Painless Laser treatment of Piles in Delhi NCR

Modern Daycare Piles Treatment is Painless and Heal Faster. Visit Pristyn Care for Permanent Cure of Piles with a Laser-assisted procedure. Laser technology helps a surgeon in performing the best-in-class procedure.

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What is Piles?

Piles or Hemorrhoids or Bavasir (in Hindi) are the swollen or inflamed veins in the lower anal or rectal part. Piles can create discomfort, pain, itching, and bleeding sometimes while passing the stool. Almost 40-50% of people can be seen suffering from the piles as per the recent studies. Not only males but females also suffer from Piles or Hemorrhoids due to unhealthy lifestyle and pregnancy factors. The common factors leading to piles are chronic constipation, lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, or obesity. For a lot of people, it is embarrassing to discuss with anyone. Because of the pain and aches caused by this condition, it is always recommended to get it treated on time.


  • Risk
  • Why Painless Treatment?
  • Don’t Delay Laser Treatment
  • Why Pristyn Care?
  • Hassle-free Insurance Approval


Piles are swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus that cause discomfort and bleeding.


Rectal cancer


Rectal prolapse




Anal injury


Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)


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  • Rectal cancer
  • Rectal prolapse
  • Obesity
  • Anal injury
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD)

Why Painless Treatment?

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  • No cuts, No stitch, No piles
  • 30 Min Procedure | 1 Day Discharge
  • *Join work in 48 hours
  • Most effective treatment

Don’t Delay Laser Treatment

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  • Relief from pain while sitting
  • Relief from bleeding in stool
  • Reduces chances of anal cancer
  • Cures Inflammation in the anal region

Why Pristyn Care?

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  • 30% off on diagnostic tests
  • Confidential consultation
  • Single deluxe room
  • Free follow-ups post-surgery
  • 100% insurance claim

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

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  • All Insurances covered
  • No upfront payment
  • No running behind insurance authorities
  • Paperwork by Pristyn team on your behalf


Chronic constipation

Chronic diarrhoea

Lifting heavy weights


Straining too much while bowel movement



Swelling in the anal region

Pain while making bowel movement

Discomfort while sitting

Bleeding while passing stool

Advantage of Laser Treatment over the Traditional Surgical Procedure

specificslaser surgeryopen surgery
Cuts and wounds
Diet restrictions
Rest after surgery
 Can resume work
 1-2 month rest



External hemorrhoids are easy to detect, simply by looking at, a doctor can diagnose the same. The diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids may include a digital rectal exam (doctor inserts a gloved and lubricated finger into your rectum).


With the advent of technology, Piles or Hemorrhoids treatment can be done with the help of the latest laser techniques. Since the home remedies fail to deliver positive results, it becomes necessary to consult the nearest piles doctor in Delhi. There are several types of Hemorrhoids treatment available. The advanced laser techniques are quite successful against traditional surgery or home remedies. However, if your Piles have already reached the stage where surgery is needed, we recommend you to consult the best piles doctor in Delhi for the advanced surgery instead of open surgery.

Why Us ?

Advanced Technology
Patient Care

Advanced Technology

We at Pristyn Care provide the most advanced technologies like Laser & Laparoscopy to permanently cure diseases like Piles, Fissure, FIstula, Hernia, Gallbladder, etc. We assure you to bring your good time back


  • Painless procedure with no cuts
  • USFDA approved laser proceedings
  • All The Doctors are highly experienced
  • No recurrence


  • Within a day discharge
  • No cost EMI
  • Free post surgery follow ups
  • Free Pickup & Drop Facility for surgery

Patient Care

  • Hassle-free experience
  • Post surgery exercise and Diet plan
  • 24*7 personal coordinator
  • All insurances accepted

Advanced Medical Treatment

Pristyn Care offers reliable surgical procedures with laser-assisted and laparoscopic treatments to permanently cure diseases across Proctology Gynaecology, Urology, Vascular and ENT.

Insurance Support

Pristyn Care offers a hassle-free insurance claim. Our team does all the paperwork and you don't have to run after any insurance authorities to get your work done.


The high-quality surgical treatments and facilities offered by Pristyn Care are easy to afford compared to that of many other established corporate hospitals.

Patient Care

Taking care of our patients is our topmost priority. We ensure to provide a 'care-buddy' to each of our patients who responsibly assist them throughout their surgical journey.

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Frequently asked Questions

What are the Grades or Severity of Piles or Hemorrhoids?

  • Grade I- Anal Cushion Bleed, Do not Prolapse
  • Grade II- Anal Cushion Prolapse, Reduce Spontaneously
  • Grade III- Anal Cushion Prolapse, Require Manual Replacement into Anal Canal
  • Grade IV- Prolapse Stays out All the times

What to do in case of suffering from Piles or Hemorrhoids?

  • Consult the doctor immediately
  • Drink juices and healthy fluid
  • Intake rich fiber Diets which helps to soften the stools
  • Take a walk every day or indulge in the fitness activity
  • Keep your digestive system good
  • Control constipation and Diarrhea

What are the success rate of your Piles Treatment Clinics in Delhi NCR?

In March 2019, we did a random survey of 300 odd patients who took pile surgery from us in Delhi NCR. Each and every patient was successfully healed. Out of them, there are 17 odd patients who think we should improve our process, which we are improving and every time we assure top-notch services in Delhi NCR for all patients.


In Delhi what is TAT of insurance claimed for Piles treatment?

Cashless process takes 5 to 7 days and reimbursement process takes 15 days time.


What extra in offer for piles treatment in Gurgaon?

In Gurgaon and across Delhi NCR, for all Piles laser surgeries, we provide a dedicated patient buddy from the time patient enters to the time patient exits the hospital, pick and drop cab facility, seamless insurance claims, Delux Hygienic rooms, Food for an attendant.


Is Piles Completely curable with laser surgery?

Yes, Piles is completely curable with laser surgical treatment, if one follows after surgery to-dos as prescribed by doctor.


How Painful it is to opt for laser treatment of Piles?

At Pristyn Care we use most advanced pieces of equipment for each Piles laser treatment and its 100% painless solution to get rid of piles.


Do you provide cab facility for outside Delhi NCR regions as well?

Yes, for some of the intra cities, we provide cab facility, but we request you to check with our advisor for details.


Get to know us!

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Permanent solution to complex disorder. Pristyn Care offers best piles treatment.

I found out about Pristyn Care on Google. I am glad to choose Pristyn Care for piles treatment. I am satisfied with the services and my entire treatment was very comfortable. I would highly recommend Pristyn Care to all those seeking a permanent solution to Piles.


Abhinav Pareek

I was troubled with painful piles and went for the piles treatment after several medications. Since, my problem was major, I wasn't expecting miracles but I got significant results. So far, so good.

Navdeep Singh

I suffered from extreme amount of itching, pain and swelling which never seemed to stop. I decided to go for the piles surgery before the problem increased further. I am happy the problem is now GONE!

Abhishek Dongra

i was quite sceptical about the treatment but now that I have got it done,I would highly recommend this piles hospital for the best treatment of piles.

Anuj Gupta

This piles operation was my last resort as I was on medication since quite long that was giving me results, however slow. My family advocated for it because I had the problem for more than 3 months. The treatment gave speedy results and I am no more taking pills.

Aryan Raj

I feel so free and relaxed. The swelling is completely gone now and there's no pain at all.

Vivek Vashney

I had heard so much about this piles specialist and was pretty sure the solution he'd provide will be comparatively easier. As expected, it was quick, convenient and hassle-free.

Sai Praneeth

Someone suggested laser surgery for piles to me long before I took it. But I am thankful I went for this. Can't express how easy my life is now!

Siddhant Jain

The doctor was quite skilled and answered all my worries. The treatment was precise and did not cause pain at all. Thank goodness!

Krutika Verma

Thank you for this no pain, no scar treatment. I couldn't have imagined the solution would be so quick. Special thanks to the piles specialist making it all so stress free.

Manikanth Chand

It has been 5 weeks since I got my laser treatment for piles done and the problem hasn't come again. There's no pain, no bleeding. Thank you. My life is back to normal.

Aryan Raj

I feel so free and relaxed. The swelling is completely gone now and there's no pain at all.

Sai Praneeth

Someone suggested laser surgery for piles to me long before I took it. But I am thankful I went for this. Can't express how easy my life is now!

Ramit Shankar

Take my advice, go for the hemorrhoids treatment here and you will definitely benefit from it. It's so affordable too. Much better than months of medications.

Pruthvik Panwar

I am able to sit normally now. I don't use rings any more. Thank you for making the entire procedure so easy.

Harshvardhan Singh

I went to several hospitals but could not find a solid solution. But this piles clinic was just the best. I would recommend it with no hesitation for a permanent treatment for piles.

Shekhar Choudhary

The treatment was accurate and comfortable. I got multiple hemorrhoids removed within a very short recovery time.

Nilam panday

I had a smooth laser piles operation. But there are a few lifestyle changes recommended so that they don't come back again. Happy with the help and advice.

Smit Lodha

My father had piles for a year and I always thought it will go with time. But it didn't and later found about laser surgery for piles through research. Wish we knew about it earlier. It took him a week to recover and he is all fine now.

Hasrat Rana

I had acute pain but the surgery by Dr. Ralte was a great save. All thanks to this best doctor for piles that I was able to resume to work in just a week after the piles laser operation.

Anumap marathe

The treatment cured piles from its root without any side effects. I am just taking care to have a healthy lifestyle now.

Vibhav Joshi

I would definitely suggest to go for this over conventional treatments. It is comparatively expensive by some bucks but the solution is painless and easier giving permanent treatment for piles.

Shalini Nabar

It gave my husband complete relief from pain, blood, swelling and a bunch of tablets he had on the daily basis. Definitely the best piles hospital to count on.

Ayush Upadhyay

My friend lives in Delhi and was looking for piles treatment in Delhi itself. I recommended him this place and he is very happy and has recovered really quick.

Punita Arora

The best piles clinic was right next to me and I was looking for it all over. I was looking for the best piles doctor and I got me eyes on the nearby clinic. I got the painless treatment and after care for my severe piles problem. I am really grateful to pristyn care doctor and support staff.

S.K. Kumawat

I was suffering from piles. I could not even concentrate on my job. Wanted to consult a piles doctor in Delhi. Happy to get the laser surgery treatment which has completely eradicated piles from my body.

Sangram Sigh

Visited this piles clinic in delhi for a laser surgery. I got the best treatment. Surgery was painless and facility was at par.

Vinod Choubay

Its better to get your piles removed from the best piles specialist in Delhi for great results. Pristyn care treatment for hemorrhoid issues are excellent. They have a permanent solution to piles.


Skilled doctors and positive environment at this piles hospital in Delhi. Would recommend pristyn for piles treatment.

Anay Goel

I got the piles laser treatment in delhi a week back and I was amazed at the professionalism. The complete procedure was followed with so much precision from admission to surgery to after surgery follow up. Great work.

Garima Sharma

The pain and bleeding was getting unbearable. I needed immediate consultation. My uncle suggested me to go to this best doctor for piles treatment in Delhi. I went through the piles laser surgery and I am doing good now. Painless hassle free treatment. Thanks a lot.

Anil Pandey

When I consulted this piles surgeon in Delhi he said it was very important to get rid of it asap because it might lead to several other problems. So without any delay I went for the laser treatment. After talking to him I knew I was in best hands.

Rajesh Kumar

It was getting difficult for me to sit, walk and even pass stool. it was so painful that I needed a painless treatment. Fortunately, I found the best piles treatment in Delhi which was absolutely painless and pristyn care is good at it. Thanks a ton.

Hemant Tak

Best piles surgeon in gurgaon. There was no pain, speedy recovery and great service.

Vijay Tailor

I had heard about piles laser surgery in Delhi but wasn’t sure about it. To find out if it would really help, I visited this clinic. The doctor helped me understand the complete process and I decided to take the laser surgery. It was successful and it feels really good now.

Piyush Jha

I went for piles surgery in Delhi as per doctor's advice. I am very happy with piles laser treatment and after surgery advice.

G. Karthik

I always thought piles surgery was a big deal until I took it. But this place provided me with the best piles treatment in Gurgaon itself. I didnt have to look for more options. It was painless. All my worries are gone now. all thanks to pristyn care

Karishma Arora

I read so much about laser treatment but could not think of my piles getting cured by the same. I had to go through piles laser treatment in Gurgaon because of its severity. And i made the right decision. Best doctor and best service.

Viraj Jindal

Pristyn care conducted my piles laser surgery in Gurgaon. The best part was they took regular follow ups to make sure I was doing well.

Parth Saini

I went for piles surgery in Gurgaon where the doctors were very much approachable. The surgery was successful and I could go for work the next day. Very happy.

Rishabh Singhvi

I had with severe piles symptoms I went for piles treatment in Gurgaon where my friend had already been. So I was confident about their my treatment. Thanks to pristyn Care. highly recommended.

Prakash Jha

I was admitted for my piles laser surgery treatment in Gurgaon. Piles specialist did my surgery and I was discharged the same day. I actually had hassle free experience where insurance covered most of my expenses.

Gajendra Singh

Yesterday I underwent my piles laser surgery in Gurgaon at pristyn care and today I am walking without any pain. Advanced and hassle free treatment. strongly recommended.

Niki mehra

My mom already suggested me to go for a piles surgery in Gurgaon before. But I didnt listen to her. I got the treatment done and life is so much easy for me now.

Rahul Jain

Good hospital for piles treatment in Gurgaon. The doctor is experienced and top notch facilities.


One of the finest options for piles laser treatment in Gurgaon. Painless treatment for piles was beyond my imagination. Thanks team.

Joseph Mathew

I happened to accidentally visit pristyn clinic but was amazed by the painless surgery they suggested for piles. I strongly recommend it for best piles laser surgery in Gurgaon.

Tanish Bansal

piles surgery in gurgaon for me was done successfully. I would definitely recommend this piles hospital.

Abhineet Mathur

Swelling, blood and lots of pain are gone by piles laser surgery in Gurgaon. Thanks for the treatment and best advise.

Aditi Goyal

I got complete relief from swelling, blood and lots of pain by a piles laser surgery in Gurgaon done by pristyn doctor. I am working towards making my life healthy and better now. Thanks for the treatment and best advise.

Bhuvensh Sharma

My father had piles which we he was trying to cure by home remedies. But he was facing the same problem again and was severe this time. And best piles laser treatment was possible only at Pristyn. Such positive environment and wish we could reach them before.

Vishnu Singhal

I could feel the pain during passing stool. I went to doctor. He said it was Grade I piles and could be cured by making some lifestyle changes. The doctor was patient enough to answer all by doubt. He said piles surgery in Gurgaon was getting common due to lifestyle. So he gave all the remedies so that I don’t reach the next stage.

Harsh Anand

I was very impressed with the service they provided. My grandmother was suffering from piles and took surgery for treatment. They provided pick-drop facility for her pre and post piles treatment in Gurgaon. They took very good care of her. She is fine now. Highly recommended.

Get the best and most advanced Piles Laser Treatment in Delhi NCR

There are various methods and treatments to cure Piles or Hemorrhoids. They can be home remedies or surgical/ operative procedures. A lot of people choose home remedies for Piles Treatment and when they fail to work, people take operative procedures for Piles Treatment. When the problem persists and becomes more serious, a patient should visit the piles doctor. He or she may prescribe the patients to go through the surgical procedures which are available at his place or clinic or hospital.

At Pristyn Care we offer modern treatments that include techniques such as laser treatments or stapler hemorrhoidectomy. Out of the two, the Advanced Laser technique is the most effective and widely used method which helps to prevent the piles from the root. This technique is the latest modality in the treatment of piles. This kind of technique is used to treat grade 1, 2, 3 types of piles. The techniques are widely used due to the following advantages:-

  • Fastest recovery
  • Minimal or less pain after surgery
  • No repeated visit to the doctor
  • No diet Restrictions
  • Applicable for all age groups
  • Back to normal activities within 24 hours

Get the most advanced Piles Treatment in Delhi and Gurgaon

With the growing number of sitting jobs in Gurgaon & the ever-changing food choice of the city, the number of people with piles is increasing rapidly. If you are one of them and located near sector 29, sector 32, Huda City Center, sector 43, 45 or 51, Golf Course Road, Jharsa, DLF Phase 3, etc, you can avail piles treatment at Pristyn Care in Gurgaon. Pristyn Care has a state-of-the art clinic at Gurgaon sector 29. We at Pristyn Care offer the latest laser treatment for piles, an excellent care facility, and best doctors. Our team is available locally and ensure you get ample support, proper care, an exemplary experience.

Our facilities in the millennium city are equipped with the most advanced surgical equipment and furthermore, the assurance of hassle-free experience. Our most advanced laser surgery for Piles is painless & offers a shorter recovery time. It is said to be the best available treatment. Unlike traditional procedures, laser treatment doesn’t leave cut marks and offers a faster recovery rate.

Daycare Piles treatment in Delhi NCR with laser for permanent cure

Every week, almost 10 thousand people come to Delhi and 35% of the migrants end-up staying in the nation's capital. With changing pace of life, high intake of junk food, spices, aerated drinks, and low intake of a fiber-rich diet, people are becoming more susceptible to Piles in Delhi. If you are looking for a piles laser treatment in Delhi or permanent cure of piles in Delhi, then look no further. Pristyn Care facilities are located near South Delhi, Dwarka, Punjabi Bagh, and Paschim Vihar. Pristyn Care has the best piles doctor in Delhi, which will cure the problem of piles.

Not only old people but the youth in Delhi are also at a higher risk of getting piles. There is an urgent need to inculcate good food habits in youth & children to deter the problem in time. However, the patients who are suffering from piles, it is recommended that you visit our centers and avail the most advanced piles laser treatment in Delhi.

After Surgery care for laser piles treatment

The doctor will give you ways to manage your pain in different ways. The doctor will prescribe over-the-counter medication like ibuprofen or other pain medications that will be prescribed. The doctor will also provide dietary recommendations to prevent the pain by including a diet that is high in fiber and plenty of water throughout the whole recovery phase. You should consult the best piles doctor in Delhi which will provide you with all the details and recovery procedures also. A sitz bath is also recommended for pain relief. A sitz bath uses a special basin that is similar to a bedpan and it also fits over a toilet. You will be able to soak the rectal area with the help of warm water. This will provide pain relief from piles. The piles recovery time after the surgery is only 2-3 weeks till then the patient can resume normal tasks.

Life after Laser Piles Treatment

After the surgery is completed, the next step is to drink plenty of fluids, you should avoid straining with bowel movements. Avoid the foods you know which can cause constipation such as cheese. Do more exercise, even a 10-minute walk can decrease constipation by stimulating your bowel movement. These simple steps can help in the prevention of piles for good. Not all the piles problems can be treated but it can be solved with the help of surgery or by medications.

Other treatments for piles or hemorrhoids

In Stapler Hemorrhoidectomy or MIPH:

The removal of internal Hemorrhoids tissue & pulling out prolapsed Hemorrhoids back into anus by giving anesthesia is carried out. It also has the same benefits as laser treatments have.

Traditional Surgeries:

These are the oldest surgeries which lie on cut and suturing.

Open Hemorrhoidectomy:

One of the traditional methods to cure hemorrhoids.

Plication, Rubber Band Ligation:

It is used to treat the bleeding or prolapsing internal hemorrhoids by using the special rubber band. It helps to cut off the blood supply and the banded part will shrivel and falls off. Only an expert can perform the same effect.


The injection is used to form scar tissue and cuts off the blood supply resulting in the shrinking hemorrhoid.

Infrared photocoagulation:

Infrared photocoagulation is also used through which heat is created by infrared light and which cuts off the blood supply and shrink hemorrhoids. In case of severe bleeding or pain, patients are always advised to seek the doctor's help.

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