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Painless Kidney stone laser treatment in Delhi NCR

Get relief from the excruciating pain of kidney stones once and for all through the modern laparoscopic treatment. This treatment is minimally invasive and offers speedy recovery.

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What is Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are hard deposits of salt and minerals in the kidneys. These stones are often very painful when passed or when they make movement. Kidney stones form inside the kidney but can move and travel to other parts of the urinary tract. The stones vary in sizes; some stones are just a few inches in size, whereas others grow so big that they occupy the entire kidney. Kidney stones are prevalent equally among both men and women.


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Kidney stones are excess deposits of dissolved minerals in the kidneys. The stones can be very minute at times and pass through the urinary tract, but sometimes the stones can create excruciating pain.


Anatomical abnormalities which can put the kidney at high risk




Horseshoe kidney


Obstruction of the kidney or ureter


Vesicoureteral reflux


Ureteral stricture


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  • Anatomical abnormalities which can put the kidney at high risk
  • Ureterocele
  • Horseshoe kidney
  • Obstruction of the kidney or ureter
  • Vesicoureteral reflux
  • Ureteral stricture

Why Painless Treatment?

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  • 30 min procedure
  • <1 cm incision
  • 24 hours hospitalization
  • No Pain | No Stitches | No Scars

Don’t Delay Laser Treatment

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  • Relief from pain
  • No risk of stones growing larger
  • Relief from urinary blockage
  • No risk of any urinary tract infections

Why Pristyn Care?

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  • All insurances covered
  • Well trained surgeons
  • Seamless surgical experience

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

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  • All Insurances covered
  • No upfront payment
  • No running behind insurance authorities
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Lack of water

Being overweight

Chronic diarrhea

High blood sugar

High animal protein diet

Family history


Severe pain below the ribs, in the side and back

Pain while urinating

Pink, red or brown colored urine

Foul smelling urine

Urinating more than often

Fever and chills



Kidney stone is one of the most common medical conditions in India. You need to consult a doctor when you feel terrible pain in your abdomen which is accompanied with the feeling of nausea and vomiting, or you feel problem passing urine. The best healthcare professionals will discuss the medical history of the patient before beginning with the treatment of the kidney stones. They may perform a physical examination and ask you to undergo certain imaging tests to diagnose the stones better. Also, before beginning the process, the doctor will check your body, your diet and check for the places where you feel the most pain.

Kidney stones can be of different types:

Calcium stones - These are the most common type of kidney stones. Calcium stones can also be divided into two types: calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate. People who have too much calcium in their urine have the potential risk of suffering from calcium stones.

Uric acid stones- Uric acid is a waste product of the human body. Uric acid stones can be caused due to overweight, gout, chronic diarrhea, and high blood sugar.

Cystine stones- Cystine is a form of amino acid present in food. When the kidneys in the human body fails to absorb the cystine in the body, it changes into kidney stones.

Treating a kidney stoney highly depends on the symptoms. The stones can often be treated by home remedies. But, in serious cases, the stones need medical attention. If the stones grow too large, the person may be recommended a surgical treatment, such as removal of the stone through a small incision.

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We at Pristyn Care provide the most advanced technologies like Laser & Laparoscopy to permanently cure diseases like Piles, Fissure, FIstula, Hernia, Gallbladder, etc. We assure you to bring your good time back


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Pristyn Care offers reliable surgical procedures with laser-assisted and laparoscopic treatments to permanently cure diseases across Proctology Gynaecology, Urology, Vascular and ENT.

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Pristyn Care offers a hassle-free insurance claim. Our team does all the paperwork and you don't have to run after any insurance authorities to get your work done.


The high-quality surgical treatments and facilities offered by Pristyn Care are easy to afford compared to that of many other established corporate hospitals.

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Taking care of our patients is our topmost priority. We ensure to provide a 'care-buddy' to each of our patients who responsibly assist them throughout their surgical journey.

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Frequently asked Questions

What causes kidney stones?

There are no definite, single cause or factor of kidney stones. Kidney stones are formed when there are abundant deposits of minerals. However, the most common factor leading to kidney stones is the lack of water in the body.


When can kidney stones start paining?

Kidney stones can be really painful when they move throughout the urinary tract. Kidney stones, although form in the kidneys, can can excruciating pain when they change places in the urinary tract or start moving.


When can kidney stones start paining?

Kidney stones can be really painful when they move throughout the urinary tract. Kidney stones, although form in the kidneys, can can excruciating pain when they change places in the urinary tract or start moving.


What is the difference between smaller stones and larger stones in size?

The smaller kidney stone can range from 5-6 mm and has more than 90% chance that it will pass through your urine if preventive measures are taken. If a stone is larger than this, it can cause blockage and several treatment options can help you get rid of it.


I have been diagnosed with kidney stones. What should I eat?

Firstly, you should drink a lot of fluid. Water is the key solution. Diet which are high in animal protein should be avoided. Along with these, your doctor might also ask you to cut down the intake of spinach, rhubarb, grits and bran cereals.


Can I follow any home remedy to cure my stones?

Most of the time, kidney stones pass with urine without causing any pain. But when the pain starts getting severe, you need to visit a doctor. Home remedies will not work in that case. However, in either case, you should not lower your intake of water.


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anil kumar

I was suffering from kidney stones and the pain was too much to bear. I went to Pristyn Care and my surgery was done in a day. The whole process was smooth and after the surgery the follow up process was also good.

animesh jain

It was all working fine but I suddenly felt pain my lower back. I was not able to lift any heavy weights, I was not able to workout and everytime the pain was too much. I came to Pristyn Care where the treatment was possible and the pain was gone permanently.


I was not able to sit and work properly, there were times I had to take leave from my office continously. My work was suffering because of the kidney stone pain, I consulted a doctor at Pristyn Care which told me that surgery is the only solution.

rhea bose

Kidney stone pain is the worst form of pain even worse than the childbirth as I have experienced it. I was having 5mm kidney stone and tried home remedies for it but it didn't help. Finally, surgery helped me to overcome kidney stones pain.


I was having 11mm kidney stone, everytime I used to sleep there was a lot of pain in my back. Whenever I was about to pass urine i felt pain and there was blood present in my urine. The problem was solved by surgery at Pristyn Care.


My father was suffering from kidney stones, one was of 7mm and the other was of 15mm. The real problem started when he complained about the immense pain he had while morning walk. i searched on Google for the solution and I found Pristyn Care, I took my father to the clinic and rest was taken care by the doctors.


I had a kidney stone of size 8mm and the pain was unbearable since last week. I went to the doctor and he advised me a painkiller which didn't help. I was in so much of pain, even I was afraid of surgery but had to consider it after I had a chat with Doctor at Pristyn Care, I went for the treatment.


I was having a kidney stone in the mid pole of my right kidney and my right side paining too much. I was searching for a best urologist in Gurgaon and my search was over when I found Pristyn Care, there was no issue with the treatment process and it all went well.


Kidney stone are very hard to bear there was a lot of problem for me to sleep and walk around. There are plenty of urologists in Delhi NCR, to find the best urologist was a hectic task. My friend finally suggested me to visit Pristyn Care because of the experienced doctors present there.


I found out after the CT scan that I am having a kidney stone in my urinary tract. My main doubt was should I go for surgery? I was afraid of surgery but the doctor at Pristyn Care asked me to go with the surgery, as this will be a permanent solution for kidney stones. Prisytn Care is best far the best clinic in Delhi NCR.


I got diagnosed with three kidney stones. One of the stone is present in the bladder and causing pain. My question was how will I be able to pass these kidney stones? I am having problem in urination too. I felt that the last option is to go for surgery and to a urologist specialist in Gurgaon. I tried searching but all was in vain, then finally I got to find Pristyn Care, who are the epitome in surgery.

prakash kumar

I was having a kidney stone of 5mm in size, I had no problem in passing urine but the real problem, after masturbation I was not able to pass out sperm. I consulted the best urologist in Gurgaon and he told me to drink lots of water as it will help in passing the stone, if not then surgery is the answer.

ashwin rai

I underwent the kidney stone surgery previously and the pain came back. So, I had to visit another urologist specialist to find the solution to this problem. The clinic of Pristyn Care made it easy for me to locate the problem and provide me with the better treatment. Yes, my pain went away forever.

himanshu chawla

One day I woke up with a lot of pain, it was too much for me. I thought this is happening because of the workout I did but realised it had nothing to do with it. After I consulted the urologist at Pristyn Care, the problem was solved and he asked me to undergo the surgery.


I am having stones in both my kidneys, I thought that they will pass if I use home remedies but no they didn't help. I drank a lot of water but it was of no use. Finally I had to consult a urologist specialist in Gurgaon, I was able to find the doctor at Pristyn Care and he suggested to for surgery which will solve the issue.


I was continously peeing since morning, this was the problem. I didn't know what is the cause. I tried really hard to stop it but it happened continously. I was looking for the solution on Google and then I was able to find Pristyn Care, where I was able to get the treatment of my kidney stones without any problem.


Last month, I was having pain in my lower abdomen, the pain was quite high. After the ultrasound, it was seen that I am suffering from kidney stone of size 8mm. The doctor gave me advice such as home remedies but they didn't work out. Finally, I was able to find out the best urologist in Delhi ncr at Pristyn Care and my problem was solved.


Whenever I went for urination, I was feeling a burning sensation and the frequency of the urine is also high. I feel continous urge to urinate even after doing it for a while. I knew this is a problem and I had to find a solution. I went to my nearest clinic, Pristyn Care and consulted the doctor, there he told me that you might be suffering from kidney stones and the only solution is by surgery.


Since I was back from the office, I felt the urge to urinate and the urge was too much to handle. The big problem was that it was creating trouble with my daily tasks. I went looking out for a urologist in Gurgaon and at Pristyn Care I found a specialist which made the problem go away with ease.


I recently went for a regular checkup, where after the urine test, it was found out that I am suffering from kidney stones. This came as a shock to me. I never imagined that I will be suffering from kidney stones. The doctor asked me to go for the surgery as this will be the only solution. The doctor was from Pristyn Care and the treatment was good enough.


Kidney stones was becoming a problem for me. I was looking for a solution online and there I found Pristyn Care, which helped with the whole process of consultation. The doctor told me that he will have to perform the surgery as the stone is large.


I was having a kidney stone of a big size, i didn't knew before but when the pain became a daily task, then I looked for the surgery. Pristyn Care helped me with the surgery.


Kidney stones pain is the worst. I thought that this not the case everytime. But when kidney stones occured to me then i knew what the problem was, the whole thing was painul.

Shashank Nayar

All thanks to Pristyn Care as the surgery done by them was good. I was completely overwhelmed by the whole process. The care buddy provided by them helped me with little problems, like no insurance troubles. He handled everything pretty well.

Raghavan Mehta

I previously had a kidney stone surgery but the pain came back. Last month I felt a lot of pain so I considered to visit a doctor, I went to Pristyn Care as they have the best urologist in Delhi NCR. The surgery was without any problem and there was no blood loss or cuts.


Kidney stones is a dangerous condition. I got to know when i was suffering from kidney stones. The pain was so immense, I felt pain in my kidneys at night, I thought of consulting the doctor, he suggested surgery for me. After surgery, the pain was no more.

Anshu Vohra

Pristyn Care is the best clinic hands down. I consulted other doctor's previously for kidney stone surgery but I was not satisfied with the result. Pristyn Care were able to cure the kidney stone problem.


My mother was suffering from kidney stones. She was in lot of pain and had trouble with urination. I took her to the doctor as it was getting difficult for to do routine work. Finally, surgery was the only solution.


I was happy to get treated by the best urologist in Delhi NCR. Kidney stones is a complicated problem, but all of it went through after the surgery was done. A big thanks to Pristyn Care team.


I was working out in gym and suddenly felt pain in my lower back, i thought this is because of the heavy weights but no that was not the case, which i got to know later on. After the doctor diagnosed me, it was found out that i had 8mm kidney stones, he asked me to undergo the surgery. After the surgery the stones also went away.


I was a heavy drinker, i used to drink daily. Suddenly one night, i had pain in my kidneys. I went for the checkup to the best urologist in Gurgaon. He completed the diagnosis and asked me that i will require a surgery. I went for the surgery and after the surgery from Pristyn Care, there is no more pain.

Sid Varma

My grandmother went through the PCNL surgery at Prisytn Care. After the operation, all her pain went away. There was no blood loss, cuts or any pain during the operation

Prabhat Dada

I was having kidney stones in both my kidneys. This was a painful experience, every night I had difficulty in sleeping. I had to take sleeping pills to get a sound sleep. Frequent urination was a problem. The problem vanished when i went for the surgery at Prisytn Care.


Kidney stones are difficult to pass manually. I had plenty of problems while urination, I felt pain whenever I had to pass urine. There was dribbling of urine, I decided to go for a checkup at the best clinic of urology in Delhi NCR where my surgery was done.


I was having small kidney stones which i thought will pass after drinking beer but that was not the case. This made matters worse. It was a hard time until I visited Pristyn Care, where i got treated for kidney stones.


I was not active, doing any exercise which in turn made me obese. After sometime i got to know that i am having kidney stones. There was only one solution which is by surgery, i went for the surgery and thanks to Pristyn Care that surgery helped me.


I was having kidney stones since 10 years but i never went for the treatment but this time the pain was unbearable which made the matters worse. I was hoping that kidney stones will pass on their own but they didn't. So, i had to underwent laser surgery.


Kidney stones are recurring, i previously had a surgery but still kidney stones came back. This was a lot of problem for me. I was not able to do any work and i had to take several off from workplace which was not working. I had to find a permanent solution which was via surgery only.


There was a lot of problem which i was having such as lower back pain and trouble with urination. I consulted the doctor in Delhi NCR which made the surgery easy for me. I felt no pain after and during the surgery was done.


My son was having kidney stones and this created lots of problem for him. It was too much for him to take the pain. I was lucky to find the best doctor for urology in Delhi NCR at Pristyn Care.


Thanks to Pristyn Care, my operation for kidney stones was successful. I faced no problem during the process. I was given anesthesia during the surgery, so all went ok for me.


I faced plenty of issues because of the kidney stones. I was having a lot of pain because of the stones. I had a hard time sleeping at night. So, I consulted Pristyn Care which helped me with the treatment.


My daughter was suffering from kidney stones and we looked for natural remedies but that did not worked quite well. The kidney stone problem was taken care of by the doctors and the follow up was also good.


As a patient this was a great experience, there was no issue with the doctor's and certainly there was no blood loss or cuts during the surgery. The whole surgery was done by laser which was quick and the recovery was good too.


I was afraid of surgery in the beginning but doctor told me about the pros and cons of conventional and laser surgery. I went for laser surgery and it worked well for me. The pain is gone and now it feels good after the surgery.


I did not feel any pain during the kidney stone surgery at Pristyn Care. I was afraid from the word surgery but at Pristyn Care that was not the case. The procedure was ok and Pristyn Care also provide follow up reports.


When you are suffering from kidney stone pain, then the only solution is to look for the surgery process. Finding a good urologist was quite a tough task for me, but at Pristyn Care I was able to find a good urologist.


Kidney stones are hard to identify but after my diagnosis it was all clear. I was having a 8mm stone and surgery was my last hope. I went to Pristyn Care where the kidney stones were removed without any problem.


Kidney stones pain was unbearable for me. I went to Pristyn Care for the surgery and they used laser treatment to crush the stones.

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Pristyn Care aims to provide the best treatment for kidney stones based on cutting edge technologies in Delhi NCR. We have a team of the best doctors who are well trained to perform complex surgeries in a very seamless manner. Pristyn Care is committed to delivering the best in class laparoscopic treatment for kidney stones. The surgery is very safe, involves a small incision and leaves behind no complications or risks. So, if you are facing the problem of kidney stones, you can visit Pristyn Care for the most advanced and reliable treatment for kidney stones.

Most reliable and advanced treatment for kidney stones in Delhi NCR

Pristyn Care delivers personalised healthcare treatment for the people of Delhi NCR. Our team of doctors ensures a seamless surgical experience to all the patients. The surgeons are well trained, highly experienced and capable of using the technologically advanced medical equipment. If you are facing the problem of kidney stones and you are residing in and around Delhi NCR, then visit Pristyn Care clinic or contact their team to book an appointment.

The kidney stone surgeries available at Pristyn Care in Delhi NCR are United States Food and Drug ADministration (USFDA) certified, are minimally invasive and takes much shorter time to heal. You can visit the Pristyn Care Clinic in Delhi NCR to get the best kidney stones treatment. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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