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  1. Vaginal looseness can be reduced with pelvic floor and kegel exercises. But these exercises are advised to be done regularly and may take a couple of months to start showing affects. But with laser vaginal tightening, you can tighten your vagina without any pain in just 20 minutes! Laser vaginal tightening is a nonsurgical, cosmetic gynaecology procedure which is FDA approved and has proven to deliver long-lasting results. Book your appointment with us to meet the best gynecologists for laser vaginal tightening.

  1. Some yoga asanas are known to be helpful in tightening the vagina naturally. Some yoga poses can help in contraction and expansion of the pelvic floor muscles, and can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and vaginal walls. Yoga asanas such as the setu asana, ustrasana and shalabhasana can help in vagina tightening. But if you are looking for a sure-shot way for vagina tightening, you should go for laser vaginal tightening. To know more about how laser vaginal tightening works, its benefits and results, speak to our expert gynecologists by booking an appoRead more

  1. Medicines and creams are not proven effective in tightening the vaginal muscles. Pelvic floor exercises such as kegels can strengthen and tighten the vaginal walls but they often take quite some time to deliver benefits. However, the most successful and promising way to tighten the vagina is laser vaginal tightening procedure, which is a non surgical gynecology procedure performed by experienced gynecologists.