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What is Contoura Vision Surgery?

Contoura vision is a highly customized type of LASIK surgery that involves creating 22,000 points on the cornea for a highly-accurate correction of corneal irregularities and visual axis. It is done with the help of topography-guided laser technology. Unlike other laser eye surgeries, Contoura Vision utilizes an unparalleled three-step correction technique done with a Femtosecond laser, an Excimer laser, and a Topolyser. 

This technique is considered more advanced due to its capabilities of the aspheric correction visual axis along with the pupillary axis. This provides a superior visual outcome with a minimal chance of having side effects that are common with LASIK or SMILE, such as light sensitivity, night vision problems, glares, starbursts, halos, etc. 

USFDA Approved Procedures

USFDA Approved Procedures

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

Insurance Paperwork Support

Insurance Paperwork Support

1 Day Procedure

1 Day Procedure

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Best Eye Center for Contoura LASIK in India

Best Eye Center for Contoura LASIK in India

Being a dedicated healthcare provider, Pristyn Care focuses on providing best-in-class services to all people. Our eye clinics are located across various cities in India to ensure that people who need or wish to undergo vision correction surgery can get the treatment at affordable prices. We leverage traditional and modern laser techniques, including PRK, SBK, Femto LASIK, SMILE, and Contoura Vision. 

We have a team of ophthalmologists at each of our clinics and partnered hospitals across the country. All of our eye specialists have ample experience in performing various types of LASIK surgeries. They have expertise in all types of laser eye surgeries and have a success rate higher than 95%. Our medical centers are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and have a modern infrastructure to provide optimal care to patients. Book a free consultation with Pristyn Care and learn all about the benefits of Contoura Vision LASIK. 

Ideal Candidate for Contoura Vision

Ideal Candidate for Contoura Vision

Not all candidates with refractive errors qualify for Contoura Vision. A qualified ophthalmologist must conduct a thorough eye exam and gather the medical history of the patient to ensure that he//she is a good candidate. A candidate is considered ideal if- 

  • He/she is over 18 years of age
  • He/she has myopia equal to or less than -12.0 D. 
  • He/she has hyperopia equal to or less than +6.0 D. 
  • He/she has astigmatism equal to or less than -/+ 6.0 D. 
  • He/she doesn’t have any underlying health condition that can affect vision. 
  • He/she is overall healthy and has good healing abilities. 

What makes an individual ineligible for Contoura Vision Surgery?

What makes an individual ineligible for Contoura Vision Surgery?

The following are the contradictions for patients who wish to get Contoura Vision LASIK surgery. An individual who- 

  • Is pregnant, breastfeeding, or nursing. 
  • Has been diagnosed with vascular, autoimmune, or immunodeficiency disease. 
  • Has been diagnosed with keratoconus. 
  • Has severe dry eye syndrome, recurrent corneal erosion, advanced glaucoma, or other progressive eye disorder. 
  • Has thin corneas. 
  • Has uncontrolled diabetes. 
  • Has systemic diseases that can compromise the healing abilities, such as connective tissue disease, insulin-dependent diabetes, severe atopic disease, etc. 

How does Contoura Vision Surgery work?

How does Contoura Vision Surgery work?

Contoura Vision works by measuring and treating corneal aberration and centering the corneal apex rather than the pupil. The laser reshapes the cornea and adjusts it according to the patient’s requirements. 

  • If the patient has myopia, the curvature of the corneal tissues is reduced. 
  • If the patient has hyperopia, the curvature of the corneal tissues is increased. 
  • If the patient has astigmatism, the irregularities of the cornea are addressed to allow proper refraction of the light. 

The treatment begins with a detailed evaluation of the patient’s eye. The pre-operative screening assesses the candidate’s eligibility and checks whether the procedure is safe. A dilated fundoscopy is also done to look for retinal issues. If found, the retinal pathology is treated before performing laser eye surgery. 

What happens during Contoura Vision Surgery?

What happens during Contoura Vision Surgery?

The procedure is carried out in the following steps- 

  • Numbing drops are placed in the patient’s eye, and a topographic scan is done using a topolyser. 
  • A 3-D corneal map is created, divided into 22,000 points for personalized treatment. The machine captures the individual characteristics of each eye with precision. 
  • The Femto laser is used to create a small protective flap from the tissue covering the cornea. 
  • The flap is lifted, and the corneal mapping is used to identify the correction points on the cornea. 
  • Then, the excimer laser is activated to reshape the cornea, and the corneal flap is placed back. 

After the procedure, the patient exits the operating room and gets further guidelines regarding post-surgery care. 

How to prepare for Contoura Vision?

How to prepare for Contoura Vision?

Prior to Contoura Vision and other types of LASIK eye surgery, the patient needs to get all the base evaluation tests to confirm his/her eligibility. Other instructions given to the patients for preparation for the surgery involve- 

  • Stop using contact lenses, as they can change the shape of the cornea. Use eyeglasses instead at least 1 or 2 weeks before the surgery. 
  • Provide your medical history to the surgeon and clarify the medications (prescribed or OTC) you are taking on a regular basis. 
  • Start eating a healthy diet with a good quantity of green leafy vegetables that are good for eye health. 

For the day of surgery, the patient will be asked to wear loose and comfortable clothes that are easy to remove. The doctor or his/her medical team will also inform whether the surgery can be covered under health insurance. Also, it is advised to have someone accompany you on the day of surgery. 

What to expect after Contoura Eye Surgery?

What to expect after Contoura Eye Surgery?

Immediately after Contoura Vision surgery, expect to feel a little itchy and burning sensation in the eye. This feeling will last only for a while. So, give proper rest to the eyes so that the itchiness goes away as soon as possible. The eyes will keep watering up, and the vision will improve shortly after the surgery. 

Other instructions that the patient needs to follow after the surgery are also given to the patient before discharge. Prescribed medications and the follow-up schedule are also handed to the patient. 


FAQs around Contoura Vision Surgery

Is Contoura LASIK better than traditional LASIK?

The Contoura LASIK procedure is an advanced form of LASIK. Hence, it is considered a superior technique in terms of visual acuity. However, the standard LASIK procedure helps to achieve a 20/20 vision.

Does Contoura Vision surgery hurt?

The surgery itself doesn’t hurt as the eyes are numbed during the procedure using anesthetic drops. However, the patient may feel slight pressure or discomfort in the eye when the lid speculum is being placed. 

Can I watch TV right after laser eye surgery?

In most cases, watching TV or any other type of digital screen is safe 2 days after the surgery. Initially, you may experience sensitivity to bright light, halos, etc., which will take some days to improve. You can return to your normal routine and other activities after getting approval from the doctor. 

How much does Contoura Vision cost in India?

In India, the cost of Contour Vision surgery ranges from Rs. 95,000 to Rs. 1,05,000 approximately. This is only an estimated range that might vary for each patient due to various factors, such as the extent of correction, surgeon’s fee, diagnostic tests, post-surgery medications, etc. 

Will health insurance pay for Contoura Vision surgery?

Typically, vision correction or refractive surgeries are covered by health insurance only if the patient’s refractive power is equal to or higher than 7.5 Diopters. If the power is below this limit, then insurance companies won’t cover the cost of treatment. 

Are Contoura Vision results permanent?

Contoura Vision and other forms of laser eye surgeries are effective as they permanently reshape the cornea. Due to this, the results are long-lasting, and the patient enjoys improved vision for a long time. However, after age 40, the patient’s eye health may start to decline, and refractive errors might develop again.

Benefits of Contoura Vision Eye Surgery

Benefits of Contoura Vision Eye Surgery

  • The technology used in Contoura Vision has the ability to correct even the minutest distortion in the cornea, which enhances the quality of vision after the procedure.  
  • There are minimal risks and complications associated with the procedure. 
  • It is a bladeless and stitchless procedure. 
  • The corneal irregularities are corrected with higher precision. 

Risks & Complications of Contoura Vision

Risks & Complications of Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision is one of the safest vision correction techniques. The only risks and complications that can arise are- 

  • Dry eyes after the surgery for a few months, for which lubricating eye drops will be prescribed. 
  • Undercorrection or overcorrection of the eye power (if this happens, it can be corrected after 6 months). 

Post-Surgery Recovery & Aftercare

Post-Surgery Recovery & Aftercare

Being a high-precision technique, the visual recovery after Contoura Vision is quick. The patient can see clearly within a few hours after the surgery. The complete recovery of the flap will take around 2-4 weeks. The actual timeline will be different for each patient. But throughout the recovery period, the patient is advised to follow the aftercare tips below-

  • For the first two days, take complete bed rest and allow the eyes to heal.

  • Do not rub or poke the eyes, as it can dislodge the flap.

  • There might be slight itchiness or discomfort in the eye. To provide relaxation, the doctor will prescribe steroids and lubricating eye drops. Use them as directed.

  • Don’t forget to use antibiotic eye drops to prevent post-surgery infection.

  • Keep the screen-time minimal in the initial days.

  • Resume activities after consulting the doctor.

  • Take regular follow-ups with the doctor to ensure that the eyes are healing properly.