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Are You Interested in Joining the Much Appreciated Health Care Blog?

A Little About Pristyn Care Blog:

Pristyn Care blog is the bridge between the health problem you face and the healthcare you seek.

Pristyn Care blog content is data-driven, clinically-inspired, and medically-reviewed to help you gain in-depth knowledge about several health complications that you face in your lifetime. Our blogs are designed to cut through confusion, are based on expert advice and knowledge, and curated to help you understand health in the simplest and most straightforward language.

Pristyn Care blog covers content related to all facets of treatment with the sole objective of helping you get what you seek at our platform. We break down our content with clear-cut facts so that you stay confident in making a well-informed health decision for yourself and your loved ones.

Our message to our readers – Trust in what we state. We are together in this journey towards better health.

If you are interested in joining this journey and enlightening the world with your knowledge contribution, here are some easy steps that you can follow and become a part of this amazing journey.

Content Contribution Guidelines:

  • We expect the guest post contributor to be someone who is an expert in their writing and could produce awesome content. The content can be informational, patient-stories, interviews etc.
  • As we all know that Content is the King, so do we believe that. Therefore, the content written should be fresh, unique and well researched.
  • We would request that you provide at least 1 link to a well-known high-authority website which could back your researched data in the content piece. No links to spammy websites will be accepted.
  • Content length should be of at least 1000 words, which makes it a good detailed and unique content.
  • The content should be forwarded to us in proper format using correct HTML tags.
  • Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors will not be accepted in the content.
  • Content should pass the guidelines of Copyscape.
  • The topic and content should match with the theme of the Pristyn Care blog. Nothing apart from healthcare related content will be accepted. The topic chosen by you should be one that has not been covered by us in the past. Send your guest post content along with relevant images.
  • As we love and respect our readers, therefore we accept the content that provides value to our readers. Therefore the content that we publish is expected to be Great and not mediocre.

How can you reach us?

If you agree to the above guidelines or in case you have any query, reach us at: or fill the form mentioned below:

Disclaimer: Pristyn Care holds every right to make alterations in the content, in order to bring the awesomeness and uniqueness in the blog post content.

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