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Corn Removal - Remove Deep Foot Corn With Surgery

Corns and calluses form on foot and can be quite problematic if not treated on time. At Pristyn Care, we provide safe and advanced foot corn treatment. Book an appointment with our experienced and skilled surgeons to get proper treatment for foot corn.

Corns and calluses form on foot and can be quite problematic if not treated on time. At Pristyn Care, we provide safe and advanced ... Read More

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Best Surgeons for Foot Corn Removal Surgery
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    Dr. Falguni Rakesh Verma (klJ7Egw4gu)

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    Dr. Milind Joshi (g3GJCwdAAB)

    Dr. Milind Joshi

    MBBS, MS - General Surgery

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  • What is Corn Removal?

    Corn removal or foot corn removal is a process of eliminating corn, which is small and thick areas of skin that develop on the feet due to repeated pressure or friction. Corns typically form on the tops or sides of toes, the ball of the foot, or the heel and can cause discomfort or pain when walking or wearing shoes.

    There are various methods to remove foot corn. Initially, the doctor recommends over-the-counter treatments, such as corn pads, medicated corn removal solutions, etc. However, in serious cases, manual removal or surgery may be necessary to remove the corns that have grown deep into the skin.

    Corn Removal Surgery Cost Calculator

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    Is It Possible To Remove Corn on Feet Overnight?

    It is not possible to remove corn on feet overnight. Corns are thickened layers of skin that develop over time due to repeated pressure or friction, and they require a combination of time and proper treatment to be effectively removed. While there are over-the-counter treatments available that can help soften and reduce the size of corn, it is unlikely that they will completely disappear overnight.

    To effectively remove corns, it is important to first identify and address the underlying cause of the pressure or friction that is causing them. This may involve changing footwear, using padding or orthotics to cushion the affected area, or addressing any foot abnormalities that may be contributing to the problem.

    Additionally, manual removal of corns by a specialist may be necessary in some cases. This involves carefully removing the thickened layers of skin using specialized tools and techniques. Overall, while it may not be possible to remove corns on feet overnight, seeking prompt and appropriate treatment can help effectively reduce their size and alleviate any associated discomfort or pain.

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    What Tests Are Performed Before Corn Treatment?

    In most cases, tests are not necessary before corn treatment. Corns are a common condition that can usually be diagnosed based on their appearance and location on foot. However, if the corn is unusually large or there is any suspicion of an underlying condition such as a bone deformity or a nerve problem, the doctor may order imaging tests such as X-rays or an MRI to evaluate the foot and rule out other possible causes of your symptoms.

    Additionally, the doctor will perform a physical exam to evaluate your foot and determine the best course of treatment. He/she will gather the patient’s medical history, including any previous foot injuries or surgeries, and inquire about the footwear and any activities that may contribute to the corn’s development. Based on this information, the doctor may recommend a combination of self-care measures, over-the-counter treatments, or surgery.

    Why Choose Pristyn Care?

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    Scars & StitchesYesMinimal
    Follow Up ConsultationNoYes
    Hospital DurationLongShort
    No Cost EMINoYes

    How Is Corn Removal Laser Surgery Performed?

    Corn removal surgery (sometimes called Heloma Surgery) is typically performed as an outpatient procedure by a podiatrist or foot surgeon. The procedure involves removing the thickened layers of skin that make up the corn and any underlying tissue or bone contributing to the problem. The following steps are typically involved in the surgery-

    • Firstly, the foot is numbed using a local anesthetic to minimize pain and discomfort during the procedure. In some cases, general anesthesia may be used to numb the foot.
    • A small incision is made in the skin overlying the corn, allowing the surgeon to access the underlying tissue and bone.
    • The surgeon carefully removes the thickened layers of skin that make up the corn, as well as any underlying tissue or bone that may be contributing to the problem.
    • The incision is closed using sutures or adhesive strips, and a dressing or bandage is applied to the foot.

    After the procedure, the patient is typically instructed to keep the foot elevated. Detailed post-op instructions, medications, and follow-up schedules are also given to the patient before discharge. Overall, corn removal surgery is a relatively simple and safe procedure that can effectively alleviate the discomfort and pain associated with corn.

    Are you going through any of these symptoms

    Techniques Used for Corn Removal

    There are several techniques used for corn removal, including:

    The technique used for corn removal will depend on the severity and location of the corn, as well as the patient’s overall health and preferences. 

    Risks & Complications of Corn Surgery

    As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications associated with corn surgery. Some of the common risks and complications are- 

    It’s important to choose an experienced and skilled surgeon for corn removal as he/she will identify the potential risks beforehand and take the necessary steps to mitigate them. 

    What to Expect After Foot Corn Surgery?

    Here are some general things the patient can expect after foot corn surgery:

    The patient is discharged and sent home after giving detailed post-op care instructions and a follow-up schedule.

    Recovery After Foot Corn Treatment

    The patient will generally require 3-4 weeks approximately to recover after foot corn treatment. The exact recovery period will differ for each patient depending on the extent of the problem and the method used for treatment. Here, we are listing some tips that will help the patient recover as quickly as possible. 

    Stay in touch with the doctor or his/her team during the recovery and allow the body to heal properly before resuming all activities. Following the doctor’s instructions ensures a smoother and faster recovery. 

    Benefits of Foot Corn Treatment

    The benefits of foot corn treatment include:

    Foot Corn Removal Surgery Cost in India

    On average, the cost of foot corn removal ranges from Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 6,000. It is only an estimated cost range that varies for each patient due to the following factors-

    To get a closer estimate, it’s important to talk to the healthcare provider.

    Types of Foot Corn

    There are several types of foot corn that can develop on the feet. These include:

    It is important to properly identify the type of foot corn in order to determine the most effective treatment approach.

    What Happens if a Foot Corn is Not Removed on Time?

    If foot corn is not removed or treated on time, it can lead to several complications, such as-

    To prevent these complications from arising and/or getting worse, it’s crucial to consult an expert doctor.

    FAQs Around Treatment for Laser Corn Removal

    Is foot corn treatment covered by health insurance in India?

    Treatment for Laser Corn Removal may or may not be covered by health insurance in India. The coverage usually depends on the severity of the problem and the type of treatment recommended by the doctor. It is important to talk to the insurance provider to determine coverage options for foot corn removal. 

    When can I resume work after foot corn removal?

    The time it takes to resume work after foot corn removal varies for each patient, depending on the severity of the condition and treatment method. In general, patients are advised to avoid strenuous activity or prolonged standing for a few days to a week after treatment. Doctors usually recommend that patients let pain guide them to resume daily activities.

    What does corn look like after it’s removed?

    After foot corn removal, the area may be slightly swollen and red, but the corn itself will be removed. Depending on the type of treatment, the area may be covered with a bandage or dressing for a few days. Over time, the skin in the affected area will heal and may appear slightly discolored or have a scar.

    Can foot corn develop at any age?

    Foot corns can develop at any age, but they are more common in adults due to factors such as changes in foot structure, footwear, and activity levels. Foot corns can also be more common in individuals with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes.

    Is it possible to treat foot corn without surgery?

    Yes, it may be possible to treat foot corns without surgery. Common non-surgical treatment options may include the use of special padding, orthotics, or footwear modifications to reduce pressure on the affected area, as well as topical medications or salicylic acid treatments to soften and remove the corn. You can discuss the treatment options with an expert and use them to treat foot corns.

    How can I book an appointment with Pristyn Care doctors for corn removal?

    To book an appointment with Pristyn Care doctors and consult for foot corn treatment, you only need to give us a call and fill out the appointment form.

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