a man performing sitting job is suffering from pilonidal sinus

Painless Laser Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus in Delhi NCR

Get the Most Advanced and Painless Laser Treatment of Pilonidal Sinus. Visit Pristyn Care Clinic for the best-in-class Laser-assisted treatment of Pilonidal Sinus in a daycare procedure.

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What is Pilonidal Sinus or Pilonidal Cyst?

Pilonidal sinus or cyst is regarded as the small hole or channel in the skin. It may fill pus or inflamed fluid. The fluid may carry some amount of blood also. It usually occurs in the cleft at the top of the buttocks or the lower back. The Pilonidal Sinus is the form of the cyst which is filled with the pus, hairs, dirt, and debris that may lead to severe pain. It may lead to foul-smelling discharge. Usually, Cab Drivers and Shop Keepers who are performing sitting jobs for long hours may be caught with the disease. It is more common in men as compared to women. This happens when the hair on the body pushes inside the body causing pain and dirt to push inside. It is also called the depression in the skin at the bottom just above the buttocks.


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A pilonidal sinus is a small tunnel in the skin. It may fill with fluid or pus, causing the formation of a cyst or abscess.




Systemic infection throughout the body


Rare chances of skin cancer within the cyst


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  • Abscess
  • Systemic infection throughout the body
  • Rare chances of skin cancer within the cyst

Why Painless Treatment?

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  • No cuts, No stitch, No pilonidal sinus
  • 30 Min Procedure | 1 Day Discharge
  • *Join work in 48 hours
  • Most effective treatment

Don’t Delay Laser Treatment

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  • Extreme Pain while sitting
  • Anal Cancer
  • Foul smell and increased discharge
  • Discharge of blood or pus from the anus

Why Pristyn Care?

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  • 30% off on diagnostic tests
  • Confidential consultation
  • Single deluxe room
  • Free follow-ups post-surgery
  • 100% insurance claim

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

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  • All Insurances covered
  • No upfront payment
  • No running behind insurance authorities
  • Paperwork by Pristyn team on your behalf


Wearing Tight Clothes

Wearing Tight Clothes

Hair Puncture

Hair Puncture

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes

Rubbing the skin hardly creating the opening for the hair fall area

Rubbing the skin hardly creating the opening for the hair fall area

Sitting for long hours

Sitting for long hours


Foul smell Discharge

Foul smell Discharge

Blood from the opening of the skin

Blood from the opening of the skin

Marks just above the crack of the buttocks

Marks just above the crack of the buttocks

Pain while sitting or having a little push due to clothes

Pain while sitting or having a little push due to clothes

Advantages of Pilonidal Sinus or Cyst Laser Treatment over the Traditional Surgical Procedure

featureslaser surgeryopen surgery
Risk of Infection
 Very Less
Diet Restrictions
Cuts and wounds
 Time Taking
Success Rate
Bleeding due to Cuts and Stitches
 Very Less
 More Bleeding
Rest After Surgery
 Can Resume Work
 1-2 Month Rest



The diagnosis of Pilonidal sinus requires a physical exam & doctor may ask a few questions about the symptoms, what supplements or medications you take and from how long you had this problem. A pilonidal cyst looks such as a lump, or swelling, or sometimes indicated by an abscess at the cleft of the buttocks. It may be a draining area (sinus) that leads to or bleeding. The location of the cyst at the top of the buttocks, and sometimes blood tests may be required for diagnosis.


The modern daycare treatment of infected pilonidal sinus does not cause pain or intense discomfort. An advanced laser-assisted surgery can help resolve this condition. The surgery intends to clean out the infected area and remove the pit so that infection does not recur. A patient can resume his normal routine activities after 2 - 3 days.


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Frequently asked Questions

How to Prevent Pilonidal Sinus?

It can be prevented by following hygiene rules. One should keep the buttock area clean. People suffering from the obesity should also try to choose the ways to reduce the weights or extra fat. Do not sit for the long hours. People who have suffered from the Pilonidal Sinus in the past are also required to clean the area on a regular basis. Timely consultation with the nearby Doctors or Pilonidal Experts may be taken to avoid the chances of Pilonidal Cyst or Sinus..


Is Pilonidal Sinus dangerous??

If Pilonidal sinus becomes infected, it can cause pain and swelling and in some cases pain and swelling increases too much & it is very hard to bare it. Laser Pilonidal sinus surgery can remove things permanently.


What happens to the pilonidal cyst without treatment?

For a lot of patients with the pilonidal disease, surgery is essential to remedy the symptoms. Pilonidal cysts inflict excruciating painful. Furthermore, if the condition is left untreated, the pilonidal cyst can infect the blood and may result in horrible sepsis.


Can a pilonidal sinus or cyst heal on its own?

The condition, pilonidal sinus or cyst, is a space under the skin that forms in place of the abscess after the clean-up. In some cases, it may heal and close by itself. However, more often than not, the sinus has to be cut out.


What to do when you are diagnosed with a pilonidal cyst?

If the infection is in the early stages of cyst formation, you are likely to see redness, swelling, and pain. To ease any pain you might want to try soaking in a tub of warm water or a sitz bath. It is also known that while taking a sitz bath, your cyst may open and drain on its own this way.


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Relieved of the excruciating pain forever. I am very thankful to Pristyn Care

I got treated for Pilonidal sinus at Pristyn care. My experience had been faultless and I recovered fully in not time.The entire team is dedicated to serve the patients with empathy. I especially liked the fact they have tie up with various hospitals and do all the documentation formalities for the patient. This saved from any hassle in the treatment

Nitin Mohan

Shobha Shekhawat

I came here yesterday with a condition. It was so horrible for me that I could not even sit properly, let alone drive my car. Pristyn Care team in Delhi helped me and cured my pilonidal sinus. Today, I am walking out of here and can honestly say I can sit comfortably now.

Vikas Bhardwaj

My everyday job is to monitor the cameras. I started feeling discomfort while sitting for longer durations. At first, I ignored it, thought that it would go but, it didn't. When I saw the bleeding on the toilet paper, I knew that I have to go for the surgery. I learned about new laser treatment and came to Pristyn Care in Delhi for it. I had a great experience, the cyst is gone, and I am all better now.

Jhon Cliffored

One of my friends told me that Pristyn Care has the best doctors for the cyst. I scheduled an appointment and consulted with the doctor. He recommended that I have to take surgery because the condition has progressed. I am really glad that I listened to the doctor and went for surgery. It helped me get my old life back.

Garima Dixit

After my pregnancy, I started feeling pain while sitting. Sometimes I use to notice a discharge from the anal region. When the problem persisted for over a week, I booked an appointment with my gynecologist, she suggested that I can think about some laser treatment. After checking with my husband, i scheduled the surgery. It hardly took any time, I felt no pain during the surgery and post-surgery procedures were minimalistic. Pristyn care is the best, thank you team.

Mehroz Ali

I saw Pristyn care ads to cure Pilonidal Sinus in Delhi. I had a cyst for almost 6 months. I came here for a cure, loved the courtesy, treatment, and team. Within 48 hours, I was good to go. The treatment was quick and effective.

Tushar Nagar

It was nice. I am happy. they take good care of patients.

Bharat Bisht

Before coming to Pristyn care, I had my condition diagnosed as a skin infection which was wrong. Instead of helping me, the treatment made the condition worse. After this setback, I consulted with many doctors in Delhi and finally selected Pristyn care, Punjabi Bagh because of the success rate of surgeries they perform. Mine was also successful. The laser treatment is really great, so was the doctor who operated my cyst.

Iram Fatima

I had my father treated at Pristyn care facility in Dwarka, Delhi. They sent a team member at our home, and he took care of everything. My father had a cyst which is completely cured now. I feel so glad now when I look at him smiling, instead of suffering from such a condition.

Vikalp Anand

I use to travel a lot in my job which I loved, somehow the fun of travel turned into a terrible nightmare as I was unable to sit at one place for a long time. The Pilonidal Sinus made my life miserable. I was taking all the precautions and preventive measures. Nothing worked until I met a doctor from Pristyn Care. He advised me for laser based treatment and took it. I am back on track now.

Shubhankar Khanna

The condition took me by surprise, it was a cyst (pilonidal sinus). I started to look for my options to get an immediate cure. It got it from Pristyn Care in Delhi. The doctor was experienced, and the treatment was successful. The whole process of appointment and surgery was easy to understand. I will definitely recommend Pristyn Cre to my friends & collogues.

Jhon Cliffored

One of my friends told me that Pristyn Care has the best doctors for the cyst. I scheduled an appointment and consulted with the doctor. He recommended that I have to take surgery because the condition has progressed. I am really glad that I listened to the doctor and went for surgery. It helped me get my old life back.

Bharat Bisht

Before coming to Pristyn care, I had my condition diagnosed as a skin infection which was wrong. Instead of helping me, the treatment made the condition worse. After this setback, I consulted with many doctors in Delhi and finally selected Pristyn care, Punjabi Bagh because of the success rate of surgeries they perform. Mine was also successful. The laser treatment is really great, so was the doctor who operated my cyst.

Ajay Kumar Singh

Great experience. I was under huge pain & discomfort because of the cyst. At first, it looked like some kind of infection, but the doctor said that its a cyst and a surgery was needed. I had the surgery from Pristyn Care in Delhi, they treated the condition within a day. It was awesome. I am confident that if I get any problem like this one, Pristyn Care will be my first call.

Swasti Naik

I just want to say that when I came to Pristyn Care clinic, I wasn't feeling very good, but after my treatment, I am feeling better, a lot better. This is an amazing feeling.

Dhananjay Verma

I wasn't expecting such treatment, not just the doctors, even the staff too, was very gentle and courteous. They operated my Pilonidal Sinus with laser-based surgery which was said to be the most advanced treatment. I am just happy now. Thank you Pristyn Care.

Kunwar Ahuja

Pristyn Care took care of me. It was a surgery that I required, they did it with a newly launched technical procedure. All I know that I am fine now. A big thanks to the team.

Prateek Negi

When I was diagnosed with Pilonidal Sinus, the word surgery gave me sleepless nights. I wasn't relieved until I found out that laser surgeries are minimally invasive and I can get it in Delhi from Pristyn Care. I called them and booked an appointment. Now, I am feeling like never before. The results were unbelivable along with the speed of recovery. The efforts of the team are greatly appreciated.

Meenal Chaudhary

The doctors are really capable here, its nice to see that the surgery is in safe hands. The doctor explained everything and it felt really good to know what exactly was wrong. Now, I am fit to carry on my life. Amazing work by Pristyn Care team.

Sukant Rahul Singh

I am impressed and glad that I chose Pristyn Care.

Kartikey Gautam

I heard a lot of fuss about laser in surgeries. I never knew I would require one. When I was diagnosed with Pilonidal Sinus, I called Pristyn Care in Delhi. They took care of the rest. They convinced and won my trust. In case, if I require any other treatment, they will be my first call. Thank you so much Pristyn Care.

Kokila Patel

When I started to feel the burning and itching near the cleft of buttocks. I also felt a lump there. I was embarrassed to discuss the same with anyone but that didn't help me. I looked online for any cure, that's when I learned about Pristyn Care. I visited the hospital in Dwarka, had the surgery. Now, the burning sensation, itching, and lump, all gone. I am forever grateful to Pristyn Care.

Baskar Dubey

successful treatment, great service. Thank you Pristyn.

Prem Meena

My dad was suffered a lot because of this disease and finally decided to go for pilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi. The doctor said there was pus and blood from the openings. We planned to go for laser surgery in Delhi itself. My dad was very happy post treatment. They also took follow ups to take updates on the recovery. Great work and great service.

Palash Haqq

When I heard this problem about my dad, i decided to take him to the best doctor of pilonidal sinus in Delhi. Very happy with the treatment that we got from pristyn care doctor. I appreciate it.


Pristyn care was easy to reach for pilonidal sinus treatment in Delhi. Seamless and paniless surgery experience. Thanks.

Shival Soni

Finding best doctor for pilonidal sinus in Delhi? Go to pristyn care, they have the best specialist for piles and pilonidal sinus I assure. Amazing experience.

Akshay Mangal

I went to pilonidal sinus clinic in delhi for this treatment. The doctor said if it I didnt take care of it I might need a laser surgery. He gave the right advice and suggested to take care of the hygiene to get rid of it. I am glad I could reach them before my problem got worse.Thanks doc.

Juhi Jalota

Good pilonidal specialist in Delhi. Highly recommended.

Abhimanyu Deka

I had red skin just above my butts and it use to pain a lot. I thought it was some kind of allergy. I took few medicines thinking it would go away, but it didnt. It got bigger in few weeks. the doctor came up with this term pilonidal sinus which was completely a new thing for me. He patiently explained and gave the best pilonidal sinus laser treatment in Delhi. Thanks a lot.

Vishwas Saini

I was a couch potato before meeting this pilonidal sinus surgeon in Delhi. He advised me to lead a hygienic and active lifestyle.That was the best consultation session with any doctor till now. He explained all risk factors which I might end up with if I dont follow it. He is my saviour. Thanks

Syed Ali

Laser surgery was the best option to cure my pilonidal sinus. And pristyn care provided me with the apt pilonidal sinus treatment in South Delhi. Great service and strongly recommended.

Rishi Minar

I have a hairy body and I didnt realize that there was severe problem coming to me because of it. I could not not sit properly and my skin was all red. My only aim in life was to get the best pilonidal sinus treatment in west delhi. I was fortunate to get treated by a pilonidal sinus specialist. I would certainly recommend pristyn for such problems.

Satish Sharma

If you are suffering from pilonidal sinus, dont be shy because it is a hazard. Pristyn care has laser surgery for pilonidal sinus treatment in east Delhi and they are good at it. Painless surgery took all my pains away.

Anirudhh Chouksey

No cuts, no stitches and completely painless. Best pilonidal sinus treatment in greater kailash.

Pooran Bohra

I tried a few pilonidal sinus treatment in lajpat nagar but pristyn care treatment proved to be the best for me. Thanks doctor.

Jayendra Kumar

Pilonidal sinus treatment in paschim vihar gave the solution to my itching and burning problem that I was looking for. Great service.

Vivek Mishra

Went to pilonidal sinus treatment in dwarka where the doctor explained about the problems and treatment plans. Happy and satisfied.

Vinav Bhargav

Pilonidal sinus treatment in punjabi bagh treated my problem really well. there post surgery follow up made me sure that I wont face this problem again. Amazing service.

Anshu Vijayrao

You shall never have this problem again if you get their pilonidal sinus treatment in Gurgaon. They have painless laser treatment which will take away all your worries. Strongly recommended.

Asim Khan

I could not have asked for better doctor for my treatment. He is the best doctor for pilonidal sinus in Gurgaon.

Ankit Gautam

I asked my father whether I should go for pilonidal sinus treatment in Gurgaon. He pristyn care is taking care of everything related to pilonidal sinuse, fissure or piles. He also said they have experienced doctors and painless surgery treatment for pilonidal sinus. I took my father's advice and father's can never be wrong. No pain, no stitches and all my tension is gone now. Thanks.

Umesh Gupta

I had pus and blood drainage right above my buttocks. I could not sit properly. Thats how I came to know about pilonidal sinus treatment in Gurgaon. Without any ado I booked the available date for my pilonidal surgery in Gurgaon itself. The treatment went absolutely fine. Glad I got the laser treatment done in time.

Kishan Tomar

Pristyn care has a pilonidal sinus clinic in Gurgaon. Great service.

Manik Ghish

I had boils just above the butts which were painful and I was trying to browse what it could be. I couldnt figure out the actual problem. I went to pristyn care clinic where I met pilonidal sinus specialist in Gurgaon. He suggested to go for pilonidal treatment. I am fine now. Thanks a lot.

Vipul Kandoo

I never knew such problem existed until I had it. I had to take the pilonidal sinus laser treatment in Gurgaon because of my inactive lifestyle and desk-bound job. But I appreciate doctor and his team for this painless surgery.

Pranay Nahar

Experienced pilonidal sinus surgeon, top notch service and painless advanced treatment. Thanks for seamless experience.

Pallav Nirbhay

Never knew pilonidal sinus treatment in Gurgaon existed. Best treatment.

Ajit Kumawat

Very happy that I got the best doctor for pilonidal sinus in Gurgaon where my dad was treated. He was really impressed because initially he wasnt ready for the surgery. Now he suggests for the same treatment to all his friends facing the same problem.

Amit solanki

Safest and painless laser cure. Best pilonidal sinus treatment in gurgaon.

Manesh Kumar

Best doctor for pilonidal sinus in Gurgaon. Thanks for the painless treatment.

Dhruv Chhajed

Pristyn has a pilonidal sinus clinic in Gurgaon where I met my surgeon for the first time. He is highly skilled and experienced. Now I know that I wont face this problem again. Thanks doctor.

Shashikant Dwivedi

Pilonidal sinus specialist in Gurgaon from pristyn care conducted my surgery. After the surgery my elder brother was absolutely fine. They discharged him the same day. It was so surprising to see person getting back to normal life after a surgery in just two days. Thank you so much.

Best & advanced treatment of Pilonidal Sinus now in Delhi NCR

Pristyn Care is building an eco-system of modern daycare procedures to provide a seamless surgical experience for patients of the pilonidal sinus in Delhi NCR. Our experts are capable of managing illness, and take care of patients with the most advanced laser-based treatments at Pristyn Care Clinic. Expert surgeons at Pristyn Care perform surgery of pilonidal sinus with high-precision and technologically advanced equipment. The patients heal faster compared to traditional surgeries as it involves fewer cuts. Also, the treatments deliver long-lasting results and are performed by the best doctors at Pristyn Care in Delhi NCR. Our treatments ensure faster healing and a patient can continue the routine after 2-3 days with certain precautions.

Get the best daycare laser treatment for pilonidal sinus cure in Gurgaon

Mostly, males are afflicted with this problem. The reason is that pilonidal sinus occurs in the lower part of the back region and usually affects young, hairy, overweight males who sweat a lot and may sit for long hours. If you are experiencing symptoms of Pilonidal Sinus or taking treatments already, but not getting desired results, schedule an appointment with the best doctor in Delhi NCR.

To ensure a faster recovery, it is crucial to keep the area clean after surgery and follow instructions about periodically replacing the gauze. It just so with any surgery, whether outpatient or inpatient, remember to take note of all instructions relating to at-home care and aftercare, especially if gauze needs removing and repacking. Specialists at Pristyn Care leverages years of experience and immense knowledge to perform daycare procedures for fast recovery from pilonidal sinus treatment in Gurgaon. The team at Pristyn Care Laser Clinics in Delhi, Gurgaon, and NCR is dedicated to ensuring a seamless surgical experience for a patients.

How do you know you have a pilonidal sinus or cyst?

You can look for symptoms below and identify the condition:

  • pain when sitting or standing
  • swelling of the cyst
  • reddened, sore skin around the area
  • pus or blood draining from the abscess, causing a foul odor
  • hair protruding from the lesion
  • formation of over one sinus tract, or holes in the skin
  • low-grade fever, but this is rare
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