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Advanced Laser Treatments

The use of laser techniques has Been growing day by day in field of medical science . It has eased the life of the patients by offering the treatments of diseases which were hard to treat with the help of traditional approaches. The laser technique Is advanced and safe procedure. Pristyn Care Laser Clinic is one of the reputed laser clinics in Gurgaon, South Delhi/ NCR offering successful treatments with the help of most advanced and latest laser equipment.

Laser- “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” - an energy light which helps to make the surgical procedure easy and effective with no side-effects. Laser surgery is the surgery used to cut the tissue instead of the scalpel. The laser allows leads no cut and scar.

Here we will talk about the laser proctology offered at Pristyn Care Laser Clinic. Laser Proctology refers to the treatment of Piles, Fissures, Fistula and Pilonidal Sinus via Laser applications which is less painful and bloodless with fewer complications.

Proctology Laser Surgery - Piles, Anal Fissure, Fistula & Pilonidal Cysts

At Pristyn care Laser Clinic, Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor is rendering the proven laser treatment of anal problems. He is a well known proctologist in Gurgaon .The team and the supported staff is here to treat and offer the anal treatments for piles, fissures, fistula, Pilonidal Cyst and other rectal incontinence through most advanced laser techniques for easy and fastest recovery.

Traditional Surgery may prove to be cheap and easily available yet there are many reasons to prefer the laser Applications due to ever-growing advantages which are:-

    best rectal prolapse Repair/ stapler/ filac surgery doctor in gurgaon south delhi
  • Fastest recovery
  • Less loss blood during surgery
  • No or minimal pain
  • Early discharge from the hospital
  • Go back to normal routine work within the week only
  • No cut, suturing
  • Least reccurence rates
  • No more frequent doctor visits
  • USFDA approved procedure
  • A high success rate of surgery
  • Gives good control to operator.
  • Immediate relief from the consequence and symptoms
  • Postoperative pain is very less
  • Local anesthesia is applicable for this surgery
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Greater surgical precision
  • Gives good control to the operator.

Cure Anal Fistula with Laser Treatments

Anal fistula is a tract with the internal opening in anal canal and external opening in the skin near the anus. People having the anal infection and anal abscess may get the anal fistula . It is the condition which needs excess care and attention to heal the problems. One may need to follow some hygiene rules to cure the anal fistula. Although there are some home remedies but they give temporary cure . Definitive treatment is surgical Management of anal fistula

Adopt the proven laser technique to cure the anal fistula . Under the laser treatment of anal fistula, laser energy is transmitted by using radial fiber and fistula epithelium is destructed. The procedure may be performed within half an hour via expert surgeon only. An expert surgeon will be able to diagnose the problem and treat the same with great care.

Cure Anal Fissure with Laser treatments

Anal Fissure refers to the chronic cut in the anal causing pain, bleeding, discomfort itching. If proper hygiene’ rules are not followed, the fissure problem may get worse .Home remedies will not work to cure the problem completely. Patients can be seen neglecting the issues or feeling embrassed while consulting with the doctors. This may raise the problems in the long term while creating a chronic fissure in the anal tunnel. So patients are always advisable to consult the doctor on time . a surgical procedure is a better way to cure the Anal fissure as it is less time consuming and less painful.

The surgeons at Pristyn Care Laser Clinic have latest laser equipment which is most effective and prominent to cure the anal problems.laser treatment of fissure is around 10-15 minute procedure to treat the patients via a surgical procedure. the laser surgery is performed with the local or regional anesthesia.there is no cut or wound and pain is far less as compared to open surgery . This will assure a healthy and normal anal canal and prevent the development of further complications down the road.

Cure PILES/ HEMORRHOIDS with Laser treatments

Hemorrhoids or piles are termed as the Dilated veins in the anal area causing pain, discomfort, and bleeding while passing stools. One may also feel itching while standing and sitting. Negligence of hygiene and diet will lead to worsening the problem. The initial stage of piles can be treated with the change of diet and lifestyle change but if the problem persists and the form grade 2 & 3 type of piles, surgical treatments are often necessary to cure the piles from the root. External piles can be seen & felt whereas internal piles cant be seen, can be felt only on examination.

Traditional surgery will lead to more pain and more time to heal the wound whereas laser technique is effective, less painful and will cure the piles fast.

In laser treatments of piles, Laser energy is delivered by radial fiber directly to hemorrhoidal nodes to obliterate from inside and this will help to preserve mucosa and sphincter structure to an extremely high precision. Laser energy is used to close off the blood supply nourishing the abnormal growth. The laser energy induces destruction of the venous epithelium and simultaneous obliteration of the hemorrhoidal pile by a shrinkage effect.

Cure PILONIDAL CYST /SINUS with Laser treatments

Pilonidal Cyst is caused due to the pulling of hairs internally into the skin. It may take the form of pus and wound causing pain. The traditional method involves cutting the pus area to remove the pus and hairs from the skin. But cut will take time to heal the wound and it is more painful. Laser technique will be helpful in curing the pilonidal cyst with great ease.

At Pristyn Care Laser Clinic, Diode Laser Treatment is used to cure the problem. no other incision is made, an only existing opening is used to treat the problem. the wound is enlarged slightly to deliver the laser energy, to remove the cyst walls. the whole procedure is performed using local anesthesia or regional anesthesia. It takes less time to heal the wound and recovery is fast.

VARICOSE VEINS Surgery- Laser Treatments

Varicose veins are known as the swollen veins in the legs which may lead to pain. They may cause pain ,itching , pigmentation and bleeding. Laser Technique is the most effective technique to treat the varicose veins or swollen veins. Earlier, treatment of varicose veins was not so easily available but with the invention of laser technique, Varicose veins can be treated with great ease.

The laser helps to close the defective veins without surgery resulting instant relief from pains of varicose veins. It involves sealing of the feeding varicose veins using heat delivered by a thin laser probe under GA/SA.A Strong burst of the diode laser is inserted through probe into a vein which causes steam bubbles generation from boiling the blood in lumen causing heat injury to the vein wall, leading to the closure of vein The affected vein is painlessly destroyed and absorbed by the body. The procedure just takes few minutes and compression stocking is worn 4-6 weeks after treatment. Cosmetically, it is the best procedure. It is an outpatients surgery with less pain. It can be performed with using regional anesthesia.

Contact Pristyn Care Laser Clinic in Gurgaon to have Laser treatments for Piles, Anal Fistula, Anal Fissure, Pilonidal Cyst and Varicose Vein through expert surgeons.

Best Rectal Prolapse Repair/ Stapler/ Filac Surgery Doctor in Gurgaon South Delhi

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