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  1. The condition of twisting and enlarging of the testicular region is called varicocele.   There are 3 grades of varicocele (depending upon the severity of the symptoms). Grade 1 varicocele:  The size of the lump of veins is quite minor in grade 1 and is not easily visible. It only causes mild discomfort and pain. Grade 2 varicocele: The varicocele is still not visible in this stage. The doctor can diagnose it by using the Valsalva maneuver. It is a diagnostic device Grade 3 varicocele: The varicocele is easily visible due to an increase in the swelling. TRead more

  1. The pain and other symptoms of varicocele usually for about 3-4 weeks. The scrotum may also appear to be swollen and injured. If you undergo the minor surgical procedure in time, the pain goes away in just 2-3 days after it. The person can easily resume their daily life routines without facing any major problem.  But if your work requires to lift heavy objects, ask your doctor about the right time to rejoin work. Also, wear scrotal support to minimize the chances of recurrence of the problem of varicocele

  1. It is reflected through studies that men who have had a family history of varicocele, especially in close relatives are at higher risk of varicocele. This shows that genes do play a role in the development of varicocele.  Once the problem of varicocele arises, it is absolutely necessary to consult the doctor. Leaving the condition untreated for a prolonged period can have negative effects on fertility along with the increased stinging symptoms.

  1. Varicoceles are large and twisted veins that drain blood from the testicle. They are much more like varicose veins of the leg. In most of the cases, they occur on the left side of the scrotum after puberty. Experts believe that once varicocele occurs, it does not go on its own. Particular treatment is needed for it. 

  1. Leaving varicoceles untreated is not a wise choice. Over time, varicoceles can worsen and this can lead aggravation of the symptoms, thereby making it more difficult for you to carry on with your routine life tasks.    And it’s not just about the discomforts, prolonged and untreated varicoceles can lead to a variety of complications. Some of these complications are: Testicular Atrophy: The swollen veins and pooled blood can damage the testicle and lead to its shrinkage. Fertility problems: The presence of varicocele can cause temperature changes aroRead more

  1. Varicoceles do not cause death. In most cases, varicoceles are not that serious and can be cured through effective treatment.  So far, there is no such case of death from varicocele. Also, with the advancement in the medical field, the modern treatments for varicocele have come into existence. One such treatment is laparoscopic varicocelectomy. Usually, laparoscopic treatment is carried out when the symptoms of varicoceles are severe. Whereas in the mild cases of varicocele, medications and lifestyle changes are enough to get rid of the problem.

  1. The answer to this question completely depends upon the symptoms you experience and for how long you delay the treatment.  Varicoceles are usually not very dangerous. In fact, 15 percent of adult men around the world have varicoceles and 60 percent of these men get through with their lives without any serious complications. However, severe and prolonged cases of varicoceles can put you at risk of some serious problems.  Some of the complications of untreated varicoceles may include: Testicular atrophy or the shrinkage of testicles due to excessive pressuRead more