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About Bankart Surgery

The shoulder is a complex structure comprising bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons working together harmoniously to provide the maximum range of motion. However, sometimes the harmonious motion can be disturbed due to injury or overuse of the joint resulting in a forceful shoulder dislocation. A dislocation occurs when the humerus head comes away from the glenoid fossa due to possible overstretching or tearing of the surrounding tissues. A glenoid labrum tear in the anterior part of the joint is called a bankart lesion. Bankart lesions can be easily repaired via arthroscopic surgery in Chennai at Pristyn Care.


Shoulder Dislocation Treatment

Bankart Lesions Diagnosis

Bankart lesions are common in patients suffering from a dislocated shoulder, but they can’t be diagnosed easily in physical examination. Bankart tears are usually only identified via soft tissue imaging such as MRI or via an arthroscopy or MR arthrography. In some cases, it may be seen in a shoulder dislocation X-ray.

Shoulder Dislocation Treatment

Dislocated joints can be managed via medical management, but the most effective recurrent shoulder dislocation treatment associated with bankart lesions is via arthroscopic repair. An arthroscopic bankart repair surgery involves the repair of the torn ligament via sutures called anchors. The procedure provides significant improvement in shoulder function with a low recurrence rate and increased shoulder stability.

Pristyn Care is associated with the best orthopedic surgeons in Chennai for the arthroscopic repair of bankart tears. For further details, book a free consultation today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are bankart lesions caused?

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What are “anchors” used in Bankart Surgery?

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What kind of suture anchors are used for bankart lesion repair at Pristyn Care?

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What is the cost of bankart repair surgery in Chennai?

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How soon can someone start playing sports again after bankart repair surgery?

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What does the rehabilitation for bankart surgery depend on?

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How long will you have to wear the sling after bankart repair surgery?

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What are the risks associated with shoulder bankart surgery?

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What are the benefits of arthroscopic bankart repair surgery?

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Are bankart surgeries successful?

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Is arthroscopic bankart surgery covered under insurance?

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How is arthroscopic bankart repair surgery performed?

The treatment is performed via a minimally invasive technique called arthroscopy. First, the surgeon creates a few tiny incisions in the shoulder joint region, through which an arthroscope is inserted. An arthroscope is a slender tubular instrument with a light and a camera attachment. Then, the surgeon trims the edges of the glenoid cavity and attaches suture anchors to reattach the detached labrum.

Anterior shoulder dislocation vs posterior shoulder dislocation

Anterior shoulder dislocations are the most common dislocations. They usually occur due to forced or abnormal abduction, external rotation and extension motions of the joint. They are characterized by shallow anterior glenoid contours that predispose them to recurrent shoulder dislocations. They are usually managed by closed reduction and immobilization of the joint. Surgical repair is not necessary unless it is accompanied by complications like bankart tear, labrum tear, etc.

Posterior shoulder dislocations are much less common and are a little more challenging to diagnose. They are more common in patients with convulsive disorders, like epilepsy, seizure disorder, etc. Occasionally, they can occur due to strength imbalance in the rotator cuff muscles. They can easily go unnoticed, especially in elderly patients. They are difficult to treat via closed reduction, and an expert ortho surgeon should be requested to reduce them. However, if the dislocation occurred over 3 weeks ago, then surgical treatment may be necessary.

Why undergo bankart repair surgery in Chennai at Pristyn Care?

Pristyn Care is associated with the best ortho surgeons in Chennai with experience in performing expert bankart repair surgery. Some other facilities provided at Pristyn Care are:

  • Expert orthopedic doctors and surgeons: Pristyn Care is associated with the best orthopedic surgeons who have plenty of experience in treating bankart tears without any complications.
  • Clean and hygienic facilities: All hospitals associated with Pristyn Care maintain strict COVID safety measures, including all healthcare personnel and patient attendants wearing masks, face shields, PPE kits, etc., and using sanitisers regularly. In addition, everyone entering the hospital is screened to ensure no infected people contact the patients.
  • Cab and meal service: We ensure the patient’s entire treatment journey is seamless. On the day of the surgery, the patient is provided free cab services and meal service in the hospital.
  • Free follow-up: We include post-operative care and follow-up appointments in our surgical package because we understand that the treatment is complete till you have fully recovered.
  • Financial aid: In case you are not able to afford the surgery, we also provide financing help in the form of zero-cost EMI, cashless payment, etc., so that you can get your treatment in time.
  • Dedicated care coordinator: We avail a dedicated care coordinator to all patients who helps them with documentation for hospital admission, insurance claim, etc., to make the treatment journey hassle-free.

How to book an appointment for an arthroscopic bankart operation in Chennai at Pristyn Care?

You can book an appointment at Pristyn Care for expert treatment for bankart lesions and recurrent shoulder dislocation (or shoulder subluxation) at the best orthopedic hospitals in Chennai by:

  • Call the helpline number at the top of the page. Speak to our care coordinators and book an appointment with the best orthopedic surgeons near you based on your symptoms and location.
  • Fill in the ‘book an appointment’ form on the website. Our care coordinators will reach out to you momentarily and book your appointment with the best bankart lesion surgeons near you.
  • Download our dedicated patient care app and browse through the list of orthopedic doctors near you to book an appointment based on your convenience.
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