Which Food Causes Miscarriage?

Which Food Causes Miscarriage?


  1. What food you eat and what you avoid is extremely important during pregnancy. It is a period of constant caution and your health invariably affects the health of your child.
    This is why doctors recommend against eating any food that carries the potential to induce uterine contractions, cause infections, poisoning, or cause hemorrhage.

    Some of the common foods that are infamous for causing miscarriages are:

    1.Papaya: Papaya, especially unripe or green papaya has laxative components. This is why, when eaten during pregnancy it can cause premature labor and risk miscarriage. It is also known for causing sudden uterine contractions, cramping, and pain, thus, eventually risking an unwanted abortion.

    2.Pineapple: Pineapple is infamous for one of its components called- ‘bromelain’. This has been recorded to soften the cervix and start untimely labor contractions. This is why it must be avoided during pregnancy or the woman risks miscarriage.

    3.Aloe vera: Aloe vera too, much like papayas is known for its laxative components. Hence, when eaten during pregnancy, it can cause sudden uterine contraction and mark bleeding with loss of the fetus.

    Some studies also report its negative reaction on pregnant or lactating women’s skin.

    4.Herbs: While many herbs are famous for easing contractions and providing stability during pregnancy, a few others are infamous for causing uterine contractions and complications. For example, some wild herbs containing steroids can severely affect the baby’s growth, and ‘Dong Quai’ can initiate premature delivery. Another herb called ‘Centella’ risks jaundice and might damage your baby’s brain.

    This is why any herb and its quantity must be strictly moderated and never eaten without precaution.

    5.Raw eggs: Raw eggs and poultry contain a bacteria called ‘salmonella’. This is known to risk- diarrhea, food poisoning, fever, intestinal pain, and miscarriage.

    This is why, it is strictly advised against and if must, should only be eaten after proper boiling and cautiously in moderation.

    6.Sesame seeds: Sesame seeds, no matter black or white have been studied to cause trouble during early pregnancy and hence must be restricted and avoided, or eaten only in minimal amounts.

    7.Drumstick: Alpha-sitosterol in drumsticks is infamous for causing complications during the early trimester of pregnancy and hence must only be eaten in moderation.

    8.Raw milk/ dairy products: Listeria monocytogenes in raw milk or dairy products is infamous for causing sudden complications and food poisoning in pregnant women. Hence, we recommend avoiding it.

    9.Seafood: Seafood and its high cholesterol is known to cause uterine shrinkage and bleeding. This is why doctors recommend against its usage during pregnancy. Also, seafood when smoked risks being contaminated with listeria, thus risking infection and miscarriage.

    As you see, multiple food items risk complications of different kinds. Please choose your diet cautiously and in case of any complications, consult an OB-GYN/ nearest doctor immediately. You can find the list of some of the best female OBGYN for surgical abortion/ miscarriage cleaning /here.

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