What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery, also known as total knee replacement or knee arthroplasty, is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to resurface the damaged knee joint. This surgery is suggested by orthopedic surgeons for patients who have severe arthritis, bone tumor, or severe knee injury.

The goal of minimally invasive knee replacement surgery is to resurface the parts of the knee joint which have been damaged and to relieve chronic or constant knee pain which cannot be controlled by other non-surgical treatments. Unlike traditional total knee replacement, minimally invasive knee replacement surgery is apt for all patients. Consult highly skilled orthopedic surgeons at Pristyn Care who specialize in minimally invasive orthopedic surgeries such as total knee replacement, hip replacement, etc. 

Knee replacement surgery is a common yet major orthopedic surgery that is used to replace the damaged or worn-out surfaces of the knee. During the surgery, the orthopedic surgeon will replace these damaged or worn-out surfaces with an implant. This will relieve pain and maximize mobility, allowing increased knee motion. To get an effective knee replacement in Chennai, get in touch with Pristyn Care by calling on the mentioned number or filling out the given appointment form.

USFDA-Approved Procedure

USFDA-Approved Procedure

Support in Insurance Claim

Support in Insurance Claim

No-Cost EMI

No-Cost EMI

2-days Hospitalization

2-days Hospitalization

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Knee Replacement
Indications for knee replacement
  • Significant pain related to osteoarthritis (especially with weight bearing)
  • Medial pain, with no significant pain in the anterior or lateral knee.
  • Flexion (inability to completely straighten the leg) greater than 120°.
  • Correctable varus deformity (condition that affects the alignment of bones in the legs)
  • Intact ACL and PCL (anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments).
  • X-ray showing predominant narrowing at one side of the joint.
  • Failure to respond to non-surgical care
Best knee replacement implant brands in India
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Stryker
  • Zimmer
  • Smith & Nephew
Knee replacement success rate
  • Total knee replacement or TKR has a high success rate of 95%.
  • Success rate of partial knee replacement is 90%.
Exercises to do after knee replacement
  • Supported Knee Bends while Sitting
  • Ankle Pumps
  • Bed Supported Knee Bends
  • Quadriceps Sets
  • Straight Leg Raises
Knee Replacement Alternatives
  • Weight loss
  • Physiotherapy
  • Hyaluronic acid injections
  • Medication
  • Steroids
  • Acupuncture
  • Arthroscopic knee surgery
  • Cartilage Regeneration
  • If you have tried these methods and are still dealing with pain your orthopaedic surgeon might recommend a knee replacement.
What not to do after knee replacement surgery?
  • Do not sit with your legs crossed
  • Avoid twisting your knee.
  • Avoid putting a lot of strain or load on the knee
  • Do not put a pillow directly under your knee.
  • Avoid driving for 6-8 weeks.
  • Heavy, strenuous workouts
  • High impact activities such as hiking, jumping, gymnastics, soccer and football.



At Pristyn Care, We have a team of well-experienced knee surgeons in Chennai. The doctor will conduct a physical examination and would ask you to get some diagnostic tests before knee replacement surgery, including-

  • X-Ray
  • MRI
  • Echocardiogram

These imaging tests will help in better diagnosis of the condition, the surgeon will suggest the best suitable treatment option for you after evaluating your condition based on the test results.

Knee Replacement Surgery

The minimally invasive knee replacement procedure involves the use of modified techniques and surgical instruments to place the clinically proven implants through a small incision. The minimally invasive knee replacement surgery is performed through 1 small of 3- to 4-inch incision instead of a larger incision of 8- to 12-inch, as in case of the traditional surgery for knee replacement.

Potential benefits of minimally invasive knee replacement surgery include increased knee mobility and motion sooner after the surgery, lesser blood loss during the surgery, faster and easier recovery, much smaller scar and shorter hospital stay.

In Our Doctor's Word

Dr. Ashish Taneja

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics

17 Years Experience

"Knee replacement surgery is one of the most delayed surgical procedures. Patients delay it until they can barely walk or bones start cracking. A common sentiment is, "I thought it was Ok, as long as I could walk" or "My friends told me yoga could help". Well, while yoga and other exercises can help prevent certain diseases, an unmonitored strain during an already severed arthritis, does more damage than good. It may severe the pain, and advance complications. This is why I always highlight the importance of timely treatment. Then, you'll able to recover quicker, adjust faster, walk painlessly and experience a very evident change in the quality of life. Also its a myth that the implants only last 5-6 years. No. A good knee replacement surgery will easily last you an average of 15-25 years."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the implant last after knee replacement surgery?

After a successful knee replacement surgery, the knee implant usually lasts for at least 15 to 20 years. Total knee replacements often last a bit longer than partial knee replacements. How long the knee replacement implant lasts will depend on various different factors, including the success of the surgery, the individual’s age and lifestyle.

What can I expect right after my knee replacement surgery?

You will be able to get out of bed and start walking the same day after the surgery, and will typically be discharged from the hospital 2 to 3 days after the surgery. Rehabilitation will begin immediately after the surgery with a supervised and personalized exercise program monitored by an orthopedic surgeon. You will not have pain and will be given medications to manage pain, prevent complications, and boost recovery.

What is the total knee replacement surgery cost in Chennai?

The cost of total knee replacement in Chennai can range from INR 3,20,000 to 4,50,000.

Please note that the above-mentioned cost of bilateral or total knee replacement surgery is only for reference and is not a standard cost for the treatment. With various factors in play, such as the type of implant used, the general fee of the surgeon and hospital, etc., the cost of total knee replacement surgery in Chennai can vary.

Will my insurance cover knee replacement surgery?

Most health insurance companies cover the cost of a knee replacement. At Pristyn Care, we have a dedicated team for hassle-free insurance assistance for our patients. We also provide a No-Cost EMI Option for patients who do not have a health insurance plan and need assistance with medical finances for the knee replacement surgery.

What are the most common signs of knee arthritis?
  • Pain, especially when in motion
  • Limited range of motion
  • Knee stiffness
  • Crackling sounds
  • Buckling or locking of the knee joint
  • Swelling and inflammation

If you are suffering from chronic knee pain that does not go away, get it checked by our orthopedic specialists.

How do I know if I have knee arthritis?

If you have knee arthritis, you may have symptoms like pain that increases when physically active, but resolves with rest. You may also notice swelling or feel warmth in the knee joint. Knee stiffness is also reported by many patients with arthritis, especially in the morning or after sitting for a prolonged time. If you have signs of knee arthritis, give us a call or use the form present on this page to make an appointment with the best doctors for knee replacement surgery in Chennai.

What is the most common reason for knee replacement surgery?

Severe knee arthritis is the most common reason for knee replacements. One may also need a knee replacement surgery after a serious knee injury or other such painful condition that may limit the ability to perform everyday tasks, such as walking.

Can I undergo knee replacement surgery if I am above the age of 50?

Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery can be carried out in adult patients of all ages. Even patients who are above the age of 50 years who are medically fit and are in good health can undergo knee replacement surgery if their lifestyle and activities are restricted by painful conditions like arthritis of knee joints.

When should I have knee replacement surgery?

An individual should undergo a knee replacement surgery when other treatments are failing to manage the severe pain or loss of function. Knee replacement surgery might be a good idea for individuals whose regular life and activities are restricted because of pain or reduced knee motion. Get in touch with the best knee doctor in Chennai for effective knee replacement surgery.

When can I walk after minimally invasive knee replacement?

You can start walking right from the next day of your knee replacement surgery. Joint replacement surgery is critical and needs expertise. Therefore, it is always advisable to consult an experienced knee replacement surgeon in Chennai for knee replacement surgery.

When will I be discharged from the hospital after minimally invasive knee replacement surgery?

Most patients are discharged from the hospital 3 – 5 days after minimally invasive knee replacement surgery.

At what age can a patient undergo minimally invasive knee replacement surgery?

A patient of any age can undergo minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. Consult the best orthopedic surgeons to undergo the most advanced total knee replacement surgery.

What is the best procedure for knee replacement?

Minimally invasive total knee replacement is the most advanced knee replacement surgery. During this surgery, the surgeon will make a shorter incision with a different, less-invasive technique.

How can I consult the best orthopedic surgeons in Chennai for knee replacement surgery?

Consult the best orthopedic surgeons in Chennai for the most advanced total knee replacement surgery at Pristyn Care.

What is robotic assisted knee replacement surgery?

Robotic knee replacement is a modern procedure performed with assistance of a robotic arm or hand held robotic device to replace the diseased/ damaged knee joint with an artificial implant.

What are the most common types of knee arthritis?

The two most common types of arthritis affecting the knee are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

What is knee cartilage regeneration?

Cartilage regeneration, also known as autologous chondrocyte implantation (ACI), is an innovative orthopedic knee surgery to replace the damaged or worn out cartilage in the knee joint. The procedure is performed by an orthopedic surgeon who takes the healthy cartilage cells from the damaged knee, cultures them in a lab for a span of 4 to 6 weeks, and then injects the new cells to the damaged joint for regeneration with the healthy nearby cartilage. This is a minimally invasive procedure and is a promising option for some patients with isolated cartilage loss. Patients with more extensive knee damage often require a knee replacement.

Can someone undergo knee replacement at age 70 or 80?

There is no age bar or cut off for a knee replacement. Studies have found that patients in their 70s, 80s and 90s benefit from a knee replacement as much as younger patients.

How long is the recovery time for knee replacement at age 80?

Recovery time for knee replacement elderly patients at the age of 80 or above is about 12 weeks. The patient will likely need a walking aid like a walker or crutches to get around for the first 2 to 3 weeks. Within 4 to 6 weeks, the patient would most likely notice a significant decrease in swelling and increase in movement.

What is a partial knee replacement?

A partial knee replacement is an alternative procedure to a total knee replacement in which only the damaged parts of the knee cartilage are replaced with a prosthesis (implant). This surgery can be performed when the damage is limited to a particular part of the knee. Partial or unicompartmental knee replacement is a promising treatment option for some people with knee osteoarthritis.

What is MPFL reconstruction of the knee?

MPFL (Medial Patellofemoral Ligament) reconstruction is the surgery in which a new medial patellofemoral ligament is created to stabilize the knee and help protect the joint from additional damage. It offers an excellent treatment option for people who have experienced more than one dislocation.

What is knee osteoarthritis?

Knee osteoarthritis or OA is a degenerative joint disease of the knee joint and is typically the result of wear and tear and progressive loss of the articular cartilage (ACL). It is most common among older people and can be divided in 4 categories, depending on severity of damage and symptoms.

What are the stages of knee osteoarthritis?
  • Grade 0-Normal knee health.
  • Grade 1- Very minor bone spur growth with no pain or discomfort.
  • Grade 2: Some patients might feel pain and other symptoms.
  • Grade 3: Moderate OA and pain.
  • Grade 4: Most severe stage of OA with chronic knee pain and significantly reduced mobility.
What is knee arthroplasty?

Knee arthroplasty is another medical term for minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. It is a surgical procedure to replace a damaged knee joint with knee implants. This procedure has faster recovery compared to open knee replacement surgery.

What is complete knee replacement?

A complete or total knee replacement involves the replacement of all 3 compartments of the knee joint.

What is degenerative knee joint disease?

Knee osteoarthritis is another medical term for degenerative joint disease of the knee joint.

What is arthrotomy of the knee joint?

Knee arthrotomy is the surgical exploration of the knee joint, which can include inspection of the cartilage, ligaments, intra-articular structures and joint capsule.

What is the lifespan of a knee joint replacement?

The answer depends on several factors like the type of knee implant, the patient’s age, physical condition, activity level and body weight. Because these knee implants are made with strong materials (that are designed to last several years) and provide a secure fit, a total knee implant is expected to last beyond 20 years. A partial knee replacement can last around 10- 15 years.

What type of anesthesia is used for knee replacement surgery?

Spinal or general anesthesia are typically used for knee replacement surgery.

What is the latest technology for knee replacement surgery?

Minimally invasive total knee replacement, also known as quadriceps sparing TKR is the latest technique to perform knee replacement. This technique allows the surgeon to replace the damaged knee joint without cutting major tissue or muscles. If you wish to consult expert knee replacement surgeons near you, contact us and book your consultation at the best orthopedic clinic in Chennai.

What type of doctor should I see for knee problems?

You should consult an orthopedic doctor for problems with the knee joint.

What is the surgery to repair knee cartilage?

Knee chondroplasty is the surgery performed to repair the knee’s articular cartilage (ACL), meniscus, or both (if required).

What is a revised total knee replacement?

Revision knee replacement is the procedure carried out to fix a failed knee replacement. In this procedure, the knee surgeon replaces some components of the knee implant. Most patients who undergo a successful knee replacement do not require a revision surgery. However, depending on the type of the implant, lifestyle and other factors, some patients might require a revision surgery.

What are the common knee replacement failure symptoms?

The most common symptoms of a failed knee implant are pain, decrease in knee function, instability, swelling and stiffness in the knee joint.

What are the symptoms of a loose knee replacement

Most common symptoms of a loose knee replacement are

  • Pain
  • Knee joint instability
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty Walking
  • Painful Popping sound
  • Redness and warmth
  • Reduced range of motion
Which is the doctor for knee ligament injury?

You should consult an orthopedic doctor or knee specialist for problems associated with the knee joint including knee ligament injury.

How long does the pain last after a knee replacement

Initial pain, inflammation and swelling after hip replacement typically resolves within 2 to 4 weeks. However, patients might experience mild pain, swelling or discomfort for about 2 months. Rest assured, the pain is not severe and can be easily managed with painkillers.

What are the different kinds of knee implants?

Generally, a knee implant is made of four components, i.e., a tibial component, a femoral component, a patellar component, and a plastic spacer. Based on their components, knee implants can be categorized as:

  • Metal on plastic: In this type of implant, a metal femoral component is attached to a plastic tibial component. It is the most common, least expensive kind of implant. However, these implants are not preferred as much now because the particles released due to wearing away of the plastic component can trigger an immune response in the future.;
  • Ceramic on plastic: These implants feature a ceramic femoral component on a plastic tibial component. It is used in people who might have an allergy to metal implants. However, they are not preferred for the same reason as the metal on plastic implants.;
  • Ceramic on ceramic: In these implants, both components are made of ceramic. They are least likely to trigger an immune response. However, they are not preferred as much because they make a squeaking noise when the patient is walking. Also, they can easily shatter when subjected to very heavy loads.;
  • Metal on metal: In these implants, both components are made of metal. These are not widely in use as they release small amounts of metal in the bloodstream as they erode, which can cause inflammation, pain, and even permanent organ damage in the long term.

Why undergo knee replacement at Pristyn Care?

Pristyn Care is a center of excellence for knee replacement treatment. We consider our patients to be our biggest priority, and in order to ensure their care and comfort, we provide many facilities such as:

  • Expert and experienced knee specialists: Pristyn Care is associated with the best knee replacement doctors with 10+ years of experience in providing safe and seamless treatment to over 2 lakh patients in over 400 cities.
  • Easy consultation: It is very easy to book free appointments with the best knee surgeons through Pristyn Care at your convenience. As soon as you connect with our care coordinators, they will book an appointment for you based on your location, symptoms, and convenience.
  • Affordable treatment with insurance support: We provide affordable knee arthroplasty to encourage our patients to receive treatment. We also help all patients with their insurance documentation and claim process.
  • Cab and meal facility: To ensure your comfort on the day of the procedure, we will also provide you complimentary cab and meal services on the day of the surgery.
  • Free follow-up: To ensure that our patients recover without any significant problems, we provide free follow-up to all our patients in the week following the surgery, along with diet consultation for the future.

How to book an appointment with the best orthopedic doctors through Pristyn Care?

You can schedule your consultation with the best knee doctors through any of the three simple ways:

  • Give us a call on our helpline number. Our care coordinators will pick up the call and gather the required information to connect you with the right doctor for consultation.;
  • Fill out the “Book An Appointment” form and submit your details. Our medical coordinators will get back to you shortly, and based on your symptoms, schedule the appointment with the doctors at your convenience.
  • Download the dedicated patient app from Google Play Store or App Store and get in touch with our orthopedic doctors near you. Book your appointment and consult with the doctor at your preferred date and time.

Pristyn Care also offers an additional service with an online consultation mode to discuss their problems with the doctors through a virtual call without leaving their homes.

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