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What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure in which the surgeon moves hair you already have to fill a bald area or an area with no hair at all. The surgeon, in this procedure, moves hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head.

In recent times, more and more people are experiencing hair loss and baldness due to emotional, physical and environmental factors. For such people fighting with the issues of hair loss or alopecia, hair transplantation surgery comes as a boon. 

You can find hair transplant costs in India by comparing the prices offered by different clinics in different cities. The Cost of a Hair Transplant in India lies between 25 – 45 per graft. The cost of a hair transplant in India depends on a “per graft” basis and the baldness level of a person.

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USFDA Approved Procedures

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High Success Rate

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Best centre for hair transplantation in India

Best centre for hair transplantation in India

Pristyn Care is a leading centre for hair transplant in India. Pristyn Care offers result-oriented treatment with advanced hair transplant techniques at an affordable cost. 

Pristyn Care has the best hair transplant doctors / plastic surgeons who are trained and certified to help you get the best hair transplant results.

What happens in hair transplantation?

What happens in hair transplantation?

Before the hair transplant treatment, plastic surgeons usually run a few routine blood tests including CBC, HCV, Random Blood Sugar, HBs, ECG, HIV ELISA in all patients. These tests are done to detect and rule out any underlying medical issues that could complicate the surgery outcome. 

In hair transplantation, small grafts of the hair-bearing scalp or a larger piece of the scalp from the donor site is cut and removed, and relocated to a bald or thinning area of the scalp. The grafts created for relocation can vary in shape and size. 

The following techniques can be adapted to perform hair transplant surgery.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) 

  • In FUT, the anesthetist first numbs the back of the head with local anesthesia for a painless experience during the procedure. The surgeon then sterilizes the site from where the hair will be taken. 
  • Medical equipment called a scalpel removes a section of your scalp from the back of your head, which is then closed using surgical sutures. 
  • The scalp is then split into as many as 2,000 tiny pieces using a scalpel known as grafts. 
  • The surgeon makes small holes in the rest of the scalp where the hair is to be transplanted via needles.  
  • The surgeon inserts small grafts into the holes via a procedure called grafting and closes the surgical sites with the help of the bandages.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

  • In Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, the surgeon cut out hair follicles directly from the back of the head through tiny punch incisions. 
  • The surgeon will first shave the back of your head, and local anesthesia will be administered that will numb the back of the head. 
  • The surgeon will proceed with the extraction where the individual hair follicles are removed from the shaved part of your scalp. 
  • Finally, small holes are made in the rest of the scalp, and hair follicles are precisely grafted. The surgeon will cover the surgical site with a bandage.

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)

  • In DHI, the surgeon will shave the donor area and the back of the head.
  • The patient is administered with local anesthesia to numb the scalp for painless treatment.
  • Medical equipment shaped like a pen called DHI implanter is used to remove hair follicles from the donor area without touching other hair. 
  • These hair follicles are sent to laboratories to be processed into grafts. These processed follicles are then again implanted back in the received area. 
  • The surgeon makes sure the hair follicles are implanted in a way so that the direction of the hair follicles can also be decided.

How to prepare for a hair transplant treatment?

How to prepare for a hair transplant treatment?

During the consultation, the hair transplant doctor is likely to give you a set of instructions to follow before the surgery. These may include the following:

  • Do not consume alcohol in the three days before the hair transplant surgery. 
  • Stop smoking 24 hours before the surgery. Nicotine can affect your recovery after hair transplant.
  • Do not cut or trim your hair before hair transplantation surgery. It is important for the donor area to grow enough to facilitate the transplant.
  • Massage your scalp for a month or two weeks before the surgery. The best results can be attained by doing this for 15-20 minutes per day.
  • Just before the surgery, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as normal. Do not use any hair products such as hair gel, hair cream, hair wax, etc. 
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes to ensure no damage to the incision spot while changing after the procedure.

What to expect after hair transplantation?

What to expect after hair transplantation?

The scalp would be very tender after the surgery. There might be mild to moderate pain in the scalp for which the doctor may prescribe medications. You may need to wear bandages over the surgical site for a few days after the surgery. To prevent any kind of inflammation or infection on the site, the doctor may prescribe an antibiotic or an anti-inflammatory drug.

The transplanted hair would fall out within the next 3-4 weeks. By the next 2-3 months, you may notice new hair growth. In most cases, new hair growth can be seen after 6-9 months after the transplanted hair falls off.

Who is a good candidate for hair transplantation?

Who is a good candidate for hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure, which roughly means that the decision to undergo the procedure completely lies on the individual’s perusal. However, here are a few conditions which may warrant the need to undergo a hair transplant treatment:

  • You feel completely distressed due to your persistent hair fall and wish to consider a good treatment.
  • You are constantly experiencing a receding hairline and want to undergo an early treatment to avoid permanent baldness.
  • You are witnessing unusual hair fall while combing or washing the scalp.

How can hair transplant benefit you?

How can hair transplant benefit you?

Hair transplant is inarguably the ideal solution for any man or woman who is looking for a fuller head, a youthful look and an attractive appearance. 

Here are some of the significant benefits of undergoing hair transplantation treatment:

  • Gives you natural looking hair – Hair transplant gives you a natural looking hairline. Over the years, a person can expect long-lasting and luscious healthy hair that you can show off.
  • Eliminates baldness – Hair transplantation surgery eliminates every hair-related issue. Undergoing hair transplant treatment thickens the volume of the hair and effectively gives a head full of luscious hair.
  • Can boost your confidence and self-esteem – People who lose hair at an early stage can create a lack of confidence, sense of loss, and a low self-esteem in the mind of the individual. With hair transplant surgery, the individual can get back his confidence and look and feel better.
  • Low-maintenance – Transplanted hair is natural and one does not need any special shampoos and chemicals for maintenance. After the surgery, you only need to apply medicine or post-surgery cream for the next few days.

Dos and don’ts after hair transplantation

Dos and don’ts after hair transplantation

The outcome of hair transplant depends on what you do after the surgery and how you take care of the scalp. To get the best results, it is important to do what is necessary and avoid doing the following with and for the newly implanted hair grafts.

Dos after a hair transplant

  • Ask your doctor for the medicine that is safe for you to take.
  • Ask someone to drive you back home. Hair transplant is carried out under strong sedation so it is not advisable for an individual to drive right after the surgery.
  • Sleep with your head elevated for at least a week after the hair transplantation.
  • While washing your hair, be very gentle with the hair and scalp. Do not put your head under a strong stream of water and do not scrub your scalp.
  • Use a cup to rinse your scalp slowly.
  • To wash your hair, use shampoo that has been prescribed by the doctor.
  • Except mild hair shedding for the next couple of weeks.This is a part of the natural hair growth cycle.

Don’ts after hair transplant

  • Do not apply anything on the scalp without consulting your doctor.
  • Do not scratch the scalp even if it feels itchy.
  • Do not rub your hairline against the pillow.
  • After a hair wash, do not use any thick towel to rub/ dab the scalp. Use a very soft cotton cloth instead.
  • Do not expose the scalp to bright sunlight for at least 2 weeks after the transplantation. 
  • Do not engage in any physical activities that may cause excessive sweating

FAQ Around Hair Transplants

Is hair transplant permanent?

The results of a hair transplant are considered permanent because you cannot undo them. However, the look after the hair transplant may change in the due course of time.

Is hair transplantation treatment safe?

Hair transplant surgery is considered to be a safe cosmetic treatment but it should be performed by a trained and qualified board-certified plastic surgeon. However, the outcome of the treatment may differ from one individual to another depending on his physical reactions and healing abilities. In some cases, the individual may witness minor infection on the scalp which is likely to go away with time and medication.

Does hair transplant surgery cause scarring?

There might be minimal scarring in both FUT and FUE hair transplantation techniques. The scarring will not have any effect on the surgery outcome and most likely will fade out with time and medicine. And once the hair begins to grow, the scarring will not even be visible.

Who is a good candidate for hair transplantation?

You may be a right candidate for hair transplant surgery if you have healthy hair growth at the back and sides of the head to serve as donor areas. In addition, the following candidates can consider undergoing a hair transplant surgery.

  • Men with sufficient donor supply
  • Men/ women with male pattern baldness
  • Men/ women suffering from hair loss due to traction alopecia
How long does a hair transplant surgery take?

You can expect a hair transplant to take anywhere between 4-8 hours to complete. In case, you need to transplant a large amount of hair, you may require to return to the clinic or hospital the next day and resume the process.

When can I go back to work after a hair transplant surgery?

Since the scalp remains very soft after the hair transplant surgery, and is prone to infection, the doctor advises the patient to remain indoors for at least 7-10 days. Anyone with a heavy duty who has undergone a hair transplant surgery, should take at least  weeks time before resuming work. The doctor will share the recovery period and recovery tips for your hair transplant surgery.

What should be the right age to undergo a hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgeries can be carried out on any individual who is above 18 years of age. The treatment does not include any major risks or complications for most people. But, most medical practitioners suggest that one should wait until 25 years of age before undergoing the treatment. This is because most hair loss patterns cannot be fully determined until that age.

Can I undergo more than one hair transplant?

As long as you have enough hair grafts at the donor site to facilitate the treatment and your plastic surgeon does not see anything wrong with your scalp health, you can undergo at least 2-3 hair transplants. Most plastic surgeons strongly discourage more than 3 hair transplants.

Can women have hair transplantation surgery?

Yes, although the percentage is very small, women candidates do undergo hair transplant surgeries. Women who suffer from traction alopecia may undergo the treatment.

When can I wash my hair after a hair transplant?

You can wash your hair the very next day after the surgery. You just need to be gentle with the scalp and not use any harsh chemical shampoo.

Do I need to wear a hat/ cap after the transplant?

It is important for patients to wear a hat or a cap after hair transplant surgery to protect the implanted grafts. Wearing a safe head gear also protects that scalp from sun, dust and other pollutants.

Is hair transplant surgery expensive?

It depends on the amount of area that needs transplantation and the number of sessions. The larger the bald patch, the higher the cost. The more the number of sessions, the higher the cost.

Is 5000 hair grafts enough?

Hair transplant surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis. The number of hair follicles used for the transplant depends on the results desired by the patients. While 1000 grafts are used to cover a smaller scalp area, up to 5000 grafts can cover a large scalp and provide better hair density. Book your appointment with the best hair transplant surgeon and discuss your goals.

Case Study

Case Study

My head looks fuller now. I feel so confident” 

Rishabh (name changed, 33 years) has been suffering from unexplained hair loss for the last 4 years. He tried home remedies, homeopathic medicines and all other treatments. When one shampoo failed, he switched to another. He tried all kinds of hair oils hoping to see some changes in hair loss, but nothing worked. Gradually, Rishabh started feeling uncomfortable with his looks and appearance.  His friends started calling him names to tease which came as a blow to his self-confidence.

It was then that Rishabh decided to approach Dr. Sharad Mishra, from Delhi NCR for hair transplantation. Upon consultation with the doctor, it was found that Rishabh’s hair loss was the result of environmental factors and an ill lifestyle. Dr. Mishra consulted him for his condition, explained the treatment to Rishabh properly and told him why the surgery could be the best treatment for him.

Rishabh underwent FUT hair transplant in January 2022. He visited the doctor for a follow up in June 2022. The doctor affirmed that he is recovering well and there has been a positive outcome with the implanted grafts.

“I have seen a good change, both just in my looks but also in my outlook. I feel so much more confident now. Thanks to Dr. Mishra, and his amazingly trained and professional team. Thanks to Pristyn Care.”

Our Patient Love Us

  • Sachin Manohar

    Treatment: Hair Transplant


    Dr. Ranjit is an well experienced surgeon in a multitude of cosmetic surgeries. I had undergone an FUE hair transplant surgery through him and I faced no trouble or complications. Very grateful to him and everyone involved.

    City: Mumbai 1 month ago
  • Mukul Sharma

    Treatment: Hair Transplant


    My experience with Dr. Rahul Bhadgale was very good. He is an amazing surgeon who helped me at every step of my FUE hair transplant surgery. Very grateful to him for restoring my hair and my smile.

    City: Pune 3 months ago

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