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Pristyn Care Period Tracker

Your one stop solution for personalized Menstrual health insights


Log your period days


Get unique insights on your menstrual cycle


Never miss your fertile window ever again

Why should you track your periods?


Understand the unique patterns of your body


Know your ovulation dates


Increase awareness if your health and wellness

Track Your Periods

In 3 Easy & Simple Steps


Input your last month period (LMP)


Input the length of your period cycle


Submit and track your period


Expected period days


Ovulation Day


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FAQ - Period Tracker

Why is it important to track your periods?

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How does a period tracker work?

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Can a period tracker predict the exact date of your upcoming period?

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Are period trackers always right?

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How accurate is Pristyn Care for Period Tracker?

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Do period trackers work with irregular periods?

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Which is the best free period tracker app?

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Are an ovulation tracker app and a period tracker app the same?

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Period Trackers Make Your Life Easier!

We all know that we should track our periods. It helps us know if everything is fine and our system is working as it should. However, we often lose dates and forget to mark them on the calendar. Result? Confusion, uncertainty, and panic.

But, the Pristyn Care period tracker feature can help you track your cycle at the click of a button. It is:

EASY and HANDY Tracking a period on our period tracker is extremely handy. You don’t need a diary, physical calendar, pen or pencil. Just download the app, answer two basic questions, and you are good to go.

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