About Pristyn Care

Delivering the most advanced medical care & clinical excellence aided by next-level technology

Our Values

Pristyn Care is establishing processes which are eliminating the hassle for patients. We are taking care of our patients with advanced surgical procedures. They want that patients should not endure further pain when they go for treatments at clinics and hospitals. The surgical treatments offered by Pristyn Care are highly advanced & modern in nature, delivers speedy recovery, and involves fewer complications. For patients undergoing a daycare surgical procedure, they dedicate the best specialists and a team of highly-trained medical staff. The specialists take better care, ensure the best health of patients and perform simple yet advanced procedures which heals faster.


Our doctors use the state-of-the-art-facilities to perform surgeries. We are using technologies such as virtual imaging, laser, and coblation etc. We live in an era of ever-evolving technology. We at Pristyn Care want to build an ecosystem of daycare procedures to take care of all our problems with technology.


Our team can send a car at the patient's address if need be. We offer our patients a drop to their address after the surgical treatments. Our team understands that for people requiring healthcare, driving can be a hassle. If you don't have a family member or friend who can drive you, our team ensure you are not bothered about reaching the clinic.


Our team is dedicated to delivering a seamless surgical experience to patients. We take care of your biggest hassle, i.e., insurance claim. Our treatments can cure problems, surgical procedures can make you well. Our team is committed to the quality of care.

Pristyn Care is using best-in-class healthcare monitoring, biomedical imaging, laser & coblation devices which improves the patient’s health status. New, advanced, specialized, & modern methods pave a new way in medical diagnosis and improvement in human lifestyle.Pristyn’s team is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients. Our values are driven by patients experience, we ensure to deliver the highest degree of care all the way from your appointment to your satisfaction. An ordinary patient journey encompasses no hassle as we take care of you as an eternal care partner. We offer unique services & specialized daycare procedures to keep you fit, in good health, and most of all, happy. Pristyn Care has also been Certified as a Centre for Excellence in the field of Proctology, one of the only 2 in India. Our motto is to develop a platform which can organize the world of daycare procedures, nurture a healthy & fit lifestyle with healthcare and technology hand-in-hand.