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What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is an effective procedure to treat certain conditions such as:

This procedure is also known as keyhole surgery due to the minute nature of incisions involved. The surgeon uses a long, thin instrument called a laparoscope which is attached to a high-resolution camera on the other end. The camera provides live images of the organs and tissues in the abdomen. The surgeon locates the epicenter of the disease via an external monitor and operates with high precision.

What is Laparoscopic Surgeon?

Laparoscopic surgeons refer to a category of specialists who have years of practice in performing laparoscopic surgeries. These surgeons are also called general surgeons who use minimally invasive techniques for performing the surgery. Laparoscopy requires precision to operate on sensitive areas of the abdomen without having full access to the organs, unlike open surgery.

Our Specialities

Doctor performing physcial diagnosis on a patient by pressing fingers against the abdomen area

Protrusion of internal organs into abdominal muscle wall ...

3-D illustration of gallbladder with a stone like figure in the gallbladder, depicting gallstones

Hardened deposits of bile in the gallbladder ...

Inflammation of the appendix caused due to appendicitis

Inflammation, swelling, or infection in the appendix ...

Illustration of Inguinal Hernia p[rotruding out of the abdomen area

Protrusion of tissues through the inguinal canal ...

Umbilical hernia protruding out from the  abdomen

Intestine bulging through an opening near the navel ...

Representation of appendicitis, which is the inflammation of the appendix

Surgery to remove infected appendix ...

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Best Doctors For Laparoscopy
  • online dot green
    Dr. Sanjeev Gupta (zunvPXA464)

    Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

    MBBS, MS- General Surgeon
    25 Yrs.Exp.


    25 + Years


    General Surgeon

    Laparoscopic Surgeon


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  • online dot green
    Dr. Milind Joshi (g3GJCwdAAB)

    Dr. Milind Joshi

    MBBS, MS - General Surgery
    23 Yrs.Exp.


    23 + Years


    General Surgeon


    Laparoscopic Surgeon

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  • online dot green
    Dr. Amol Gosavi (Y3amsNWUyD)

    Dr. Amol Gosavi

    MBBS, MS - General Surgery
    23 Yrs.Exp.


    23 + Years


    Laparoscopic Surgeon

    General Surgeon


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      Dr.Sajeet Nayar is an excellent Laproscopic Surgeon and guided me nicely before and after surgery

      City : BANGALORE
      Doctor : Dr. Sajeet Nayar
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      City : BANGALORE
    • RB

      Rahul borse



      City : PUNE
      Doctor : Dr. Pankaj Waykole
    • AM



      To Doctor; millind Joshi .. He is not only an Excellent Doctor , he is simple, superb Human being, Sober, approachable, a Great Social Worker, friendly approach with smiling face with his selfless service with his selfless services. Always amazing treatment. He is an extraordinary intelligent Doctor with human values.

      City : PUNE
      Doctor : Dr. Milind Joshi
    • DK

      Deepak Kumar


      All good

      City : DELHI
      Doctor : Dr. Sanjeev Gupta
    • AK

      Anil kumar gupta


      Overall experience was good

      City : MUMBAI
      Doctor : Dr. Niraj Brijbhushan Singh

    Why Pristyn Care?

    Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


    Consultation For 50+ Diseases Across India

    Pristyn Care provides consultation for 50+ diseases and treatments such as Piles, Hernia, Kidney Stones, Cataract, Gynecomastia, Abortion, IVF, etc. across 45+ major cities in India.


    Medical Expertise With Technology

    Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.


    Assisted Surgery Experience

    A dedicated Care Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.


    Post Surgery Care

    We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

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    Most Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the most common diseases treated by the laparoscopic procedure?

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    What are the diseases treated at Pristyn Care under Laparoscopy?

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    What determines the cost of laparoscopic surgery?

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    What is the difference between Laparoscopic surgery and open surgery?

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    How long does it take to complete a Laparoscopic surgery?

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    Is Laparoscopic surgery painful?

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    How long does it take to recover after a Laparoscopic Surgery?

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    How many years of experience do laparoscopic surgeons at Pristyn Care have?

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    Why is Laparoscopic Surgery a better option than traditional or open surgery?

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    What are the medical tools and instruments used in Laparoscopic Surgery?

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    What to expect during and after a Laparoscopic Surgery?

    Depending on the type of laparoscopic procedure, the patient is given pre-surgery instructions by the hospital or surgeon. The patient must not consume any food or fluid 8 to 9 hours prior to the surgery. It is also advised to wear loose clothing so that the clothes do not cause discomfort to the surgical site. Here is what you can expect during and after the laparoscopic surgery –

    • During the surgery
      • You will be administered with general or local anesthesia.
      • The surgeon will inflate your abdomen with a gas (usually CO2) to insert the surgical equipment during the procedure.
      • A long thin tube called a laparoscope is inserted into the abdominal region.
      • This device is fitted with a camera on the other end that guides the surgeon during the surgery. It will usually take around 30 minutes to 45 minutes.
      • Robotic laparoscopy involves a robot-assisted procedure where the surgeon controls the robotic arms that hold a camera and surgical equipment.
      • The robotic system provides magnified 3D vision and allows the surgeon to carry out the complex procedure with increased precision.
    • After the surgery
      • The patient may feel dizzy and disoriented after the laparoscopic surgery due to the effects of anesthesia.
      • You can expect mild pain and discomfort around the site of the incision when the effect of anesthesia wears off.
      • You will be monitored for a few hours in the hospital after the surgery until you fully regain your consciousness.
      • The doctor may prescribe some medications that will help reduce the pain and discomfort.

    Do’s and Don’ts after a Laparoscopic Surgery.

    Laparoscopic surgery is a major surgery that requires adequate rest and post-surgery restrictions to reduce complications and offer smooth recovery. Some of the do’s and don’ts after laparoscopic surgery are as follows –

    • Do’s
      • Engage in little movements like walking to avoid stagnating the body.
      • Drink as much fluid as you can after the surgery.
      • You can return to school or work usually two days after the surgery. Consult the physician before resuming your work.
      • Eat foods containing fiber such as fruits vegetables, and stay active.
      • Consult your doctor regularly to keep in check with the recovery process.
    • Don’ts
      • Do not lift any heavy weights immediately after the laparoscopy.
      • Do not drive a vehicle immediately after the surgery since the anesthesia can cause drowsiness.
      • Do not engage in any sports or physical activities for at least a week after your laparoscopy.
      • Do not take any medications for pain without consulting the physician.
      • Avoid going inside a swimming pool or river for at least one week after the surgery.
      • Avoid citrus fruits like oranges, tomatoes, etc.

    What to expect at home after undergoing Laparoscopic Surgery?

    The recovery time can differ depending on the medical condition of the patient and the type of laparoscopic surgery. The patient usually takes around one to two weeks to fully recover after the surgery. Here is what you can expect after your laparoscopic surgery at home –

    • The patient may feel moderate pain in the areas around the incisions. However, pain and discomfort should improve within a few days.
    • Sometimes, the gas used to inflate the abdomen during the procedure can remain inside in small amounts causing bloating, cramps, or shoulder pains. However, these symptoms do not last for more than one or two days after your body has absorbed the remaining gas.

    Why choose Pristyn Care to undergo Laparoscopic Surgery?

    Pristyn Care is a full-stack healthcare institute associated with some of the best multi-specialty hospitals and healthcare institutions across India. We aim to ease the process of accessing laparoscopic surgeries for every individual at minimal costs. Our general surgeons and specialists have years of experience in laparoscopy with a success rate of over 90%. Advantages of choosing Pristyn Care are –

    • Highly experienced laparoscopic surgeons- Our team of laparoscopic experts has years of experience in performing advanced surgeries for a success rate of over 90%. In addition, our doctors offer comprehensive treatment to all our patients to guide them through the course of the procedure and make them aware of the risks involved.
    • Insurance approval- Laparoscopic surgeries are done to treat health conditions that can otherwise cause life-threatening conditions. Therefore, most health insurance companies cover the entire cost of surgery. Pristyn Care assists with the insurance approval for laparoscopic surgery. However, the insurance approval depends on the type of your insurance policy and the terms and conditions set by the insurance provider.
    • Flexible payment options- Pristyn Care offers various modes of payment for laparoscopic surgeries at no cost EMI. In addition, we accept credit cards and cash payments for the procedure.
    • Free pick-up and drop facility- Pristyn Care provides free cab services for pick-up and drop-off to each patient within the city on the day of hernia surgery.
    • Free follow-up consultation- Pristyn Care provides free follow-up consultation along with proper diet charts to all the patients after the laparoscopic surgery for a faster recovery.
    • COVID-19 safe environment – Pristyn Care ensures proper sanitization of all the OTs and clinics before each surgery to curb the spread of the COVID. It is our top priority to maintain excellent hygiene and social distancing while providing a seamless patient experience.

    How to book an appointment with the best Laparoscopic surgeons at Pristyn Care?

    • You can fill out the patient form on our website Once your appointment form is submitted, a team of medical coordinators will reach out to you at the earliest and fix an appointment with the laparoscopic specialist according to your schedule.
    • You can also directly connect with our medical coordinators through the contact number on our website. The medical coordinator will listen to your query and connect you with the laparoscopic doctor near your area and book an appointment consecutively.
    • You can also book an appointment through our Pristyn Care app. Our team of medical coordinators will arrange an offline or online video consultation from doctors near your area, charge a nominal consultation fee.
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