'fake' her virginity. In order to 'fake' virginity, one can consider undergoing a hymenoplasty. It mainly includes stitching the torn edges of the hymen to make it appear an intact one.

  1. Hymenoplasty is generally performed on an outpatient basis under the influence of anesthesia. However, similar to any other procedure, there can be some mild side effects such as itchiness around the vaginal, smelly discharge, mild to moderate discomfort, temporary numbness, etc. These are easily curable with the doctor's postoperative instructions and prescribed medications.

  1. No. It is quite not possible to regain for a woman to regain her virginity naturally. Once a woman has vaginal sex, the hymen (a soft pink tissue covering the entrance of the vagina) opens and stretches that cannot be restored to its original state without any surgical intervention. Hymenoplasty is the only possible way to restore the original state of the hymen. In this procedure, the doctor sutures the remnants of the original hymen tissues together to create a new hymen. Hence, making it possible for the woman to regain their virginity.

  1. Virginity surgery is another name for hymenoplasty. It is called so because when a woman's hymen break due to penile penetration or accidents, it is believed that she has lost her virginity. Hymenoplasty or virginity surgery is the procedure to restore a woman's hymen surgically so that they can regain their virginity. Hymen is a soft, thin tissue that covers the vagina partially. Another name for hymenoplasty is hymen repair surgery. This has become as one of the most sought after procedures by an increasing number of women in the country, especially foRead more

  1. Hymenoplasty or hymen repair is considered a minor surgery and is usually a very successful procedure when performed by an experienced and skilled cosmetic gynaecologist. The outlook and results of your hymenoplasty surgery will largely depend on your healthcare provider. You can speak to or consult our gynecologists in your city at the nearest Pristyn Care clinic.