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  1. Piles cream and suppository provide temporary relief from pain and itching. After regular application of these ointments they may temporarily mask the symptoms but they can not shrink or destroy hemorrhoids permanently. They may not be able to go away forever as the underlying condition may still exist and piles recur after a certain point of time. There are permanent solutions available for the treatment of piles. Therefore, consult the proctologist to get rid of piles permanently.

  1. Lichen Sclerosus is a rare skin condition which affects the genital and the anal region. This skin disorder is marked with the inflammation of the vulvar area and the peri-anal skin, which appears thinner and white, with bruises (which are recurring) and several anatomic changes.  Some females may recover on their own but in most cases, one has to undergo a proper treatment depending on the severity of the problem. Being a chronic disease, it is assumed to be linked with the auto-immune disorder and postmenopausal females are most likely to be affected bRead more

  1. Yes, urinary tract infection is absolutely curable. There are various treatments to get rid of urinary tract infections. From home remedies to antibiotics there are effective measures to cure urinary infections. The standard treatment for urinary tract infections makes use of antibiotics. In most cases, urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria entering the body from outside sources. Antibiotics work by killing these bacteria, thereby eliminating the root cause of the infection. Therefore, if you notice any symptoms of UTI, it is better to seek advRead more