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Minimally Invasive Axillary Breast Tissue Removal

The growth of breast tissues in the axilla can be very bothersome. Undergo a minimally invasive surgical procedure and get effective treatment of axillary breast tissue. Rely on the best plastic surgeons in India to get rid of the armpit lump.

The growth of breast tissues in the axilla can be very bothersome. Undergo a minimally invasive surgical procedure and get effective treatment of axillary ... Read More

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USFDA-Approved Procedure

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Best Doctors For Axillary Breast
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    Dr. Falguni Rakesh Verma (klJ7Egw4gu)

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    Dr. Devidutta Mohanty (Qx2Ggxqwz2)

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    Dr. Sasikumar T (iHimXgDvNW)

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    Aesthetics and Plastic Surgeon

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  • What is Axillary Breast Lump Removal Surgery?

    Axillary breast lump removal surgery is the procedure to remove the remove excess tissues from the axilla, i.e., armpit whether they are breast glandular tissues, lymph nodes, or fat tissues. The procedure usually involves a combination of liposuction and excision surgery. In some cases, each of these techniques can be used alone to remove the underarm lump. 

    The growth of breast tissues in the underarm region can cause both cosmetic and physical concerns. Some people manage the condition in the earlier stages when the growth is not that significant. But over time, the tissues in the armpit become clearly visible and start affecting the mobility of the arm too.

    Disease name

    Axillary Breast

    Surgery name



    60-90 minutes

    Treated by

    Plastic or cosmetic surgeon

    Axillary Breast Surgery Cost Calculator

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    Best Treatment Center for Axillary Breast Tissue Removal Surgery

    Whether you have excess breast tissues in one armpit or both, the effective treatment is surgery. Pristyn Care provides advanced treatment for axillary breast tissues by leveraging liposuction and excision techniques. The original appearance of the armpit region is restored by removing all the excess tissue growth. 

    We are partnered with the best hospitals across India with state-of-the-art facilities and modern infrastructure. Pristyn Care also has its own clinics across multiple cities in India where patients can consult the best doctors without any initial consultation fee. We have an in-house team of plastic surgeons in various cities who have more than 10 years of experience in performing axillary breast tissue removal and other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. You can book a consultation with them and discuss the treatment options. 

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    What happens if axillary breast tissue is left untreated?

    One of the symptoms of axillary breast tissue is having pain in the underarm and the tissues become engorged, especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If the tissues are left as they are, they might continue to grow and become more problematic. Not to mention that it limits the choice of apparel, leads to poor arm posture, and causes excessive sweating and stickiness in the region.

    In some cases, other conditions like lipomas, liposarcoma, cysts, or other skin issues may go undetected if the underarm lump is not treated on time. To prevent this from happening, it is important to see a doctor and get diagnosed.

    Why Choose Pristyn Care?

    BenefitOthersPristyn Care
    Blood LossMaximumMinimal
    Scars & StitchesYesMinimal
    Follow Up ConsultationNoYes
    Hospital DurationLongShort
    No Cost EMINoYes

    What happens in Axillary Breast Lump Treatment?


    There are several conditions that can be confused with axillary breasts, such as lymphadenopathy, lipoma, malignancy, sebaceous cyst, vascular malformation, etc. 

    For proper diagnosis, the doctor will first physically examine the tissues and suggest the following tests for an accurate diagnosis- 

    • Ultrasonography of the axilla to determine the nature of the swelling, identify its contents, and ensure that there is no vascular connection. 
    • Color Doppler test is recommended to see if there is vascular swelling. 
    • Mammography is done as a routine exam to rule out breast pathology. 
    • MRI scan may be suggested in some cases if additional pathology, such as tubercular lymphadenopathy or malignancy is suspected. 



    Based on the results of the diagnostic tests, the most appropriate technique is used for axillary breast tissue removal. The procedure is carried out in the following steps- 

    • General anesthesia is administered to put the patient to sleep. 
    • Marking of the targeted area is done. The lax skin is pinched and an ellipse is formed in the direction of maximum laxity to identify the excised skin. The palpable gland is marked with dotted lines. If the axillary folds are too bulky, they will also be marked. 
    • Subdermal infiltration is done for the incision. If liposuction is planned after excision, the marking is done pre-operatively. 
    • Meticulous dissection of the tissues is done to separate the breast tissues while preserving every nerve. The lymph nodes and axillary pad of fat are also preserved. 
    • Once the mammary tissues are identified, it is ligated and excised carefully. 
    • After excision, the arm is abducted and temporary staplers are used to to secure the position of sutures.
    • Liposuction is used to remove the dog ear (the protruding residual breast tissue). 
    • Sutures are used to close the incisions. If necessary, drains may also be placed before suturing. 

    The entire procedure will take around 60 to 90 minutes to complete. The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis. The surgery has no aesthetic downside as the incision is also placed smartly in the arm crease which conceals the surgery scar until it heals.

    Are you going through any of these symptoms

    Risks & Complications

    Typically, axillary breast tissue removal surgery is a safe procedure. But like all surgical procedures, there are some common risks- 

    Most of these complications can be avoided by a skilled surgeon.

    How to prepare for the surgery?

    To prepare for the surgery, the surgeon will give you the necessary instructions. The preparation will start by gathering the medical history of the patient. You should provide a list of all medications you are taking, including the prescribed and OTC medications.

    The doctor and his team will provide further instructions before the surgery- 

    Some other things that you should remember are wearing comfortable clothes to the hospital and taking only the essential supplies to the hospital. Also, ask someone to accompany you to the hospital.

    What to expect after the surgery?

    Immediately after the surgery, you can expect to feel slightly disordered and nauseated due to the side effects of anesthesia. You will wake up either in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) or your recovery room. The nursing staff will keep a track of your body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen levels. 

    Before you wake up, pain medications will be given to you through the IV. The doctor will see you and ask some questions to ensure that you are not feeling severe pain. The necessary medications will be provided and the doctor will give instructions to change the dressing. The schedule for post-surgery follow-up will also be given before discharge. As soon as your discharge papers are ready, you can go home.

    Benefits of Axillaplasty

    Removing the axillary breast tissue will have the following benefits- 

    Other Options for Axillary Breast Treatment

    Some non-surgical alternatives for the treatment of axillary breast tissue are- 

    The effectiveness of these two methods to treat axillary breast tissue is usually not optimal. In 80 to 90% of cases, surgery is required to remove the tissues properly.

    Recovery & Results After Surgery

    As you will be discharged from the hospital on the same day of surgery, the entire recovery will be at home. A recovery guide will be given to you that will contain the following information-

    The results of axillary breast tissue removal surgery (axillaplasty) will take some time to become clearly visible. There will be swelling in the surgical site but you will notice that the lump in the arm is no longer there. During the recovery period, as the scar tissue starts to form around the incisions, the range of motion of the arm and shoulder may be restricted for some time. The tissues will become soft in the upcoming weeks and you will regain your arm mobility.

    Axillary Breast Tissue Removal Cost in India

    Axillary breast tissue removal cost in India ranges from Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 1,00,000 approximately. The overall expense varies for each patient due to the following factors-

    Consult with best Plastic Surgeon at Pristyn Care and get cost estimate of Axillary Breast.

    FAQ Around Axillary Breast

    When should I take follow-ups after axillary breast removal?

    Generally, your follow-up appointment will be scheduled within 1 or 2 weeks after the surgery. The doctor will monitor the recovery and see if there are chances of complications. If everything is fine, you may not require another follow-up.

    Is axillary breast tissue removal covered by insurance?

    Yes, insurance companies are likely to cover the expense of axillary breast tissue removal as the condition has both physical and cosmetic concerns. The amount of coverage will depend on the policy. Therefore, it will be best to talk to your insurance provider.

    When will the swelling from the underarm go away?

    The swelling after surgery will take around 2 weeks to subside. Throughout the healing period, it is important that you carefully follow the doctor’s instructions to recover as soon as possible.

    Do I have to wear a compression bra after axillaplasty?

    Yes, the doctor is likely to recommend wearing a compression bra for a few weeks after removing the axillary breast tissue. It will facilitate the retraction of the skin and enhance the results.

    Will the scars from the surgery be clearly visible?

    In the first few months, the scar will be noticeable. To reduce its appearance, you will have to follow the post-op wound care instructions carefully and keep the scars protected from direct sunlight. Using scar reduction creams may also help to reduce the scar’s visibility.

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    Types of Surgery


    This technique is used to target the fat tissues in the targeted area. It allows the surgeon to precisely target the areas that can be treated with liposuction alone.


    This method is used for small masses that can be easily removed through a small incision. The scalpel is used to excise the tissues carefully without leaving a big scar in the underarm region. The axillary breast tissue usually contains a fair number of glandular structures.

    Axillaplasty (Combination of Excision & Liposuction)

    This type of surgical procedure is preferred for a large mass. The procedure involves correcting the overhang of fat and skin in the armpit area.

    Our Patient Love Us

    • SS

      Sandhya Sengupta


      My axillary breast removal procedure at Pristyn Care was seamless. The surgical team performed the operation with precision, and I experienced minimal discomfort during the recovery process.

      City : DEHRADUN
    • SN

      Sanjana Nagar


      Safety was my utmost concern when opting for axillary breast removal, and Pristyn Care did not disappoint. The entire process was carried out with utmost precision and adherence to safety protocols. I felt confident and secure throughout the procedure.

      City : DEHRADUN
    • CB

      Chandrakanti Bind


      Dealing with axillary breasts had been a long-standing challenge for me. Fortunately, I found Pristyn Care, and their skilled surgeons performed a flawless axillary breast removal surgery. The procedure and recovery were smooth, and I'm finally free from the discomfort. Thank you, Pristyn Care!

      City : LUDHIANA
    • SN

      Sukriti Narula


      My experience with Pristyn Care's axillary breast removal surgery was phenomenal. I had been self-conscious about the excess breast tissue in my underarms for years. Pristyn Care's medical team provided the support and care I needed throughout the entire process. The axillary breast removal surgery was skillfully performed, and the recovery was surprisingly quick. Thanks to Pristyn Care, I am now living without the distress and have regained my self-confidence. I highly recommend their expertise in axillary breast removal surgery for anyone seeking compassionate and skilled surgical care.

      City : NASHIK
    • SG

      Surabhi Gambhir


      Opting for Pristyn Care's auxillary breast treatment was my way of embracing transformation and personal empowerment. Their dedicated team's professionalism and personalized care were commendable. The treatment was organized, and I'm now leading a life with improved physical comfort and emotional well-being. Pristyn Care truly understands patients' needs.

      City : BHUBANESWAR
    • DS

      Dhwani Srivatsa


      Pristyn Care's auxillary breast treatment was my solution to reclaiming confidence and comfort. Their skilled team's knowledge and compassionate approach stood out. The treatment was virtually painless, and I've experienced remarkable improvement. Pristyn Care excels in providing comprehensive care.

      City : LUCKNOW

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