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Piles or hemorrhoids is a common disorder and it can happen to anyone due to lack of physical activity and consumption of low fiber content combined with a sedentary lifestyle. Given that it is one of the oldest problems, there are a lot of methods and treatments to cure Piles or Hemorrhoids. There are cases where patients with piles choose the old treatments or home remedies to get relief from the symptoms and failed. They forget that earlier when natural remedies used to work for conditions, people were not adequately following a sedentary lifestyle.

USFDA-Approved Procedure

USFDA-Approved Procedure

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Support in Insurance Claim

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1-day Hospitalization

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Piles in different language
  • Piles in Hindi: बवासीर
  • Piles in Marathi: मूळव्याध
  • Piles in Telugu: పైల్స్
  • మొలలు
  • Piles in Tamil: மூலவியாதி
  • Piles in Malayalam: പൈൽസ്
Types of piles
  • Internal piles: Piles develop inside the anus
  • External piles: Piles developed outside the anus
Types of piles treatment
  • Non-surgical treatment - Medications
  • lifestyle changes, and dietary changes
  • Surgical Treatment - Open surgery, Laser Piles Surgery, Cauterization, Rubber-band Ligation, and Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy
Food to eat in piles
  • Legumes: Beans
  • nuts, peas, and lentils
  • Whole grains: Barley, brown rice, buckwheat, millets, and oatmeal
  • Cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, radishes, and cabbage
  • Root vegetables: Sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, and potatoes
  • Fiber foods: Apples, raspberries, pears, cucumbers, and watermelons
Foods to avoid in piles
  • Fried foods
  • Fatty foods
  • White bread and bagels
  • Processed foods
  • Frozen meals
  • Heavy meals and meat


Diagnosis of piles

This is how the doctor examines the patient for piles:

One way is by looking at the rectum. With visual examination, a doctor is easily able to identify external or prolapsed piles.
Another method is digital rectal examination. The doctor lubricates the gloves and inserts his finger in the rectum to observe any abnormal growth.

The last one is image testing which is done usually for internal hemorrhoids. The tool used for the rectal examination can be either anoscope or a sigmoidoscope.

Surgery for Piles

At Pristyn Care, severe cases of piles are treated with laser procedure. The method comes into consideration when there is no progress with home remedies to treat piles. People consult the nearest doctor for piles treatment .

Laser surgery is considered to be the most advanced and effective treatment for piles. During this procedure, a laser beam is used to burn and shrink the haemorrhoids. The surgeon focuses a narrow beam of light on the anal tissues. The procedure is less invasive, causes no bleeding, and very minimal pain.

In Our Doctor's Word

Dr. Milind Joshi

MBBS, MS - General Surgery

23 Years Experience

"Piles is such a common disease that most people feel they can treat it at home. They would try diet control/ ointment or different tablets from their local chemists. And because of a certain discomfort associated with it, patients keep delaying proper treatment. Well the truth is, more than 75% of population suffers from piles at some time and the delay only worsens their conditions. The delay can increase the severity, turn treatment really complicated and at times, increases your chances of developing other anorectal diseases such as- fissure, fistula etc. Also, once elevated to grade 3 and grade 4, piles can become very painful and never be resolved without surgery. So, I ll suggest, you seek a timely treatment, meet a good proctologist and let your doctor decide the best course for you."

Frequently Asked Question

Is piles treatment using laser surgery painful?

At Pristyn Care we use the most advanced pieces of equipment for each Piles laser treatment and its 100% painless solution to get rid of piles.

How can I get rid of piles in 3 days?

You can get rid of piles in less than 30 minutes with the most-effective laser treatment.

How to treat piles without surgery?

All types and grades of piles can t be treated without surgery. However, only grade-1 piles can be treated without the need for surgery. Medications, lifestyle changes, and dietary modifications can help in treating grade-1 piles and avoid the need for piles surgery.

Can piles be cured permanently?

With proper care and surgical intervention, piles can be cured permanently with very less chance of recurrence. All our piles specialists are experts in performing laser piles surgery and can cure piles with no risks and complications.

When should you worry about hemorrhoids?

If you notice bleeding during or after bowel movements, it is an indication that the condition of piles has grown serious and requires medical care. Bleeding during bowel movements is a primary sign of piles or hemorrhoids, but it can also be a sign of some other serious anorectal condition.

Benefits of undergoing laser surgery for piles

Laser surgery for piles is one of the recent and most commonly practiced treatments for piles. Laser surgery is considered one of the effective ways to treat the condition of piles when the pain gets tormenting. Here are a few reasons why medical professionals consider laser surgical procedures as one of the best treatments for piles of all grades and severity.

Laser treatment is the least painful and safest of all surgical procedures. Laser surgery also helps in minimizing the amount of blood flow by blocking the blood vessels and tissues and does not affect the nearby tissues. The time taken for laser surgery is compartively much shorter than any other surgical procedures and it also ensures quick healing. Performing laser surgery for piles is also much easier than conducting regular surgery. These advantages make laser procedure weigh higher than any other surgical techniques for piles treatment.

Get the best surgical treatment for piles at Pristyn Care, Bangalore

According to sources on the internet, 20 to 30 percent of people residing in Bangalore are suffering from piles.

With a continuous rise in the number of piles cases, Pristyn Care provides the best treatment for piles in Bangalore. We use the most advanced laser-based procedure to treat piles in Bengaluru. We are trusted and coveted as one of the best healthcare providers in Bangalore for piles treatment.

Pristyn Care ensures a hassle-free experience through our wide network of medical coordinators who will assist you in each step from the moment you call us till the discharge. We have a team of medical coordinators to provide the utmost care to the patients. The experts understand what you go through during piles and ensure the best treatment for piles in Bangalore itself. Their aim is to deliver a high standard of patient care with state-of-the-art laser treatment.

Pristyn Care in collaboration with top hospitals in Bengaluru provides operative facilities for the treatment of piles, fissure, fistula and other diseases. We offer patients one of the safest and most painless solutions to treat piles at various of our partner hospitals in Bangalore. This treatment takes place at some of the renowned hospitals in town.

In case you are a resident of Bangalore and suffering from piles, you can get cured of it by expert piles specialists from Pristyn Care.

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