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  1. Paraphimosis is an emergency condition that requires immediate attention of a urologist or an ED(erectile dysfunction) physician. Initially, the specialist doctor tries to bring down the swelling of the penis to pull the foreskin to its original position. If nothing works, then the urologist recommends the outpatient procedure of circumcision. The advanced non-invasive and outpatient procedure of laser circumcision is a highly preferred treatment for paraphimosis by urologists. This puts the risks of paraphimosis recurring out of the window and ensures aRead more

  1. Paraphimosis is a painful condition in which the foreskin of the penis stucks behind its original position. This affects the blood circulation to the penis and may even cause an emergency situation of immediate treatment.  Tips to fix paraphimosis: Use cold compression to get relief from the pain and swelling caused by stuck paraphimosis. Stretch the foreskin while bathing with warm water to enable it  return to its original position. Bandage around the penis to subside the swelling so that the foreskin can be retracted. When nothing works, undergoing ciRead more

  1. When the foreskin is stuck at the back of the penis, it reduces the blood flow to the penis. The affected blood circulation to the penis can cause problems like erectile dysfunction, low levels of sperm production, etc. Also, you cannot leave paraphimosis untreated for a long time as the low blood circulation can cause the death of penile tissue. The death of tissues of the penis can cause permanent infertility.  Thus reaching out to a specialist as soon as the symptoms of paraphimosis start surfacing.

  1. When the foreskin gets stuck at the back of the penis, it causes a lot of pain and discomfort. There are certain things you can do to help in getting relief from paraphimosis.  Using ice packs to subside the swelling and pain of the penis. Bandage around the penis so that the chances of foreskin loosening up increase Gently trying to stretch the foreskin back to its original position while taking bath with warm water. If nothing from this work, you should immediately go to a doctor for consultation. Leaving paraphimosis unattended can cause severe compliRead more

  1. Paraphimosis is one of the common penile problems that cause pain and discomfort to many males at some point in their life. It is the emergency condition where the foreskin gets stuck behind its original position.  People with tight foreskin (phimosis) are more to paraphimosis while forcefully trying to retract the foreskin. Infection and trauma to the penis can also contribute to paraphimosis.  Paraphimosis can be extremely painful, thus the person has to rush to the doctor. The stuck foreskin majorly decreases the blood flow to the penis. It can resultRead more

  1. Keeping up with good hygiene is the simplest yet best way to avoid the problem of paraphimosis. In paraphimosis, the foreskin becomes stuck in a place at the back of the penis. It becomes difficult to retract it back if there is some sort of infection or inflammation of the glans or the foreskin. Thus, maintaining the hygiene by regularly washing the penis is necessary. Also, gently bringing the foreskin to cover the head of the penis again after urinating or completing the sexual intercourse greatly reduces the chances of paraphimosis. But, once you facRead more

  1. If you are dealing with male infertility, you need to be extra cautious about what you eat. Certain foods can worsen the problem even more and thus need to be avoided as much as possible.  Soy foods, although considered quite healthy, are not beneficial for male infertility. These have high isoflavone content and produce an estrogenic effect and can lead to the worsening of infertility symptoms. If you are experiencing fertility problems, processed meat is a big no. It can adversely affect your sperm profile. Men who consume processed meat on a regular bRead more

  1. The treatment option for male infertility depends majorly on the root cause and severity of the condition. The medical treatments to cure male infertility include: For infertility due to varicoceles- If varicoceles are interfering with your reproductive health, your doctor would suggest undergoing varicocele surgery so that the effects of varicocele can be reversed. For infertility due to Azoospermia- If the ejaculate contains no sperms, the sperms can be directly retrieved from the testicles through techniques known as sperm-retrieval techniques. For inRead more

  1. Paraphimosis occurs when the prepuce or the foreskin of the penis is pulled back behind the glans (head of the penis). It is quite a painful condition in which the retracted foreskin becomes swollen and painful. Paraphimosis can occur due to various reasons. A person with tight foreskin (phimosis) can develop paraphimosis while pulling the tight foreskin.  Other reasons such as infection, inflammation, or swelling of the foreskin are also quite commonly seen. Diabetic men are more prone to the infection of the foreskin and hence may experience such an epRead more

  1. Urinary tract infection is a very common problem that is found in both genders. Such an infection can affect any part of the urinary tract. The urinary tract system consists of bladder, ureters, and urethra. Thus, a bacterial infection in any part of the urinary tract system can create difficulty in passing urine and even cause a burning sensation.    Following things can lead to the development of urinary tract infections.   Unhealthy condition- An unhealthy lifestyle and poor hygiene can make you more prone to urinary tract infections. ImpropRead more