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  1. A medical abortion is the one when a female takes abortion medications to terminate pregnancy. A female can undergo safe and legal medical abortion until week 10 of pregnancy. Medical abortion, when done by a certified and an expert gynecologist is relatively safe.  The number of times a female can undergo a medical abortion would depend on a lot of other factors. A gynecologist is the best person to answer this question, after your diagnosis and discussing medical history. Generally, a medical abortion is not safe after 3 times.  

  1. Gynaecologist usually recommend a female refrain from sexual intercourse for some time after having a medical or surgical abortion to give the body time to heal.  After a medical abortion, a gynecologist will generally recommend a female to wait to have sex for at least 1 to 2 weeks to help reduce the risk of infection. Looking at your health and condition after a medical abortion, the gynecologist can help you with the decision to when you can get pregnant again after an abortion. Having an abortion does not generally affect the female’s ability to getRead more

  1. Medical abortion is performed by taking two abortion pills which terminate the pregnancy. The two abortion pill medicines work together to end a pregnancy. A female can undergo legal medical abortion in India until the 10th week of pregnancy. Medication abortion is typically safe and serious problems or complications are rare, but like all medical procedures, there can be some risks. Having a medical abortion would not risk your life. Having an abortion does not affect your fertility. A medical abortion does not cause problems for future pregnancies suchRead more

  1. A pregnant female can get a medical abortion legally up to 20 weeks of gestation period. 1.5 month pregnancy is roughly 6 or 7 weeks of pregnancy. The female can undergo medical abortion till week 10 of pregnancy. This procedure does not involve surgical methods or procedures until 10 weeks of pregnancy. After that, a female needs surgical abortion. Surgical is invasive and surgical which includes manual vacuum aspiration, machine vacuum aspiration and dilation and evacuation.

  1. A female will start to have cramps and heavy bleeding about 1 to 4 hours after taking the second pill in medical abortion. The range or pain and bleeding in case of medical abortion widely varies from female to female, with a lot of factors such as her age, health, etc playing a role in it.  Other symptoms after medical abortion include: passing small blood clots nausea and vomiting diarrhea tiredness headache sweating Consult your gynecologist immediately if you develop a high fever, dizziness or blurred vision.  

  1.  As per the Indian Act, abortion is determined as permissible until the woman is in 20 weeks of pregnancy under the following situations: Continuing the pregnancy may be a health concern for women or may cause injury to them, physical or mental health. Abnormal growth of the fetus where a child born could be severely handicapped. Pregnancy due to rape or sexual abuse. Pregnancy due to failure of contraceptive methods

  1. Medical abortion is a low risk medical procedure which are carried out to end a pregnancy. It is normal for a female to experience mild spotting or vaginal bleeding right after having  medical abortion, but a female’s first period will usually occur a few weeks later. During a medical abortion, the gynecologist will give the female 2 abortion pills to end her pregnancy. A female can undergo a medical abortion till the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. During a medical abortion, the doctor gives a female 2 abortion pills. A female is then likely to experienceRead more

  1. Bleeding after a medical abortion is quite different from normal menstruation. It is fairly normal for a female to bleed after a medical abortion. This post abortion bleeding might look like similar to the monthly period, but it is not at all the same. This bleeding occurs as a result of the uterus expelling pregnancy tissues.   During a medical abortion, the female is given a set of two pills, known as the abortion pills. The doctor or gynecologist would recommend the female to take the first abortion pill at the doctor’s clinic so that they can adminisRead more