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Why is endometriosis treatment necessary?

Endometriosis can lead to severe health complications with due time. It can cause abdominal pain that gets severe with time and constant fatigue and may even alter your chances of getting pregnant successfully. 

For women with endometriosis, getting pregnant is the main hurdle. The inflamed pelvic region due to endometriosis makes it difficult for the woman to get pregnant. Endometriosis can also affect the functioning of the ovaries and the fallopian tubes, which is vital for the sperm to meet the egg. Endometriosis, if left untreated, can progress and become severe and can lead to infertility. In rare occasions, endometriosis can also increase the risk of certain cancers. 

Treating endometriosis on time can help a woman lead a healthy reproductive life and enhance the overall quality of life. Further, timely treatment of endometriosis prevents the condition’s complications from worsening and makes the overall treatment more feasible.

USFDA Approved Procedures

USFDA Approved Procedures

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

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Insurance Paperwork Support

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1 Day Procedure

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Best hospital for endometriosis treatment in India

Best hospital for endometriosis treatment in India

Pristyn Care uses a holistic approach for endometriosis treatment in India that involves the expertise of the best doctors and the use of advanced medical resources to ensure a positive outcome for the treatment. Pristyn Care houses the best gynecologists in India who are trained and experienced in providing comprehensive endometriosis treatment for women of all age groups. 

Some of the key features that make us the best hospital for endometriosis treatment are:

  • Our healthcare units (clinics and hospitals) are equipped with modern scientific medical infrastructure that enables seamless surgical treatment for endometriosis.
  • Endometriosis treatment at Pristyn Care is provided by specialized female gynecologists who are experienced in handling complex endometriosis cases.
  • Treatment for endometriosis at Pristyn Care comes at a very affordable cost, including multiple payment options and No-Cost EMI.
  • At Pristyn Care, you can get both advanced and conservative treatments for endometriosis. Based on the severity of your condition, the doctor may decide the best line of endometriosis treatment for you.
  • If you are looking for a medical center where you can avail of cost-effective treatment for endometriosis from the best doctors, contact Pristyn Care team and consult with the best endometriosis doctors in India.

Diagnosis and treatment for endometriosis

Diagnosis and treatment for endometriosis

While the symptoms are enough to confirm the condition of endometriosis, diagnostic laparoscopy is the only method to confirm the condition. As the name suggests, it is performed using a laparoscope, a tiny catheter-like instrument with a camera and lens on its end. 

The treatment for endometriosis can be classified into non-surgical and surgical methods.

Non-surgical treatment for endometriosis

If the condition is nascent, endometriosis can be managed through contraceptives and painkillers. Contraceptive pills help halt ovulation through hormonal control. When ovulation stops, the endometrium lining stops growing, providing the body a resting period. The resting period allows the body to heal and gradually absorb the microscopic blood deposits to help control the pain and cluster symptoms. 

Alternatively, the doctor may also suggest hormonal therapy. Hormonal medicines, however, are a short-term treatment and should not be continued for a long time. 

Surgical treatment for endometriosis

Treatment for endometriosis involves both- Ovarian Cystectomy/ Hysterectomy. Each can be performed in either of the two ways-

  1. Laparoscopy: This is a neo-modern method where the surgery is performed through a laparoscope, a catheter-like instrument with a camera and light on its end. The method is minimally invasive and promises quicker recovery with reduced chances of risk or complications.
  2. Open cut method: As the name suggests, it is an open cut incision and stitch method. It is comparatively more invasive and needs more recovery time post-surgery.

How to prepare for endometriosis surgery?

How to prepare for endometriosis surgery?

Based on popular and common surgery tips, we recommend creating a list of items that will be required during your hospital stay and after your surgery. A few things that you may stock up on are:

  • Sanitary pads
  • Heating pads or cooling packs
  • Light snacks and healthy beverages
  • Comfortable clothing 
  • Comfortable and breathable undergarments
  • Clean bedsheets and blankets
  • A small and lightweight pillow to rest your back 

Even if endometriosis surgery is done on an outpatient basis, you will be required to have someone drive you home. It is a good idea to choose someone who is helpful and supportive and can assist you in the house.

The doctor will guide you on what to eat before endometriosis surgery. Preferably, the diet should be kept low-key and light; no oily and spicy food.

Recovery after endometriosis surgery

Recovery after endometriosis surgery

Most women remain tired and groggy for two to three days following laparoscopic endometriosis surgery. It is best advised to have some around during that time. The recovery time after endometriosis surgery may vary from two to four weeks. 

Immediately after endometriosis surgery, you might experience:

  • side effects from the anesthetic, including grogginess, nausea, and vomiting
  • mild vaginal bleeding
  • discomfort caused by excess gas
  • mild pain at the site of the incision
  • changes in mood
  • soreness in the abdomen

During the recovery period, you should refrain from bending, lifting heavy weights, indulging in strenuous exercise, and sexual intercourse until the doctor advices otherwise.

The following tips may be beneficial to ease and fasten the recovery process:

  • give the body enough rest
  • eat healthy and nutritious food and drinks
  • don’t go stagnant; indulge your body in gentle exercise and movements gradually
  • keep the incision site clean and dry
  • follow the bathing tips as prescribed by the doctor
  • contact your endometriosis doctor if you notice any complications

Risks and complications involved in endometriosis surgery

Risks and complications involved in endometriosis surgery

The risks and complications during the surgical treatment for endometriosis depend directly on the treatment method used.

  • Laparoscopic Excision – Mild risk of general anesthetic complications and excessive bleeding 
  • Laparoscopic Ablation – Mild risk of general anesthetic complications, excessive bleeding, infection, and abrasions around the sites. The ablation is used to burn the blood deposits. While the chances of recurrence remain, the treatment is long-term.
  • Laparoscopic Chromopertubation and Recanalization – Mild risk of bleeding or general anesthetic complications. 
  • Ovarian Cystectomy – Mild risk of general anesthetic complications, excessive bleeding, infection, and damage to ovaries. 
  • Hysterectomy – Mild to moderate risk of general anesthetic complications, excessive bleeding, blood clots, and damage to the ureter, bladder, or ovaries.

Case Study

Case Study

“The pain was so bad that I asked the doctor for surgery so I could get relief” – Niharika

35 years old Niharika (name changed), a resident of Lucknow, was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2018. For a long time, she overlooked the importance of treating it. Gradually, her condition worsened, and the pain took a toll on her life.

“I was in a lot of pain. After checking my diagnostic reports, the doctor said that medicines would take a long time and the pain might become unbearable. I have always been afraid of surgery. But the endometriosis pain was too much to go for any other treatment. I just needed something to ease my pain within the shortest time possible.”

Niharika had gone through laparoscopic endometriosis at Pristyn Care. She diligently followed the doctor’s post-surgery tips and advice and recovered smoothly.

What is the cost of Endometriosis Treatment?

What is the cost of Endometriosis Treatment?

Laparoscopic treatment of Endometriosis ranges from 60,000 to 1,00,000 (in INR) in most parts of the country Several factors are chalked out before calculating the final cost of treatment.

These factors can cause a variation in the total expense, and may cause it to increase or decrease. Some common factors that affect the cost of laparoscopic surgery include:

  • The city in which you’ll undergo the treatment
  • Surgeon’s total experience
  • Preference of treatment hospital
  • Cost of preoperative diagnostic tests
  • Insurance coverage Cost of medicines

Consult with best Gynecologist at Pristyn Care and get cost estimate of Endometriosis Treatment

FAQs around Endometriosis Treatment

How to determine treatment for endometriosis?

The doctor decides the treatment for endometriosis. The doctor would run the necessary tests to check the condition and severity of the endometriosis and determine the best treatment for endometriosis.

What is the first-line treatment for endometriosis?

There is no definite first line of endometriosis treatment that fits all women. The treatment entirely depends on the condition of endometriosis. However, in most cases, if endometriosis is diagnosed within time, the first treatment approach in medicinal therapies is to treat pain associated with endometriosis.

What happens if endometriosis is not treated?

Endometriosis is a painful gynecological problem that does not resolve independently and needs medical treatment. If left untreated, endometriosis can progress and become severe and lead to other conditions such as infertility. Endometriosis can also increase your risk of certain cancers associated with the female reproductive organs, specifically ovarian cancer.

Can medicines treat endometriosis?

Medicines are not always the permanent cure for endometriosis. However, they can manage the condition from getting worse.

Which is the best medicine for endometriosis treatment?

The best medicine for endometriosis is Aromatase Inhibitors. Aromatase inhibitors can reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. The drug may be recommended along with a progestin or combination hormonal contraceptive to manage endometriosis. Another medicine for endometriosis is Orilissa. Orilissa helps relieve moderate to severe pain due to a condition called endometriosis.

How long does it take for endometriosis medicine to work?

Most endometriosis medicines take at least 24-48 hours to lower estrogen levels in the body. However, it takes longer for the medicines to provide relief from endometriosis pain.

What is the success rate of endometriosis surgeries?

Endometriosis surgery, irrespective of the surgical approach, is a successful treatment. The success rate of each type may vary from 72 percent to 85 percent. However, in some cases, endometriosis may return within 5 years of the surgery.

Which is better for endometriosis - medicine or surgery?

Until some years back, hysterectomy and oophorectomy were considered the most effective treatments for endometriosis. But with advancements in medical technology and new scientific treatment methods, doctors are shifting to surgical procedures that only remove the endometriosis tissues. In many cases, if the condition has just developed, doctors monitor and try to manage the condition with medicines too.

How long does endometriosis surgery take?

Endometriosis surgery may take anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 hours. But, if the endometriosis surgery preparation and post-surgery monitor time is considered, the whole procedure may take almost 3 to 4 hours.

When is surgery required for endometriosis?

You might be suggested endometriosis surgery if the pain is too severe and medicines fail to provide effective results.

Can I get pregnant after endometriosis surgery?

After laparoscopic endometriosis surgery, 74.3% (52/70) of women became pregnant after surgery, 61.3% (19/31) became pregnant after a laparotomy, and 42.1% (8/19) became pregnant after conversion from laparoscopy to laparotomy. (Data source – BMC Women’s Health)

How long after a laparoscopic endometriosis surgery can I get pregnant?

As published by NCBI, most women conceive within 6 months after the endometriosis surgery.

What is the Endometriosis surgery cost in India?

The minimum cost of Endometriosis surgery can be as low as 60000 INR and can go at a maximum of 10000 INR.


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