Seamless Surgical Experience in Ghaziabad

Pristyn Care is a multi-specialty healthcare provider which aims to deliver a hassle-free surgical experience to all patients by leveraging technology, and a set of advanced operations and powerful processes.

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COVID 19 Safety Measures

Treatment of patients in <b>COVID safe surgical centers</b>
Treatment of patients in COVID safe surgical centers
<b>COVID test arranged</b> for the surgical patients
COVID test arranged for the surgical patients
Regular <b>screening of staff</b> for COVID related symptoms
Regular screening of staff for COVID related symptoms
<b>Thermal screening</b> of all the patients at the hospital entrance
Thermal screening of all the patients at the hospital entrance
<b>Orderly sanitization</b> of all the medical equipment
Orderly sanitization of all the medical equipment
Surgeons equipped with <b>PPE kits</b> during surgery
Surgeons equipped with PPE kits during surgery


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Surgical Experience with Pristyn Care was undoubtedly Seamless!

My whole experience with Pristyn Care was hassle-free! I was suffering from an anorectal disease for a couple of months. In less than 30 minutes, without any pain, I was cured! I am glad my parents and family did not have to run after the hospital management for insurance clearance and claims, Pristyn Care got it done for us! I am relieved that I made the right choice and chose the most patient-centric healthcare service!

Arun Mehta

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pristyn Care cover all insurances in Ghaziabad?

The dedicated team at Pristyn Care Clinic in Ghaziabad takes care of the entire process of insurance from approval to clearance in the most hassle-free manner.

How safe are laser treatments?

Unlike open surgical procedure, it involves fewer complications. In addition, the expert doctors at Pristyn Care in Ghaziabad provide a special set of instructions that need to be followed. There are no major complications after laser surgery.

What is a minimally invasive procedure?

A minimally invasive surgery enables a laparoscopic surgeon to use techniques that involve smaller cuts, or incisions. The modern laparoscopic surgery performed with a laparoscope is considered safer than open surgery.

How do Pristyn Care doctors perform painless treatments?

The experts at Pristyn Care ensures the application of local or general anesthesia for the patients before beginning with the modern surgical procedure.

Most Advanced Daycare Treatments and Patient-centric Medical Care In Ghaziabad

Seamless Surgical Experience

Pristyn Care in Ghaziabad promises the most patient-centric surgical experience to all patients. Our team provides personalized healthcare assistance at every step. We strive to ensure the best patient experience by providing 24x7 support through our medical coordinators. The doctors at Pristyn Care in Ghaziabad are highly experienced as well as specially trained for treating conditions under the purview of proctology, urology, gynaecology, ENT and vascular problems with laser and laparoscopic surgeries.

World-class & Advanced Medical Care Facility

Pristyn Care clinic in Ghaziabad facilitates modern equipment to provide the most advanced procedures which are painless and offers faster healing. The doctors are also specially trained to provide laparoscopic and laser-assisted treatments. We use the latest cutting-edge technology that ensures minimal pain.

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