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Best Doctors For Varicocele in Chennai

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    Dr. M.Kudiyarasu (BPIDsZc5j4)

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    Dr. M. Senthil Kumar (dM07VifUjY)

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    Dr. Kamalraj M (iGP7sDoqXj)

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  • Best Clinics for Varicocele in Chennai

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      Pristyn Care Clinic, Adyar
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      2nd Floor, VRB Commercial Center, 55/6 Venkata Rathinam Nagar Adyar...
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    • Pristyncare Clinic image : No 16 no 50 3rd Street Block Z, River View...
      Pristyn Care Clinic, Anna Nagar
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    About Varicocele

    When the veins in the scrotum enlarge, the condition is known as Varicocele. Varicocele affects sperm production and function that can potentially reduce fertility. Out of a hundred males, ten to fifteen have varicocele. Varicoceles are found to be more common on the left side of the scrotum as the male anatomy is not the same on both sides.


    Foods to avoid with varicocele:
    • Refined carbohydrates
    • Added sugar
    • Alcohol
    • Canned foods
    • Too much salt
    ICD-10 code for varicocele
    • ICD-10 code for perineum varicocele - I86.3
    • ICD-10 code for spermatic cord - I86.1
    Complications of untreated varicocele:
    • Infertility
    • Low testosterone production
    • Shrinking testicle or testicular atrophy
    Why Pristyn Care for varicocele treatment?
    • Highly experienced vascular surgeons
    • Flexible payment options
    • Assistance in insurance claim
    • USFDA-approved treatments
    • Free-follow up consultation
    • Free transportation on the day of the surgery
    Varicocele pain areas:
    • Throbbing pain in the testis
    • Stabbing pain in the groin



    The health care professional uses your medical history, a physical exam, blood and imaging tests to diagnose fluid in the testicles. Blood tests and ultrasonography may also be asked by the doctor to confirm the reason for swelling.

    • Physical exam: During the physical examination, the doctor checks for tenderness.
    • Semen analysis and hormone tests: This is used to detect Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and low testosterone.
    • Scrotal ultrasound: In scrotal ultrasound, high frequency is used to create images of the scrotum. It allows the doctor to ensure there isn’t another reason for the symptoms.


    • Percutaneous embolization: In this procedure, the radiologist injects a catheter into the veins through a tube with X-Ray guidance. It is performed under the influence of anesthesia through a small hole in the groins.
    • Surgery: The most effective treatment for curing a varicocele is surgery. This is done when the varicocele causes discomfort or the doctor feels there is a risk of infertility. A small incision is made in the abdomen or upper thigh. After that using ultrasound and surgical equipment, the doctor closes the affected veins to reroute the blood through other unaffected veins. The doctor then applies a dressing to the site of the incision. This is known as varicocelectomy.

    The whole procedure is performed under the influence of anesthesia. At Pristyn Care, Chennai we use the latest laparoscopic technique to make the incisions. This is absolutely painless and ensures minimum blood loss.

    Why Choose Pristyn Care for Varicocele Surgery?

    Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


    Advanced Varicocele Procedure

    Pristyn Care performs advanced varicocelectomy techniques such as microscopic, laparoscopic, etc., to offer effective varicocele treatment. The techniques are minimally invasive compared to conventional varicocele treatment methods.


    Expert Vascular Surgeons & Radiologists

    Our in-house vascular surgeons and radiologists are highly experienced and have expertise in performing advanced procedures. They provide comprehensive varicocele treatment for effective results.


    High Success rate

    At Pristyn Care, varicocele treatment has a higher success rate ranging between 80%-95%, thanks to our advanced treatment facilities, expert vascular surgeons, and world-class treatment centers.


    Post Surgery Care and Support

    We offer follow-up consultations with the surgeon and provide instructions for post-surgery care including dietary tips and exercises to our patients to ensure they have a smooth recovery.

    FAQs around Varicocele Treatment in Chennai

    What happens if Grade 3 Varicocele is left untreated?

    If you leave Grade 2 Varicocele untreated for a long period of time, it develops into Grade 3 Varicocele. If you are suffering from Grade 3 Varicocele, your scrotum softens and shrinks. The cause is not clear but due to malfunction in the valves allow blood to pool in the veins that increase pressure in the veins and exposure to the toxins in the blood can cause testicular damage. Leaving Grade 3 Varicocele is not a good idea. You should contact doctors immediately.

    How long does it take for the sperm count to become normal after varicocelectomy?

    The process of maturing of the sperms takes around 3-4 months. Therefore, a person facing sperm count issues should wait for around 3-4 months after undergoing varicocelectomy for the results to show.

    Which doctor should I consult in Chennai if I have varicocele?

    Varicocele is majorly a vascular issue and thus if you notice the initial symptoms of varicocele, you can consult a vascular doctor at Pristyn Care in Chennai. Pristyn Care doctors are highly experienced and you can easily consult them by booking an appointment through the website. Pristyn Care uses advanced USFDA approved techniques to treat varicocele and thus you can trust us for a safe and trouble- treatment.

    Can adolescents also have varicocele?

    Yes, adolescents can also develop varicoceles and these are in fact fairly common. According to statistics, around 15% of teenage boys around the world develop varicoceles. Since varicoceles are commonly associated with problems like shrinking of testes, sperm abnormalities and infertility, it becomes very important to seek medical attention in time. If you or anyone you know is dealing with the problem of varicocele, do not delay. Book your appointment and consult a specialist at Pristyn Care.

    How long does it take to recover from varicocelectomy?

    Patients who have undergone varicocelectomy can usually resume their daily routine within 2-3 days after the surgery. Varicocelectomy is an outpatient surgery which means the patient can go home within 24 hours of the surgery after consulting with the doctor. There may be mild swelling, redness, and discomfort, which can be reduced in 2-3 weeks by prescribing medication. However, complete recovery from varicocelectomy may take 4-6 weeks.

    What is the surgical time of laparoscopic varicocelectomy?

    Laparoscopic varicocelectomy can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on the surgical expertise of the surgeon and the grade of varicocele.

    Can varicocele affect fertility?

    Yes, varicocele can affect fertility as it can lower sperm production. Men with severe cases of varicocele are usually found with lower sperm counts, which can majorly affect fertility.

    Does varicocele cause erectile dysfunction?

    Severe cases of bilateral varicocele (grade 3 varicocele) are associated with a significant reduction in testicular function, causing erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

    Does varicocele go away on its own?

    Varicocele can go away on its own for most men, but not all. Some varicocele turns severe that can cause various problems, including infertility. Consult Pristyn Care to know if you are suffering from varicocelectomy and book an appointment today.

    Can masturbation cause varicocele?

    There is no relation between masturbation and varicocele. Masturbating does not cause varicocele.

    What is the cost of varicocele surgery in Chennai?

    The average cost of varicocele surgery generally depends on the different types of techniques used during the procedure, the severity of the condition, etc. Based on these factors, here is an estimated range of costs for different varicocele procedures:Microscopic Varicocelectomy- Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 55,000Embolization Varicocelectomy- Rs. 70,000 – Rs. 1,20,000Laparoscopic Varicocelectomy- Rs. 40,000 -Rs. 50,000

    What factors affect the cost of varicocele surgery in Chennai?

    Several factors that affect the cost of varicocele procedure are –

    1. Type of surgery
    2. General fee of the vascular surgeon
    3. Choice of the hospital for the procedure
    4. Experience and expertise of the vascular surgeon
    5. Type of anesthesia used (local or general)
    6. Post-consultation charges
    7. Cost of medications
    8. Insurance coverage

    Is varicocele surgery covered under insurance?

    Varicocele procedure is covered under the insurance if the procedure is deemed a medical necessity. Some health insurance companies cover the cost of varicocele partially or entirely. Pristyn Care has a dedicated team that assists with the insurance approval for varicocele surgery. However, the insurance approval depends on the type of your insurance policy and the terms and conditions set by the insurance provider.

    How can I choose the best hospital for varicocele surgery in Chennai?

    Consider the following factors while choosing the best vascular surgeon for varicocele surgery in Chennai –

    1. Patients’ reviews
    2. Reputation of the hospital
    3. Experience of the vascular surgeon
    4. Reputation of the surgeon
    5. Number of surgeries performed
    6. Number of successful surgeries
    7. Accessibility of the surgeon (nearby)

    What is the success rate of varicocele procedure at Pristyn Care in Chennai?

    The success rate of varicocele surgery at Pristyn Care in Chennai is well over 90%. Pristyn Care is associated with some of the top hospitals and clinics in Chennai that ensure a very high success rate. Our vascular surgeons have years of experience in performing successful varicocelectomy with an excellent track record.

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    Dr. M.Kudiyarasu
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    Last Updated : May 16, 2024

    Get the Most Advanced Varicocele Treatment in Chennai

    Varicocele is a medical condition of the male scrotum that is very discomforting and negatively affects male fertility. This problem is predominantly found in males of 15 – 25 years of age and mostly develops on the left side of the scrotum. Varicocele is similar to varicose veins but it occurs around the testicles. In the condition of varicocele, scrotum is enlarged because of the malfunctioning in the valves that pump the blood. Pristyn Care has the best surgeons who cure varicocele with the help of modern treatment methods.

    Pristyn Care is equipped with advanced laparoscopic, microscopic, and other techniques that are commonly used for varicocele treatment. Modern varicocelectomy surgery treats varicocele without any major incisions, stitches or bleeding. Laparoscopic varicocelectomy is the best and safest treatment option for prolonged and severe cases of varicocele. So delay no more, book your appointment with a Pristyn Care doctor and get rid of varicocele once and for all.

    Why is varicocele treatment necessary?

    A person suffering from varicocele is likely to experience pain in the scrotum. The pain and the swelling of scrotum keeps on getting severe if proper treatment is not received in time.

    • Grade 0 varicocele- This is the initial stage of varicocele where the condition is asymptomatic.
    • Grade 1 varicocele- At this stage, the varicocele is not visible but the initial signs start to show. The patient may experience discomfort and soreness in the scrotal region. Grade 1 varicoceles are diagnosed during a physical exam with the help of a breathing exercise called valsalva maneuver.
    • Grade 2 varicocele– Grade 2 varicoceles are still not visible but the symptoms start to worsen. These varicoceles are also diagnosed during physical exams but no additional breathing exercises are needed.
    • Grade 3 varicocele- This is the advanced stage of varicocele where the enlarged veins in the scrotum become visible. The symptoms aggravate by the day and the risk of complications also increases significantly.

    As it is clear that the condition of varicocele does not resolve on its own without medical intervention, earliest diagnosis and treatment is necessary.

    Complications That Can Arise If Varicocele Is Not Treated On Time

    Following are the major complications that can arise due to untreated varicocele:

    • Forming of blood clot(s) in the damaged veins
    • Damaged testicles
    • Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation
    • Rupturing of vein due to blood clot
    • Infection in the scrotum
    • Rupturing of varicocele as a traumatic response (e.g. during sexual intercourse)

    Highly Experienced Varicocele Doctors in Chennai

    Pristyn Care proudly houses some of the best vascular doctors and surgeons in Chennai. All the vascular specialists associated with Pristyn Care in Chennai hold at least 7-8 years of experience and are experts in their domain. The surgeons are well conversant with the advanced laparoscopic technique and thus we assure you an absolutely safe and reliable treatment for varicocele.

    Some of the best vascular specialists associated with Pristyn Care in Chennai are:

    • Dr. A Ashiq Ahmed- MBBS, MS – General Surgery with 15 Years Experience Overall.
    • Dr. Prabhakar Padmanabhan- MD – Physician, MS – General Surgery, Fellowship in Minimal Access Surgery with 7 Years Experience Overall.
    • Dr. M. Senthil Kumar- MBBS, MS – General Surgery with 16 Years Experience Overall.
    • Dr. Padmanabhan S.R.- MBBS(2203)/MS(2012) with 8 Years Experience Overall.

    How Pristyn Care is associated with top hospitals in Chennai?

    Pristyn Care works in partnership with the best of super-specialty hospitals in Chennai and other metro cities as well. Careful partnerships with the top hospitals aid in making sure that we are able to keep up with our motive of providing short and smooth hospital stay for the patient.

    Also, the entire staff at our partner hospitals is courteous and attentive towards each and every need of the patient. All the necessary COVID-19 preventive measures are also followed without fail at our clinics and the partner hospitals too. Thus, there are minimum chances of contracting the disease and nothing major to worry about.

    Some of the Pristyn Care associated hospitals in Chennai for varicocele treatment are:

    • AHLL spectra- Alwarpet
    • AHLL spectra- MRC Nagar
    • Srushti Hospital
    • Porur Srushti Clinic
    • Bloom Health Care
    • Be Well Hospital
    • Mishri Healthcare
    • Shens Hospital
    • Rathimed Hospital
    • JIP Hospital
    • Raadha Rajendran Hospital
    • RKP Hospital
    • Madhu Hospital

    Why is varicocele surgery a better option?

    Varicocelectomy is one of the modern surgical procedures for varicocele treatment that effectively resolves other problems that are caused by this condition. We employ the laparoscopic, microscopic, and embolization techniques which are much more technically advanced. Thus, they offer a wide variety of benefits over the conventional surgical treatments for varicocele.

    • The varicocelectomy procedure does not involve any major incisions or stitches to be carried out in the scrotal region. The surgery is minimally invasive and this makes it much more safe.
    • Before the surgery, the surgeon administers anesthesia and thus the patient does not feel any pain during the surgery.
    • The varicocele treatment is a short procedure and gets completed in less than an hour. The patient does not require to stay in the hospital for days and can return home a short while after the surgery.
    • The recovery is quick, smooth and complication-free. There is minimal swelling and discomfort post surgery and that too resolves completely in less than a week.

    Why choose Pristyn Care for varicocele treatment?

    Pristyn Care is one of the fastest growing healthcare provider chains in the country and strives to provide its patients with the best of facilities. Patients who choose to undergo varicocele treatment at Pristyn Care can avail the following benefits:

    • The surgeries are performed only by experienced and trained medical professionals and thus are 100% reliable.
    • Pristyn Care caters to each and every need of the patient. From insurance claims to cab facilities, the team at Pristyn Care takes care of everything. Additionally, Pristyn Care provides a number of financial options like easy zero cost EMIs and cashless transactions to make your treatment experience absolutely convenient.
    • Post surgery, the surgeons provide medications and the patient also gets free-follow up. This way, we ensure a trouble-free and seamless surgical treatment for your varicocele.

    How To Book an Appointment with the Best Varicocele Surgeon in Chennai?

    Pristyn Care has a widespread chain of clinics in different localities of Chennai such as Velachery, Kilpauk, Porur, Tambaram Chennai. Getting an appointment with our varicocele surgeons is just simple. To book the appointment for detailed consultation, you can call us on the aforementioned number or just fill in the details on the form appearing on the right-hand side. One of our medical coordinators will reach out to you as soon as they receive the filled form. You can also use the Pristyn Care app on your phone to book the online appointment. You will be required to visit your nearest Pristyn Care clinic for the first consultation and a thorough physical check up to determine the extent of the medical condition.

    Get Free Consultation For Varicocele Treatment Throughout September At Pristyn Care in Chennai

    For the month of September, Pristyn Care is taking one step forward to spread awareness and making it easier for people to seek medical care from experts. We are providing free consultation to all the people who are suffering from fertility issues and seeking treatment for the disease. You can book a consultation with our expert doctors and pursue the best course of treatment without spending a buck.

    Possible complications of varicocelectomy surgery:

    Varicocelectomy is a safe procedure that ensures effective results within the first 2 weeks after the surgery. However, like any other surgery, there are possible complications associated with the procedure that usually depends on the severity of the condition and the surgical expertise of the surgeon. Pristyn Care ensures comprehensive treatment and post-surgery care for a smooth and quick recovery. Potential risks of varicocelectomy include:

    • Injury to the testicle
    • Bleeding
    • Reaction to the anesthesia administered during surgery
    • Chances of recurrence
    • Infection
    • Blood clots in the legs

    Recovery after varicocelectomy:

    Patients who undergo varicocelectomy treatment are given a set of instructions from the hospital or your doctor after the surgery to allow smooth and faster recovery. We have a team of highly skilled vascular surgeons with years of experience performing complex varicocelectomy surgeries with great precision. Our surgeons are fully trained to perform surgeries using cutting-edge technology for a very high success rate. Doctors at Pristyn Care provide medications and dietary restrictions after the surgery to reduce the discomfort during recovery duration. There are a few tips that may help during your recovery process:

    • Take adequate rest after the surgery for at least 2-3 days.
    • Lie down gently as much as you can to minimize swelling
    • Keep the wound dry by patting the towel on it after the shower.
    • Avoid strenuous activities like sports, weight lifting, or swimming.
    • Avoid sexual activity for at least 2-3 weeks after the surgery.
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