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About ACL Tear

A tear in the anterior cruciate ligament is known as ACL tear. It is one of the major ligaments in the knee. Athletes and women who wear high heels for long hours are likely to suffer from an ACL tear often. ACL tear is commonly witnessed in players related to soccer, football, cricket, basketball etc where sudden jumping, landing and other such body movements are required. The surgery to reconstruct a torn or injured ACL is known as ACL Reconstruction.



ACL Reconstruction Recovery

Surgery healing takes 4 to 8 weeks.

Full recovery usually takes 4 to 9 months

Swelling after ACL Reconstruction

Swelling typically persists for 4 to 6 weeks.

Elevate your leg and apply ice packs to the knee, for 20-30 minutes every 2 hours.

Most common choices of graft for ACL reconstruction

Patellar tendon autograft

Patellar tendon allograft

Hamstring autograft

Quadriceps tendon autograft

Return to sports after ACL Reconstruction

Athletes can return to pivoting sports after 4 to 8 weeks

Athletes can return to regular sports after about 8 months. Make sure to take your orthopedic surgeon’s approval before returning to sports.


  • Landing awkwardly from a jump
  • Suddenly slowing down and changing direction
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Receiving a direct blow to the knee or collision, such as a football tackle


  • Rapid swelling
  • Severe pain and inability to continue activity
  • A loud 'pop' or a 'popping' sensation in the knee
  • Loss of range of motion
  • A feeling of instability or 'giving way' with weight bearing


Physical examination for ACL-tear


During the physical examination, the doctor will check the swelling in the knee. The doctor may also ask you to change positions of the knee to check if the knee is functioning properly. The diagnosis, in most cases, can be done on the basis of the physical test alone, but if the injury looks severe, the doctor may ask you to take a few more tests such as – X-rays and MRI.


The surgery to repair a torn ACL is known as ACL Reconstruction. During the process, the surgeon operates and removes the injured ligament and replaces it with a segment of tendon tissue. The tendon tissue works similar to that of a ligament which connects the muscle to bone.

The surgeon will use a piece of tendon from another part of the knee or a tendon from a deceased donor. After the surgery, the patient can resume a rehabilitative therapy course for recovery.

For recovery, you can do the following self care at home:

  • Icing
  • Proper rest
  • Use compression
  • Keep your knee in elevated position
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ACL Reconstruction- Innovative ACL tear surgery in Mumbai with minimal incisions

If you have had an ACL tear, ACL tear surgery or ACL reconstruction will offer you the chance to improve your knee stability in everyday life and also allows you to return to sports and other physical activities as quickly as possible. With the ACL tear surgery, you will be able to return to the levels of sports and activities that would not be otherwise possible without undergoing the ACL tear surgery.

At Pristyn Care, we have the best ACL tear doctors in Mumbai who have extensive experience and skill for performing ACL tear surgery as a less-invasive alternative to the conventional open knee surgery. Trauma to the surgical area is significantly lessened and recovery time is also substantially diminished with the minimally invasive ACL tear surgery.

ACL tear surgery is a minimally invasive and very successful procedure. In the hands of experienced ACL tear doctors who are well trained in performing such minimally invasive orthopedic procedures, you can expect to get great results. ACL reconstruction surgery would allow you to enjoy playing sports involving running and twisting without the fear of injuring your knee again. Connect with us to make an appointment with a trusted ACL tear doctor in Mumbai for pain-free ACL tear treatment.

What to expect after my ACL tear surgery?

After your ACL tear surgery, rehabilitation will begin immediately in the hospital itself. Your ACL tear surgeon will suggest some specific exercises to do in order to strengthen your knee and restore full knee movement. The aim of physiotherapy is to regain the complete range of knee motion as it used to be prior to the injury and also reduce swelling after the surgery.

Before you are discharged from the hospital, the ACL tear surgeon will prescribe medications to manage pain during the recovery period and will suggest you personalised exercises that suit your needs and goals to boost your recovery. Your rehabilitation after discharge from the hospital will be supervised by the ACL tear doctor and will involve exercises that will focus on muscle strengthening. Activities such as riding an exercise bike, swimming can be very helpful to get back to an active lifestyle after your ACL tear surgery. If you are looking for the best and most successful ACL tear treatment in Mumbai, visit Pristyn Care and get consultation from renowned, board certified ACL tear doctors and surgeons in Mumbai.

When should you undergo ACL tear surgery in Mumbai?

If you have a completely torn ACL, surgery would be needed to repair the torn ACL. For grade 3 or grade 4 ACL tear, ACL tear surgery or ACL reconstruction should be scheduled for between 3 and 6 weeks after having the injury. This will allow the inflammation and swelling in the area to subside. If the ACL reconstruction surgery is performed too early, the patient may develop arthrofibrosis- a complication of injury or trauma where excessive scar tissue response causes painful restriction of joint motion. Typically, orthopedic surgeons scale the appropriate timing of ACL tear surgery based on-

  • Presence of other injuries that may need to be treated first
  • The knee’s physical appearance
  • The level of pain experienced by the patient
  • The knee’s range of motion and quality of muscle control when bending or straightening the leg

To decide the best treatment for ACL tear, the orthopedic doctor will need to thoroughly examine and diagnose the condition. To know the best ACL tear treatment in Mumbai for you or to undergo ACL tear surgery, get in touch with us.

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