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Arthroscopy Surgery in India | Minimally Invasive Surgery

Looking for an effective treatment for painful joint problems? Get in touch with our highly expert orthopedic surgeons in India for a detailed diagnosis and less invasive arthroscopy surgery that can help you experience maximum mobility.

Looking for an effective treatment for painful joint problems? Get in touch with our highly expert orthopedic surgeons in India for a detailed diagnosis ... Read More

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Best Doctors For Arthroscopy
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    Dr. Kamal Bachani (3uCOy0grwa)

    Dr. Kamal Bachani

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    Dr. Venu Madhav Badla (iU0HlZxGtA)

    Dr. Venu Madhav Badla

    MBBS, MS- Orthopedics

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  • What is arthroscopy?

    Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive orthopedic surgery performed for the diagnosis and treatment of joint issues. It is generally performed when the surgeon wants to inspect the insides of a joint without damaging the tissues surrounding it.

    The procedure is generally performed by inserting a scope and surgical instruments through tiny incisions. The scope is a narrow tube with a fiber-optic video camera attached to it. The video captured through the camera is transmitted to a high-definition monitor for diagnosis and treatment.

    It is usually performed for weight-bearing joints like knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle, hip, and the wrist joint. For diagnosis, it is usually reserved as the last option if the imaging tests are not clear and the surgeon is not able to determine the cause even after thorough conservative examination. On the other hand, it is the most preferred surgical approach as it provides quicker recovery with minimal complications.

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    Best orthodontic treatment center for arthroscopic surgery in India

    Pristyn Care is one of the best surgery care providers in India for orthopedic surgery. We specialize in advanced arthroscopic surgery with help from our panel of expert and experienced orthopedic surgeons. In addition to advanced treatment, we also provide other auxiliary services to the patient- such as documentation support, insurance assistance, free cab services for pickup and dropoff, complimentary meals, etc. If you have joint pain or stiffness and have trouble performing your day-to-day activities, you should get in touch with us for US FDA-approved advanced arthroscopic surgery.

    Pristyn Care’s Free Post-Operative Care

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    Post-Surgery Free Follow-Up

    Free Cab Facility

    24*7 Patient Support

    What happens during arthroscopy?

    Before arthroscopy, the orthopedist performs a thorough diagnosis for the patient to find the exact cause of the issue and determine what the best treatment option would be. Generally, before the surgery imaging tests are performed. Common imaging tests performed before arthroscopic orthopedic surgery are X-rays, CT scan, MRI scan, ultrasonography, etc.

    Once the diagnosis has been confirmed, the orthopedic surgeon discusses various treatment options with the patient. Arthroscopic surgery can be performed under either general anesthesia or regional anesthesia – based on the joint being operated on and the type of surgery.

    Once the anesthesia has taken effect, the surgeon makes a tiny (3-4 mm – the size of a buttonhole) incision to insert the scope and surgical instruments. The surgery is generally completed with minimal injury to the surrounding tissues. Once the surgery has been completed, the incisions are sutured and bandaged for recovery.

    Why Choose Pristyn Care?

    BenefitOthersPristyn Care
    Blood LossMaximumMinimal
    Scars & StitchesYesMinimal
    Follow Up ConsultationNoYes
    Hospital DurationLongShort
    No Cost EMINoYes

    How to prepare for arthroscopic orthopedic surgery?

    If you are undergoing arthroscopic surgery, you should undergo the following preparatory steps before the surgery:

    • Inform your surgeon about your entire medical history and allergies, so that they can prepare accordingly. If you are taking medications like blood thinners, clotters, etc., that may interfere with healing ability or cause complications during the surgery, you may need to stop them.
    • Leave all your valuables like watches, jewelry, etc., at home.
    • You may need to fast 8-12 hours before the surgery, depending on the kind of anesthesia your surgery is being performed under.
    • You may not be able to drive yourself home after the surgery, so arrange for someone to drive you home after the surgery. In case of arthroscopic joint replacement surgery, you may also need an attendant to help you during the first few days after the surgery.
    • Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothing in the days after the surgery so you will be able to recover more easily.

    Are you going through any of these symptoms

    What to expect after an orthopedic surgery?

    Generally, every patient’s experience is different after the surgery, depending on the type of surgery being performed, the patient’s general health condition, the joint being operated on, etc. Most arthroscopic surgeries are completed within 60-90 minutes, after which the patient is taken to the recovery room for overnight observation.

    Generally after care after arthroscopic surgery includes medications, rest (RICE method), assistive devices (like crutches, slings, walkers, etc.), and physical therapy. The amount and duration of physical therapy depends on the type of surgery, the amount of joint function the patient wants, the patient’s age and health condition, etc.

    Most patients are able to resume everyday activities and desk work within a few days, and start driving within 1-3 weeks of the surgery. However in case of a complication, recovery can be delayed. You should consult your surgeon if you have any signs of complications like fever, severe unmanageable pain, infectious drainage from the surgical site, inflammation of the incision, numbness or tingling sensation, etc.

    When is arthroscopic surgery required?

    Arthroscopic orthopedic surgery is usually a minor surgery that can be performed on an outpatient basis, in case of minor procedures. If you have a severely damaged or degenerated joint, you should consult an orthopedic surgeon for arthroscopic surgery.

    Arthroscopy is generally performed for:

    It is generally advised if the patient has severe pain and immobility, and his symptoms do not improve even with medical management and physiotherapy.

    What are the risk factors associated with arthroscopy?

    Though arthroscopic surgeries are by-and-large very safe, occasionally, they can result in post-surgical complications like:

    How does arthroscopy benefit you?

    The most common benefits of arthroscopy over traditional open surgery are:

    How can I improve recovery after an arthroscopic orthopedic surgery?

    Follow the given recovery tips to improve your recovery after arthroscopic surgery:


    Is it necessary to have a homecare attendant after surgery?

    Having a homecare attendant can ease the recovery period for the patient, however it is not necessary after minor arthroscopic procedures like shoulder arthroscopy, carpal tunnel release, etc.

    Will my pain completely disappear after arthroscopy?

    In most cases, the patient’s pain subsides within a few days of the surgery after arthroscopic surgery, especially if they keep up with their medications and physiotherapy.

    What is an arthroscope made of?

    Arthroscopy means to look inside a joint, therefore, an arthroscope is made of a thin narrow tube with a fiber-optic camera and torch attached to one end.

    What is the success rate of arthroscopic surgery?

    The success rate of arthroscopic surgery is over 90%, as it comes with minimal risks and most patients are able to resume their lives with very few lifestyle changes.

    Types of surgery

    • Elbow arthroscopy
    • Foot and ankle arthroscopy
    • Hand and wrist arthroscopy
    • Hip arthroscopy
    • Knee arthroscopy
    • Shoulder arthroscopy
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