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Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy)- Treatment for Sagging Breasts

The best solution for sagging breasts (ptosis) is having breast lift surgery. Pristyn Care provides free consultation & advanced breast lift treatment to patients who have lost the youthfulness of the breasts due to various reasons.

The best solution for sagging breasts (ptosis) is having breast lift surgery. Pristyn ... Read More

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  • What is Breast Lift Surgery?

    A breast lift surgery is a procedure to enhance the shape and contour of the breasts. Also known as mastopexy, the surgery removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissues to improve the shape of the breasts and make them symmetrical.

    You should keep in mind that a breast lift won’t affect the size of the breasts. It will give an uplifting effect making the breasts firm and raising them. Thus, breast lift surgery rejuvenates the breast profile giving a more defined and youthful appearance

    • Disease name

    Breast Lift

    • Surgery name


    • Duration

    2 to 3 hours

    • Treated by

    Cosmetic and Dermatologic Surgeons

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    Best Treatment Center for Breast Lift

    Pristyn Care understands the problems a woman might face due to sagging breasts (ptosis). We provide all types of mastopexy or breast lift treatment, including Crescent Lift, Donut Lift, Lollipop Lift, and Anchor Lift. If you feel bothered by the appearance of your breasts and want to reduce sagging, you can have a free consultation with the best plastic surgeons in India and discuss your options. 

    Our plastic surgeons have 10+ years of experience in performing cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, including breast lifts. We perform the surgeries at our partnered hospitals that have the latest technology and modern equipment necessary to provide optimal care.

    Are you going through any of these symptoms?

    Why choose Breast Lift Surgery?

    • Do you have droopy breasts after pregnancy and lactation?
    • Are the breasts sagging because you have lost a significant amount of weight?
    • Do one or both of your nipples point downward?
    • Is the areola size increasing?
    • Are your breasts asymmetrical? 
    • Do you feel unhappy with your breast shape? 
    • Have your breasts lost shape and volume? 

    If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” you should consider getting a breast lift. Inevitably, the breasts change shape and size with age, pregnancy, hormonal changes, weight fluctuations, and many more reasons. To bring back the lost perkiness and firmness of the breasts, mastopexy or breast lift surgery is the perfect solution. You can also combine a breast lift with breast reduction or augmentation to get the desired results.

    What happens if breast ptosis is not treated on time?

    If breast sagging is not addressed on time, it can cause physical discomfort and also affect the self-esteem and confidence of the woman. As there are numerous factors that influence the changes in the breasts, accounting for all of them is quite difficult. 

    Furthermore, large and sagging breasts can cause pain. It happens due to stretching of Cooper’s ligaments that leads to breast pain, also known as Mastalgia. It is a condition that is described as tenderness, throbbing, and sharp pain in the breast tissues. The pain may arise occasionally or may be present constantly. 

    Though surgery is not always needed to treat mastalgia, it can help to reconstruct the shape of your breasts. You should always consult a plastic surgeon to discuss what is the best way to restore the shape of your breasts.

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    What happens in Breast Lift Surgery?


    The plastic surgeon will conduct a thorough diagnosis before initiating breast lift treatment. The diagnosis may include:

    • A physical examination where the plastic surgeon will evaluate the current size and shape of the breast.
    • The surgeon may ask about your medical history, current medication, or supplements if you are taking any.
    • The expert would ask about your desired expectations from the breast lift treatment. 

    During the consultation, a plastic surgeon recommends a few diagnostic tests before mastopexy to ensure that the surgery is safe-

    • Breast ultrasound– It is an imaging test conducted to diagnose breast lumps or any other abnormalities in the breasts. 
    • Blood test- It is typically recommended before any kind of surgery to detect signs of infection and organ functioning issues and to check the overall health of the patient. 
    • Pregnancy test– In some cases, a plastic surgeon advises a pregnancy test before initiating treatment.
    • Urine culture– This test is usually suggested to detect any infection in the body. 
    • Mammogram- It is advised to detect any sign of breast cancer. 

    The results of these tests will give the doctor an insight into which technique would be most appropriate for the patient. The options are discussed with the patient, and the decision is made based on their preference. 


    Breast lift surgery is sometimes performed as a standalone procedure, and other times, it is combined with breast augmentation or reduction to make the desired changes in the breast’s shape and size. 

    Usually, the surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and takes around 3-4 hours. The steps involved in the procedure are explained below- 

    • Firstly, the anesthetist will administer anesthesia (usually general anesthesia) to put the patient to sleep. 
    • The surgeon will make the incisions according to the method chosen for the patient (depending on the size and extent of sagging in the breasts). The three patterns of incisions that can be used are- around the areola, vertically downward from the areola to the breast crease, and horizontally with the breast crease. Any one or all of these patterns can be combined for the procedure. 
    • After making the incision, the surgeon looks at the internal tissues and initiates the reshaping process. The excess tissues are removed through excision to tighten the breasts. The size of the areola and nipple position is also changed to give an uplifting effect. 
    • Once the desired shape and tightening are achieved, the surgeon places a drain in the breasts and closes the incisions. 

    Most women ask the surgeon to ensure that the breast lift treatment doesn’t leave a scar on the body. However, it may not be possible in all cases. The surgeon makes the decision based on the patient’s anatomy.

    How to prepare for the surgery?

    Here are a few tips that may help you prepare for breast lift surgery:

    • Before initiating the treatment, the plastic surgeon will have a detailed conversation about your medical history and expectation from the treatment.
    • Schedule the recommended diagnostic tests by your plastic surgeon to get the results timely so that the surgeon can analyze and detect any underlying cause before breast lift surgery.
    • Refrain from smoking and consumption of alcohol if you plan to undergo breast lift treatment. 
    • Avoid taking any medication before the breast lift surgery unless prescribed by your plastic surgeon.
    • Maintain a healthy body weight and lifestyle before getting a breast lift treatment in order to retain the results for the longer run.

    Types of Breast Lift Surgery or Mastopexy

    There are different techniques through which breast lift surgery can be performed-

    1: Crescent Breast Lift- This is one of the minimally invasive techniques commonly suggested to correct minor sagging of the breasts.

    2: Periareolar Breast Lift- This type of breast lift technique is also known as a donut lift. The periareolar technique is usually advised for women who have mild sagging breasts. The plastic surgeon makes a single incision in order to improve the droop in the breast.

    3: Vertical Breast Lift- This technique is also referred to as the lollipop lift. It is mostly used to correct moderate sagging breasts. During this technique, the plastic surgeon will perform the breast lift through two incisions, one circular cut on the exterior boundary of the areola and a vertical incision from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold.

    4: Inverted T Breast Lift- This technique is also called anchor lift. The plastic surgeon will perform this technique by making three incisions to fix the extensive sagginess of the breasts.

    Risks & Complications

    Breast lift surgery is performed with modern methods. But like any other surgery, there are potential risks and complications that can occur, such as-

    • Loss of sensation in the nipple- Some women may complain about the loss of sensation in the nipple for the first few weeks after breast lift surgery. However, sensation in the nipple returns after some time, but in rare cases, the loss of sensitivity can be permanent.
    • Scarring– Generally, scars do occur after breast lift surgery. However, the visibility of the scars depends on the chosen technique.
    • Loss of nipple or areola- The breast tissue around the nipple or areola can be damaged due to breast lift surgery.
    • Difficulty in breastfeeding– In rare cases, women experience difficulty in producing enough milk, which leads to difficulty in breastfeeding.
    • Reaction to administered anesthesia- At times, women have reactions to the anesthesia, such as drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, and soreness in the body. Such reactions are usually managed by the medication given by the surgeon.

    What to expect after the mastopexy?

    After surgery, you can expect numbness and soreness in the breasts. The corrected breasts are covered in a bandage for recovery. You may notice swelling, redness, soreness, and discomfort for the first few weeks of mastopexy surgery. However, such effects can be managed by medications, including painkillers, by the plastic surgeon.

    In some cases, the plastic surgeon will also place small tubes to make the cavity to drain the excess bodily fluids and blood. You are advised to avoid any strenuous activities, heavy object lifting, and bending to keep the pressure off from the reconstructed breasts.

    Keep your postures upright while sitting, and wear the recommended compression bra to support new and uplifted breasts.

    Who is an ideal candidate for breast lift treatment?

    An ideal candidate for a breast lift is someone who- 

    • Is healthy and has a good BMI (below 30). 
    • Does not smoke. 
    • Is bothered by sagging breasts. 
    • Has areolas and nipples pointing downwards. 
    • Has one breast lower or larger than the other (asymmetry).
    • Want to resolve the concerns about breast sagging.

    Benefits of Breast Lift or Mastopexy

    Breast lift surgery is opted by many women across India for a variety of reasons. It is because of the benefits the surgery has. The key benefits of breast lift surgery are given below- 

    • Improve Body Image & Boost Confidence- With a breast lift, the position of the breasts is raised, which improves the overall body image. And as the breast shape and appearance are according to their liking, women also feel more confident about themselves. 
    • Promotes Better & Healthier Lifestyle Choices- This is usually implied with a surgical procedure that the patient has to maintain the results by making healthier lifestyle choices, including diet and physical activities. 
    • Improve the Quality of Life- After achieving a youthful appearance of the breast, women become more conscious about their breasts and try everything to retain the results for as long as possible. 
    • Better Fitting of Clothes- As the breasts don’t appear saggy anymore, it will be easier to find properly fitting clothes. Furthermore, the woman will have the freedom to wear a variety of clothes without feeling concerned about saggy breasts.
    • Relief from Irritation Under the Breasts- Once the breasts are lifted, there will be less friction under the breasts, which will reduce the risk of rashes or irritation under the breasts.

    Recovery & Results After Breast Lift Surgery

    The complete recovery after breast lift surgery or mastopexy may take 4-6 weeks. However, as plastic surgeons suggest, one can resume regular activities within a week. There are some recovery tips that may help you recover faster and soothe the discomfort during the healing process:

    • Always keep the surgical site clean and dry.
    • Do not remove the bandage on your own unless recommended by the surgeon. 
    • Always sleep while laying on your back to eliminate the risk of excessive pressure on your breasts.
    • Wear a professional fitting bra to support the corrected breast post-treatment. 
    • Do not indulge in intercourse for at least two weeks post breast lift treatment.
    • Always take medication prescribed by the doctor on time.
    • Always discuss with your plastic surgeon before resuming work.
    • Avoid strenuous exercise or activities in order to avoid any complications. 
    • Eat a healthy diet that is enriched with vitamins, nutrients, and fiber for faster recovery.

    The results of breast lift surgery don’t take long to appear. You will see instant changes in the shape of the breasts after the procedure. The corrected breasts may appear red in color and swollen for the first few weeks. After recovery, there is a noticeable change. The size of the bra is smaller than the previous one, and the shape of the breasts looks toned, fuller, and symmetrical. Overall, there is a significant difference in the appearance of the breasts after breast lift surgery.

    Other Options for Breast Lift

    There are a variety of non-surgical alternatives to breast lift surgery. These alternatives are- 

    • Aptos Threading– It is a procedure to move the skin around the breasts in an upward motion with the help of small, barbed Aptos threads. The threads are inserted beneath the skin using a hypodermic needle and secured together to pull the skin towards the collarbone. 
    • Caci Bust Treatment– This procedure involves using a special device to transmit electric pulses to the muscles surrounding the breasts. 
    • Laser Treatment– Laser therapy helps to improve skin elasticity, but the lifting results are not significant. Repeated laser treatments are needed to see visible lifting in the breasts. 
    • Thermage– It is another type of collagen-boosting and stimulating procedure that uses radio waves. This treatment gives a tightening effect to the breasts instantly and enhances the natural contours but only temporarily. It usually works for mild sagging. 
    • Vampire Breast Lift– This treatment involves using PRP (platelet-rich plasma) from the patient’s own blood to give the lifting appearance to the breasts. It increases blood circulation in the breast region, which results in less noticeable wrinkles. 
    • Chest Exercises– Exercise reduces the fat cells and strengthens the pectoral muscles creating an uplifting and tightening effect. Hence, exercises can be considered to lift mildly sagging breasts. 


    Other methods, such as Botox injections, dermal fillers, etc., are not approved by the FDA as a method for a breast lift.

    Case Study

    Mrs. Swara Prabhakar contacted Pristyn Care seeking breast lift treatment. Our team connected her with Dr. Devidutta Mohanty. She consulted with the doctor and explained why she would like to get the treatment. Dr. Devidutta understood the reasons and proceeded with the treatment after getting her consent. 

    The doctor gave Mrs. Swara a diet plan and exercise routine to follow for one month. Some medications were also prescribed to her to prepare her body for the surgery. The surgery was performed on 11th March 2022. Her breasts had sagged to a moderate level (Grade 2 ptosis). The surgeon chose the Lollipop lift technique to correct the breasts. The operation was performed without any difficulty and was completed within 2 hours and 30 minutes. 

    Mrs. Swara stayed in the hospital for 20 hours. She was admitted the day before surgery around midnight and was discharged the next day. The doctor gave a detailed recovery plan, including diet and exercise instructions to be followed for the upcoming months. She recovered well after the surgery and got the desired results within 2 months.

    Breast Lift Surgery Cost In India

    Breast Lift Surgery Cost In India starts from Rs. 60,000 and goes up to Rs. 1,25,000 approximately. For every patient who wishes to get a breast lift, the cost will vary as it depends on various factors. Some of the key factors that influence mastopexy cost are given below-

    • Grade of breast ptosis (severity of the condition)
    • Doctor’s consultation and anesthetist’s fee
    • Diagnostic tests and evaluation
    • The technique recommended for breast lift
    • Choice of the hospital
    • Hospitalization expenses
    • Anesthetist’s fee
    • Prescribed medications
    • Post-op care and follow-up consultation

    Breast Treatment Recovery Time

    Type of Treatment Complete Recovery Period Hospital Stay
    Axillary Breast 4-6 weeks : up to 6 months Varies, often outpatient
    Breast Augmentation 4-6 weeks : up to 6 months Usually outpatient, may require an overnight stay
    Breast Lift 4-6 weeks : up to 6 months Usually outpatient, may require an overnight stay
    Breast Lump (Multiple) 4-6 weeks : up to 6 months Varies, often outpatient
    Breast Reduction 4-6 weeks : up to 6 months Usually requires an overnight stay

    FAQ Around Breast Lift Surgery

    What are the side effects of breast lift surgery?

    The common side-effects of a breast lift surgery are- 

    • Reaction to anesthesia 
    • Blood clots 
    • Changes in nipple sensation 
    • Infection 

    How long does a breast lift last?

    Generally, patients who get a breast lift are able to enjoy the results for 10-15 years. In some patients, the results may last even longer, while in others, the breast may start to sag again, and they might need revision surgery.

    Is breast lift surgery safe?

    Yes, breast lift surgery is completely safe. Although there are some chances of complications associated with the procedure, most of them can be handled by a professional doctor.

    How painful is breast lift surgery?

    The pain during a breast lift will be non-existent as your body will be numb due to the effects of anesthesia. As the anesthesia wears off, you may experience mild to moderate pain which will be controlled by pain medications. The medications will continue during the healing period.

    Will the breasts drop after getting a lift?

    A breast lift cannot prevent the changes that will occur due to aging. Hence, there is a possibility that the breasts will ultimately start to drop and become saggy again.

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    Grades of Breast Sagging (Ptosis)

    Grade 1 (Mild Ptosis)

    Minor sagging of the breasts in which the nipple lies at the level of the inframammary fold, and the parenchyma is still below the nipples.

    Grade 2 (Moderate Ptosis)

    The nipple starts to fall below the inframammary fold but stays above the lowest point of the parenchyma.

    Grade 3 (Advanced Ptosis)

    At this grade, the degree of sagging is severe. The nipple and areola fall below the breast crease and point downwards.


    This condition gives the effect of ptosis in the lower part of the breasts instead of the nipples and areola. The majority of breast parenchyma descends below the inframammary fold level.

    Parenchymal Maldistribution

    This type of sagging occurs in the lower portion of the breast as it loses fullness. It is more of a developmental deformity.

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