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What is Varicocele?

When the veins in the scrotum enlarge, the condition is known as Varicocele. Varicocele affects sperm production and function that can potentially reduce fertility. Out of a hundred males, ten to fifteen have varicocele. Varicoceles are found to be more common on the left side of the scrotum as the male anatomy is not the same on both sides.



Varicocele in different languages:

Varicocele in Hindi: वेरीकोसील

Varicocele in Marathi: वैरिकासेल

Varicocele in Telugu: వరికోసెల్

Varicocele in Tamil: வெரிகோசெல்

Varicocele in Malayalam: വെരിക്കോസെലെ

Foods to avoid with varicocele:

Refined carbohydrates

Added sugar


Canned foods

Too much salt

ICD-10 code for varicocele

ICD-10 code for perineum varicocele - I86.3

ICD-10 code for spermatic cord - I86.1

Complications of untreated varicocele:


Low testosterone production

Shrinking testicle or testicular atrophy

Why Pristyn Care for varicocele treatment?

Highly experienced vascular surgeons

Flexible payment options

Assistance in insurance claim

USFDA-approved treatments

Free-follow up consultation

Free transportation on the day of the surgery

Varicocele pain areas:

Throbbing pain in the testis

Stabbing pain in the groin


  • Injury
  • Drinking water while standing
  • Infection like epididymitis
  • Exercising without any protective gear
  • Blockage in the spermatic cord


  • Lump like formation in the scrotum
  • Swelling in the scrotum
  • Dull and recurring pain in the scrotum
  • Swelling and pain worsening over course of the day
  • Visible twisted veins in the scrotal sac


Surgeons performing varicocele surgery in operation theater


At Pristyn Care, a varicocele doctor in Mumbai, during the initial consultation may ask you about your medical history and then carry out a physical exam to examine the testicles. In addition, to complete the diagnosis, the doctor may recommend multiple diagnostic tests that include:

  • Blood tests
  • Valsalva maneuver
  • Semen analysis and hormone tests
  • Scrotal/Doppler ultrasound
  • Scrotal infrared digital thermography


Based on the results of diagnostic tests and the severity of your varicocele condition, the doctor will choose the most-suited varicocele treatment. In most cases, any of the following procedures are recommended for varicocele treatment.

  • Percutaneous Varicocele Embolization
  • Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy
  • Microscopic Varicocelectomy

To find out more about these Varicocele Treatment methods, you can refer to the read more section below or you can consult our best varicocele doctors in Mumbai.

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Procedures of varicocele treatment in Mumbai provided at Pristyn Care

  • Percutaneous Varicocele Embolization: This is a minimally-invasive procedure that involves the injecting of a small catheter through the groin into the scrotal vein. After the catheter is injected, a coil is inserted through the catheter into the varicocele in order to block the affected vein. This helps in redirecting the blood flow through the healthier veins which results in the collapsing of the damaged veins.
  • Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy: Performed under the influence of general anesthesia. This is the most advanced and effective method to treat varicoceles. During this procedure, the surgeon makes several small incisions around the abdomen. Once the incisions are made, the surgeon inserts a thin, lighted scope (laparoscope) through one of the incisions. Then, the abdomen is inflated using CO2 gas, which allows the doctor to have a distinct view of the internal structures. As soon as the enlarged veins are located and identified, the surgeon will cut them apart before closing off the ends. Once the procedure is complete, all the medical tools are removed before closing the incisions with sutures or clips.
  • Microscopic Varicocelectomy: Usually performed if there is a risk of infertility. The surgeon in this procedure makes a tiny incision above the scrotum and separates the testicular arteries and vas deferens in the scrotum. With the help of a microscope, the surgeon then dissects further down to the spermatic cord, keeping the lymphatic drainage intact. Once the abnormal veins are identified, each vein is meticulously dissected circumferentially and tied off to disrupt the flow. The doctor then drains the blood away from the testicle into the inner thigh and pelvis.

Highly experienced varicocele doctors in Mumbai

Pristyn Care offers the best modern surgery for varicocele in Mumbai. We take pride in bringing some of the best vascular doctors and surgeons across Mumbai.

One of the most crucial aspects that influences the success of the surgery is picking up the right surgeon. Our dedicated and highly skilled varicocele surgeons have a remarkable track record in performing successful surgeries for repairing varicocele.

Some of the varicocele doctors associated with Pristyn Care in Mumbai are:

  • Dr. Dubey Sushil Govinddhar: MBBS, DNB – General Surgery, 14 Years Experience
  • Dr. Amol Gosavi: MBBS, MS – General Surgery, 21 Years Experience
  • Dr. Rajiv Prakash Manek: MBBS, MS – General Surgery, Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery, 9 Years Experience

How Pristyn Care is associated with top hospitals in Mumbai for varicocele treatment?

Pristyn Care works in association with the well-known multi-specialty hospitals in Mumbai and other metro cities as well. Roping in the best hospitals in Mumbai allows us to bridge any possible loopholes in a patient’s treatment journey. Hence, a patient experiences a smooth stay at the hospital.

You can undergo minimally invasive laparoscopic treatment for varicocele in Mumbai at one of the best reputed hospitals that are associated with Pristyn Care

Some of the Pristyn Care associated hospitals in Mumbai for varicocele treatment are:

  • Surana Hospital-Malad
  • Siddhika Hospital
  • Kapadia Hospital
  • Sugun Hospital
  • Surana Sethia Hospital-Chembur
  • Noble Hospital-Thane
  • Kripa Hospital
  • Horizon Prime-Mumbai

Why is laparoscopic varicocele treatment a better option?

The laparoscopic surgery for varicocele is an advanced surgical procedure. Unlike open surgery, laparoscopic treatment is not at all complex. The modern laparoscopy-assisted procedure offers the following advantages :

  • Long-lasting relief
  • No major incisions required
  • Minimal intraoperative bleeding
  • Quick procedure, takes up less than 45 minutes
  • Short stay in the hospital
  • No major discomfort after the surgery
  • Negligible risk of complications or infection

Why choose Pristyn Care for Varicocele Treatment in Mumbai?

There are several healthcare providers in a metro city like Mumbai that also use advanced technologies to treat patients. But the tricky decision is to pick the best from the lot in Mumbai.
So, here we put forth some of the benefits of choosing Pristyn Care for your surgery

High Safety Standards for COVID-19- The hospitals and clinics associated with Pristyn Care maintain the necessary hygiene standards and follow all the COVID-19 safety protocols including regular sanitization and mandatorily wearing PPE kits during surgery.

Insurance Approval- Our insurance team takes care of the whole process of getting approval for insurance claims. Our insurance team actively helps in completing the necessary paperwork.

Free Cab Service- Pristyn Care provides cab facility on the day of the surgery. The cab picks up and drops the patient to and from the hospital and the patient does not need to worry about the commute.

Dedicated Care Buddy- Each patient is assigned a Care Buddy who takes care of all the aspects of the treatment and assists the patient throughout the treatment course. This makes the treatment absolutely convenient for the patient.

Free Follow-ups- The patient can consult the doctor/surgeon after the surgery free of cost. Pristyn Care provides free follow-ups wherein the patients can discuss any problems they may be encountering during recovery.

How to book an appointment with Urologists in Mumbai at Pristyn Care?

Booking an appointment with Urologists at Pristyn Care is very simple and easy. You can book an appointment with them from the comfort of your home or anywhere by:

  • Filing all the necessary details in the “Book Your Appointment” form above.
  • Contact us directly through the numbers provided on the website.
  • Booking an appointment by downloading our mobile application (Pristyn Care) from the Play Store.

Our experts will get back to you at the earliest within 24 hours and resolve all your queries.

Possible complications of varicocelectomy surgery:

Varicocelectomy is a safe procedure that ensures effective results within the first 2 weeks after the surgery. However, like any other surgery, there are possible complications associated with the procedure that usually depends on the severity of the condition and the surgical expertise of the surgeon. Pristyn Care ensures comprehensive treatment and post-surgery care for a smooth and quick recovery. Potential risks of varicocelectomy include:

  • Injury to the testicle
  • Bleeding
  • Reaction to the anesthesia administered during surgery
  • Chances of recurrence
  • Infection
  • Blood clots in the legs

Recovery after varicocelectomy:

Patients who undergo varicocelectomy treatment are given a set of instructions from the hospital or your doctor after the surgery to allow smooth and faster recovery. We have a team of highly skilled vascular surgeons with years of experience performing complex varicocelectomy surgeries with great precision. Our surgeons are fully trained to perform surgeries using cutting-edge technology for a very high success rate. Doctors at Pristyn Care provide medications and dietary restrictions after the surgery to reduce the discomfort during recovery duration. There are a few tips that may help during your recovery process:

  • Take adequate rest after the surgery for at least 2-3 days.
  • Lie down gently as much as you can to minimize swelling
  • Keep the wound dry by patting the towel on it after the shower.
  • Avoid strenuous activities like sports, weight lifting, or swimming.
  • Avoid sexual activity for at least 2-3 weeks after the surgery.
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