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What is Pilonidal Sinus?

A pilonidal cyst is a small hole formed near the tailbone. The cyst may also contain dirt and hair, which when infected, causes severe pain, inflammation, and itching. People who have to sit for long hours or do not maintain proper hygiene are more to Pilonidal sinus.

USFDA-Approved Procedure

USFDA-Approved Procedure

Support in Insurance Claim

Support in Insurance Claim

No-Cost EMI

No-Cost EMI

1-day Hospitalization

1-day Hospitalization

Best Doctors For Pilonidal Sinus in Mumbai

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    Dr. Falguni Rakesh Verma (klJ7Egw4gu)

    Dr. Falguni Rakesh Verma

    MBBS, MS - General Surgery
    27 Yrs.Exp.


    27 + Years


    General Surgeon

    Laparoscopic Surgeon


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    Dr. Amol Gosavi (Y3amsNWUyD)

    Dr. Amol Gosavi

    MBBS, MS - General Surgery
    23 Yrs.Exp.


    23 + Years


    Laparoscopic Surgeon

    General Surgeon


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    Dr. Vaibhav Lokhande (PCB7EWgItp)

    Dr. Vaibhav Lokhande

    MBBS, MS - General Surgery, DNB - General Surgery
    22 Yrs.Exp.


    22 + Years


    General Surgeon

    Laparoscopic Surgeon


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  • Best Clinics for Pilonidal Sinus in Mumbai

    • Pristyncare Clinic image : Building No 1, Jijamata Rd,  Dhawalgiri, Sher E Punjab...
      Pristyn Care Clinic, Andheri
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      Building No 1, Jijamata Rd, Dhawalgiri, Sher E Punjab...
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      All Days - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    • Pristyncare Clinic image : No 402 & 403, Amba Sadan, Plot No 325, CTSE/449,...
      Pristyn Care Clinic, Khar West,
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      No 402 & 403, Amba Sadan, Plot No 325, CTSE/449,...
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      All Days - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    • Pristyncare Clinic image : 6th, Business Point, No 602, DK Sandu Marg,  Opposite...
      Pristyn Care Clinic, Kurla
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      6th, Business Point, No 602, DK Sandu Marg, Opposite...
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      All Days - 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM


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    Names of pilonidal sinus in different languages:
    • Pilonidal sinus in Hindi - पाइलोनिडल साइनस
    • Pilonidal sinus in Telugu: పైలో నైడల్ సైనస్
    • Pilonidal sinus in Tamil: பைலோனிடல் சைனஸ்
    • Pilonidal sinus in Bengali - পাইলনডাইল সাইনাস
    Home remedies for pilonidal sinus:
    • Take sitz baths
    • Take vitamin c and zinc supplements
    • Use essential oils to soothe the area
    • Apply castor oil to prevent inflammation in the area
    • Stay physically active to improve blood flow
    Risk factors for pilonidal sinus:
    • Male sex
    • Sedentary and inactive lifestyle
    • Long hours of sitting
    • Excess body hair
    • Obesity
    Hassle-free insurance approval
    • All insurances covered
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    • Complete paperwork assistance
    Why Pristyn Care?
    • Private room for patients with attendant stay & meal
    • Affordable/lowest cost treatment
    • Free cab pickup & drop facility
    • Free follow ups post surgery
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    Pristyn Care specialists will perform a brief diagnosis for pilonidal sinus, the best way is, to begin with, a physical examination. A pilonidal cyst looks such as a lump, or swelling, or sometimes indicated by an abscess at the cleft of the buttocks. It may be a draining area (sinus) that leads to or bleeding. The location of the cyst at the top of the buttocks, and sometimes blood tests may be required for diagnosis. There is no need for digital imaging tests in cases of pilonidal sinus. But, for surgery, a patient may be asked to go through additional tests.


    The modern daycare treatment of infected pilonidal sinus does not pain or intense discomfort. An advanced laser-assisted surgery can help resolve this condition. The surgery intends to clean out the infected area and remove the pit so that infection does not recur. A patient can resume his normal routine activities after 2 – 3 days.

    In Our Doctor's Words

    What-Dr. Pankaj Sareen-Say-About-Pilonidal Sinus-Treatment

    Dr. Pankaj Sareen

    MBBS, MS - General Surgery

    20 Years Experience

    "Pilonidal Sinus is a fairly common condition among people. It usually happens because of improper hygiene, physical inactivity, and long sitting hours. Once formed, it will keep recurring and oozing of pus, debris and at times- hair particles. This is why, a proper cleaning and removal through a catheter is the only final solution. I suggest you seek a good general surgeon/ proctologist at the earliest or the pain only severes and you risk forming other anorectal diseases such as infections and anal fistula."

    Why Pristyn Care for Pilonidal Sinus Surgery?

    Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


    Advanced Treatment Through Laser Surgery

    At Pristyn Care, you can avail advanced pilonidal sinus treatment surgery using a laser for better results and quicker recovery without any postoperative complications.


    FREE Appointment with Experienced Proctologists

    At Pristyn Care, we have expert proctologists with 8-10 years of experience in performing advanced pilonidal sinus treatment surgery with successful results.


    Quick Recovery With Effective Results

    Pristyn Care promises quick recovery from pilonidal sinus pain with advanced treatments. Most patients experience effective relief from anal pain and discomfort within a couple of weeks of treatment.


    End-to-end Process Assistance

    Pristyn Care provides end-to-end process handling for all patients. From the beginning of the pilonidal sinus treatment to treatment conclusion, a care coordinator will remain in touch with you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the cost of laser pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai?

    The cost of pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai can range between Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 67,000. But this is not an exact cost and can change from one patient to another due to multiple factors. If you wish to know the exact cost of pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai, you can contact us.

    What are the benefits of laser pilonidal sinus surgery?

    Laser surgery to cure pilonidal sinus surgery involves many benefits, and a few of them are:

    • No cuts or scars
    • Less or minimal pain
    • High levels of precision
    • Less damage to the surrounding healthy tissues
    • Minimal or less bleeding

    What are the risks associated with open pilonidal sinus surgery?

    Open surgery for curing pilonidal sinus involves some risks, which can affect your lifestyle. A few of those risks are:

    • Infection at the site of the surgery
    • Bleeding
    • Severe pain and swelling in the anal area
    • Formation of abscess [collection of pus]

    Will I suffer from pain during the pilonidal sinus surgery?

    No, you won’t suffer from pain or discomfort during pilonidal sinus surgery. This is because you will be under the effect of anesthesia. Based on the severity of the pilonidal sinus, either general or local anesthesia will be administered. General anesthesia will be given to make you fall asleep or local anesthesia will be used to numb the surgical area.

    How long will it take to complete laser pilonidal sinus surgery?

    It may take almost 15 to 45 minutes to complete laser pilonidal sinus surgery. But the duration to complete the surgery varies from one patient to another due to multiple factors. A few of those factors which can change the duration of laser pilonidal sinus surgery are:

    • The severity of the condition [pilonidal sinus]
    • The expertise of the surgeon
    • Health condition of the patient

    Which is the best cream for pilonidal sinus?

    Metronidazole is one of the best and highly effective creams for pilonidal sinus management. The cream helps in clearing up the abscess and also prevents bacteria from multiplying.

    How to cure pilonidal sinus in 3 days?

    Surgery is the only effective treatment that can provide relief from the condition of pilonidal sinus. Medicines and non-surgical treatment approaches for pilonidal sinus do not provide effective results and also take a long time to show results. Laser surgical treatment for pilonidal sinus is an advanced, highly effective and the safest treatment that can cure pilonidal sinus in less than 3 days.

    Can pilonidal sinus cause infection?

    Yes, if not treated on time, pilonidal sinus can often become infected. Once infected, the sinus may start oozing pus, blood and release foul odor. An infected pilonidal abscess can be extremely painful. The infected pilonidal tract be either surgically removed or treated.

    Is pilonidal sinus operation safe?

    Yes, pilonidal sinus operation is a very common anorectal surgery. It is safe and if performed under the supervision of a trained and experienced anorectal doctor, surgical approach can be highly effective in treating pilonidal sinus. Laser surgery is the most effective and safe surgical approach for pilonidal sinus treatment.

    What is the permanent solution for pilonidal sinus?

    Most anorectal surgeons consider surgery to be the permanent and most effective treatment of pilonidal sinus. While other lines of treatment can provide temporary relief or manage the severity of the condition, permanent cure can only be achieved through surgical treatment.

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    Dr. Falguni Rakesh Verma
    27 Years Experience Overall
    Last Updated : February 19, 2024

    Get Most Advanced Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Mumbai

    Pilonidal sinus a common skin condition that is painful and marked with the presence of cyst just above the buttocks, itchiness, stinging pain, inability to sit properly, etc. These symptoms tend to grow severe with time and create much physical and mental distress for the person. Fortunately, the advanced permanent solution for pilonidal sinus is available at Pristyn Care in Mumbai.

    The advanced laser treatment at Pristyn Care is painless, minimally invasive and permanently resolves pilonidal sinus in just one day. Specialists at Pristyn Care leverages years of experience and immense knowledge to perform daycare procedures for fast recovery from pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai. The usage of USFDA approved surgical equipment contributes to the surgical experience being seamless with high success rates. So, if you or anyone around you is dealing with pilonidal sinus, contact Pristyn Care and get the best treatment in Mumbai.

    Why is Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Necessary?

    Pilonidal sinus is a painful and discomforting skin condition that must be attended at the earliest in order to avoid the severe symptoms of infected pilonidal sinus.

    Pilonidal sinus can cause the following complications when left untreated or not treated properly:

    • The pilonidal cyst is highly prone to bacterial infections. When the cyst gets infected, it can turn into an abscess that can cause unbearable stinging pain. Such a condition can make it unimaginable to even sit or stand properly.
    • The infection of the cyst can spread to other parts of the body too. In serious cases, the infection may even enter the bloodstream and result in systemic infection or sepsis.
    • Recurring or prolonged pilonidal sinus increases the risk of a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma.
    • In rare severe cases, pilonidal sinus can even cause anal fistula. Anal fistula is an infected tunnel that occurs between the anus and the skin located around the anus and the rectum. Such a complicated case in which the pilonidal sinus results in fistula is known as pilonidal fistula-in-ano. So far, there are only 6 such cases reported of fistula-in-ano.

    These complications are enough to emphasize the importance of pilonidal sinus treatment. Hence, it is wise to speak to a specialist doctor during the early stage so you can steer clear of the unprecedented complications of pilonidal sinus

    Highly Experienced Surgeons in Mumbai

    Pristyn Care ropes in the best experienced specialists for pilonidal sinus and other ano-rectal problems. The doctors and surgeons associated with Pristyn Care in Mumbai are well experienced and trained in performing advanced modern surgeries that are minimally invasive in nature. Our specialists have treated several cases of pilonidal sinus successfully by laser treatment.

    How Pristyn Care Is Associated With The Best Hospitals In Mumbai?

    You can undergo minimally invasive laser treatment for pilonidal sinus in Mumbai from top hospitals associated with Pristyn Care. Hospitals associated with Pristyn Care in Mumbai have the best-in-class infrastructure and are equipped fully with the advanced modern laser technique for pilonidal sinus and other ano-rectal disease treatment.

    Furthermore, the staff personnel at all our partner hospitals in Mumbai exhibit professionalism and attend to patients with utmost courtesy and sincerity. Therefore, there are no hassles for the patient to deal with at the hospital.

    All the safety measures, and necessary steps of sanitation are stringently followed across all the clinics and partner hospitals of Pristyn Care. Hence, it is entirely safe to choose Pristyn Care for pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai.

    What is the Estimated Cost of Pilonidal Sinus Treatment in Mumbai?

    The estimated cost of pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai can vary depending upon the following factors:

    • The hospital chosen for pilonidal sinus treatment in Mumbai
    • The type of procedure chosen for treatment (Conventional open surgery or modern laser treatment)
    • Whether or not the healthcare provider charges extra room and medical expenses
    • Insurance coverage for the treatment
    • Anesthesia cost- the cost differs for local and general anesthesia

    At Pristyn Care, it is our topmost priority that the patient receives a hassle free treatment experience. Thus, Pristyn Care offers the advanced laser treatment for pilonidal sinus at a reasonable cost that does not cause much financial inconvenience for the patient. The average cost of laser treatment for pilonidal sinus at Pristyn Care is around INR 55,000-60,000 in Mumbai. And, if the patient has health insurance, the insurance claims will cover most of these treatment charges.

    Why Laser Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus is a Better Option?

    The advanced laser treatment for pilonidal sinus is also referred to as laser pilonidal plasty and is very less invasive than other surgical methods.

    The laser treatment for pilonidal sinus requires pulses of laser energy to drain the infectious material and heal the pilonidal sinus. The treatment is highly precise than the conventional treatment procedures, and thus offers various benefits:

    • The laser treatment for pilonidal sinus is pain-free, and a complication-free way to permanently cure pilonidal sinus. Furthermore, the laser treatment carries nil risks of infections as it is a minimal access surgery and this contributes to the reliability of the treatment.
    • It is a quick procedure that takes about only 30 minutes to complete. The patient is discharged within a few hours of the treatment as the anesthesia wears off (daycare/outpatient procedure).
    • Fast and smooth recovery in just 2-3 days as there are no cuts, wounds or stitches left behind to heal after laser treatment.

    You may contact Pristyn Care to know more about the pilonidal sinus laser treatment in Mumbai.

    Why Choose Pristyn Care for Pilonidal Sinus Treatment?

    At Pristyn Care, we ensure to look after even the smallest needs of the patient and provide them with an absolutely seamless surgical experience. Hence, Pristyn Care offers the following unique benefits to all the patients

    • The advanced surgery for pilonidal sinus is performed only by a team of experienced surgeons without any complications. The expertise of the doctors adds up to the safety and reliability of the treatment.
    • Pristyn Care provides a free transportation service on the day of the surgery. This enables the patient and their family members to reach hospital on time for the treatment and reach back home safely.
    • Each and every patient is attended by a dedicated Care Buddy from Pristyn Care at the hospital. The Care Buddy handles the paperwork and other formalities at the hospital for the patient and acts as their immediate point of contact for everything.
    • At Pristyn Care, you can choose from different financial options like zero cost EMI, cashless transactions, etc. Also, the Pristyn Care team actively helps in the fast insurance approval so the patient or their family does not have to face much hassle.
    • We also offer free follow up consultation with the surgeon within a week after treatment. Such timely follow up helps the patient in recovering fine under doctor’s supervision and the instructions given.

    How To Book An Appointment With The Best Treatment Centre In Mumbai?

    It is really simple to book an appointment with a Pristyn Care specialist for diagnosis and treatment of pilonidal sinus. You can submit the details through the contact form appearing on the right side. Alternatively, you can give us a call on the provided contact number. One of the medical coordinators of Pristyn Care will get back to you in a short while. You can discuss your preferred appointment slots with our coordinator. The coordinator will confirm the appointment as per your convenience so you can consult the doctor on the specified day.

    Different surgical treatments for pilonidal sinus

    Here are the different surgical treatments for pilonidal sinus treatment:

    • Laser pilonidal sinus treatment- Laser surgery for pilonidal sinus is the most effective treatment for pilonidal sinus. During the procedure, the proctologist uses a high-intensity laser beam to close off the sinus tract. The doctor removes the entire pit of the pilonidal sinus so that the infection does not recur. It is an easier and higher precision procedure to perform as compared to the earlier mentioned types of open surgery. The treatment procedure requires only one day of dressing as there are no wounds left behind to heal. The laser energy also promotes the faster healing of the site of the surgery. Thus, it takes a very short time to completely recover from laser surgery for the pilonidal sinus.
    • Incision and drainage- Incision and drainage is an open surgical procedure recommended mostly when the cyst becomes infected. It is performed with local anesthesia to make the affected area numb. The surgeon makes an incision in the cyst to drain the infectious fluid and pus. The doctor packs the hole with gauze and leaves it open to heal. It can take up to 4-6 weeks to heal the cyst completely.
    • Pilonidal cystectomy- Pilonidal cystectomy is the surgical removal of the entire pilonidal cyst. The treatment is performed after administering general/regional anesthesia. The surgeon makes a cut to remove the affected skin along with underlying hair follicles, tissues, and dead cells. If required, the doctor packs the area with surgical gauze. In cases where the infection is severe, the doctor places a tube to drain the fluid from the cyst. The tube is removed when the entire fluid is drained from the cyst.

    Are there any risks and complications involved during pilonidal sinus surgery?

    If performed under the guidance and supervision of a trained proctologist, surgical treatment for pilonidal sinus will not cause any risks or complications. But, like any other surgery, there might be some complications, although not severe. Some of them are:

    • Trauma and bleeding to the site – If the surgery is not performed efficiently, there can be a chance of the anal tissues getting injured. Trauma and injury to the anal tissues can even lead to bleeding. If the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon, the chances of any injury can be cut down drastically.
    • Infection – Like any other surgery, infection is a common side effect/ complication in case of pilonidal sinus surgery too. Infection can lead to nausea and vomiting in the person. Infection, however, is not a very serious problem and can be treated with medicines. The chances of infection in case of open surgery is much higher than in laser surgery.
    • Squamous cell carcinoma – A type of skin cancer that occurs due to uncontrolled growth of the squamous cells. The condition is not very common but not unheard of. To prevent such complications, it is extremely important that the surgery is performed by an experienced and trained surgeon.
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      Pristyn Care’s doctors are certaily brilliant and expert in their field. The doctor explained the procedure in detail and guided my at every step. He carried out the surgery with precision and regularly took follow-ups to ensure I recover quickly.

      City : MUMBAI
      Doctor : Dr. Falguni Rakesh Verma
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      I got laser pilonidal sinus surgery, which was somewhat life-changing for me. It eliminated the chronic pain and discomfort I had been experiencing for a long time and significantly improved my quality of life. Highly recommend Pristyn Care for their expertise and compassionate care.

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      My doctor for pilonidal sinus treatment was very kind, caring, and compassionate. He treated me well and understood my concerns, His team is also very attentive. They handled my case very well and I got better quickly.

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      Doctor : Dr. Vaibhav Lokhande
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      I got treatment for pilonidal sinus at Pristyn Care and their staff was commendable in doing their job. The coordinator helped me with hospital formalities, cab, and even insurance. They are doing a great job in taking care of the patients.

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