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About Varicocele

When the veins in the scrotum enlarge, the condition is known as Varicocele. Varicocele affects sperm production and function that can potentially reduce fertility. Out of a hundred males, ten to fifteen have varicocele. Varicoceles are found to be more common on the left side of the scrotum as the male anatomy is not the same on both sides.



Varicocele in different languages:

Varicocele in Hindi: वेरीकोसील

Varicocele in Marathi: वैरिकासेल

Varicocele in Telugu: వరికోసెల్

Varicocele in Tamil: வெரிகோசெல்

Varicocele in Malayalam: വെരിക്കോസെലെ

Foods to avoid with varicocele:

Refined carbohydrates

Added sugar


Canned foods

Too much salt

ICD-10 code for varicocele

ICD-10 code for perineum varicocele - I86.3

ICD-10 code for spermatic cord - I86.1

Complications of untreated varicocele:


Low testosterone production

Shrinking testicle or testicular atrophy

Why Pristyn Care for varicocele treatment?

Highly experienced vascular surgeons

Flexible payment options

Assistance in insurance claim

USFDA-approved treatments

Free-follow up consultation

Free transportation on the day of the surgery

Varicocele pain areas:

Throbbing pain in the testis

Stabbing pain in the groin


  • Injury
  • Drinking water while standing
  • Infection like epididymitis
  • Exercising without any protective gear
  • Blockage in the spermatic cord


  • Lump like formation in the scrotum
  • Swelling in the scrotum
  • Dull and recurring pain in the scrotum
  • Swelling and pain worsening over course of the day
  • Visible twisted veins in the scrotal sac


Surgeons performing varicocele surgery in operation theater


The doctor may ask you about your medical history and then conduct some physical exams, blood tests, and imaging tests to assess the severity of the condition. 

The doctor conducts the physical exam to look for tenderness and to examine the testicles. After the physical exam, the doctor may also conduct a scrotal ultrasound to get a detailed and accurate picture of the scrotal veins. 

In addition to these, some blood tests and semen analysis tests may also be performed to check if varicoceles have impacted the fertility or hormone levels.


Percutaneous embolization- In this procedure, the doctor inserts a catheter into the body through the groin. The doctor then injects a solution through this catheter into the affected scrotal veins. The solution blocks the vein by scarring it and the damaged vein then collapses. The blood then flows through other healthy veins and the varicocele is treated. 

Surgery- The most effective treatment for curing a varicocele is surgery. The surgical treatment of varicoceles is known as varicocelectomy. This is done when the varicocele causes discomfort or the doctor feels there is a risk of infertility. The whole procedure is performed under the influence of anesthesia. 

In this procedure, the surgeon makes a small incision in the abdomen or upper thigh region. A microscope and other small equipment are then used to close off the damaged veins and reroute the blood through healthier veins.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are varicocele and varicose veins the same?

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Why is varicocele more common on the left side?

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Does varicocele cause low testosterone?

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Does varicocele cause erectile dysfunction? 

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Can varicocele cause infertility?

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Can varicocele go away on its own?

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What is the best way to cure varicocele?

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Is undergoing varicocele surgery safe at Pristyn Care, Gurgaon? 

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Will I suffer from pain during varicocele surgery?

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In Gurgaon, where can I undergo the safest varicocele surgery?

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Will my insurance cover my varicocele surgery at Pristyn Care, Gurgaon?

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When should I consult the doctor for varicocele?

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How to cure varicocele at home?

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Who treats varicocele? 

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What are the different grades of varicocele?

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What are the diagnostic tests for varicocele?

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What are the different treatment options for varicocele?

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How long does it take to recover from varicocelectomy?

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What is the surgical time of laparoscopic varicocelectomy?

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Can masturbation cause varicocele?

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What is the cost of varicocele surgery in Gurgaon?

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What factors affect the cost of varicocele surgery in Gurgaon?

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Is varicocele surgery covered under insurance?

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How can I choose the best hospital for varicocele surgery in Gurgaon?

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What is the success rate of varicocele procedure at Pristyn Care in Gurgaon?

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Get the most advanced varicocele treatment in Gurgaon

Varicocele is a vascular condition in which the veins in the scrotum enlarge and become visible. The condition is estimated to affect 15 out of every 100 men around the world. In around 30-40 percent of these cases, delay in medical attention can contribute to fertility issues. Therefore, it is very important to get varicocele treated at the earliest.

Pristyn Care offers advanced microscopic varicocele treatment for resolution of varicocele symptoms in Gurgaon. The microscopic varicocelectomy is absolutely safe and highly effective. The surgeries are performed by experienced surgeons at Pristyn Care and we assure you a seamless and comfortable medical experience. Contact Pristyn Care to book an appointment with one of our specialists today.

Why is varicocele treatment necessary?

Varicocele treatment is necessary to avoid the following complications:

  • As the varicocele grows bigger in size, it pushes aside the testicles and results in the shrinking of the testicles. In medical terms, this condition is known as testicular atrophy.
  • Low levels of testosterone that affect healthy sperm production
  • Rupturing of varicocele can cause extreme pain and internal bleeding
  • Frequent episodes of erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction

Highly experienced varicocele doctors in Gurgaon

Pristyn Care works in association with some of the most experienced and qualified vascular doctors in Gurgaon. Pristyn Care doctors are trained in the modern microscopic varicocelectomy and have successfully treated even the severe cases of varicocele with minimal complications. Also, our doctors are very professional and cooperative and you can openly discuss the problem with them before undergoing the surgery.

How Pristyn Care is associated with top hospitals in Gurgaon?

At Pristyn Care, ensuring a safe and complication-free treatment for our patients is our topmost priority. We have partnered with the best reputed hospitals in Gurgaon to ensure that our patients receive the best of medical facilities and round the clock assistance. Pristyn Care partner hospitals are equipped with state of the art techniques and are well-maintained. The staff is very supportive and you can expect a convenient and hassle-free treatment experience.

Why is microscopic varicocele treatment a better option?

Microscopic varicocele surgery is an advanced simplified treatment that offers relief from the condition. This minimally-invasive treatment for varicocele offers the following benefits 

  • No need for major cuts, incisions or stitches- minimally invasive surgery
  • There is no major blood loss during or after the procedure
  • A short procedure that completes under 40-45 minutes only
  • Much higher success rate in comparison to open surgery
  • Discharge from the hospital within 24-48 hours
  • Patient can rejoin work within 2 days 
  • Fast recovery within a week 

Why Choose Pristyn Care for Varicocele Treatment?

Pristyn Care is one of the most patient-centric healthcare providers in Gurgaon that offers the following benefits to the patients:

  • For maximum safety of the patients against COVID-19, we follow necessary protocols like thermal screening, use of PPE kits by the doctors, thorough sanitization of the clinics and partner hospitals.
  • A team of highly trained doctors performs varicocele surgery in a risk-free manner. Our doctors at Pristyn Care leverage advanced healthcare technologies for assessment and surgeries for the best effective results.
  • Pristyn Care team members offer complete assistance for booking consultations, smooth stay at the hospital for surgery and even follow-ups after the procedure.
  • We provide a free cab facility to the patient on the day of the surgery at the hospital so that they face no hassle in commuting to and from the hospital.
  • We ensure that the patient gets a single deluxe room at the hospital and proper meals as recommended by the doctor.
  • Follow-up consultation with the doctor within the first seven days after varicocele surgery is free of cost. 

How To Book an Appointment with the Best Treatment Center in Your Locality?

It is a simple task to book an appointment with one of our varicocele doctors near you in Gurgaon. You can either reach out to us directly by calling on the given number or fill in and submit the patient details through the form appearing on the right side of the page. As soon as you submit the form, one of our medical coordinators will call you back to discuss the preferred date and time for consultation.  

Possible complications of varicocelectomy surgery:

Varicocelectomy is a safe procedure that ensures effective results within the first 2 weeks after the surgery. However, like any other surgery, there are possible complications associated with the procedure that usually depends on the severity of the condition and the surgical expertise of the surgeon. Pristyn Care ensures comprehensive treatment and post-surgery care for a smooth and quick recovery. Potential risks of varicocelectomy include:

  • Injury to the testicle
  • Bleeding
  • Reaction to the anesthesia administered during surgery
  • Chances of recurrence
  • Infection
  • Blood clots in the legs

Recovery after varicocelectomy

Patients who undergo varicocelectomy treatment are given a set of instructions from the hospital or your doctor after the surgery to allow smooth and faster recovery. We have a team of highly skilled vascular surgeons with years of experience performing complex varicocelectomy surgeries with great precision. Our surgeons are fully trained to perform surgeries using cutting-edge technology for a very high success rate. Doctors at Pristyn Care provide medications and dietary restrictions after the surgery to reduce the discomfort during recovery duration. There are a few tips that may help during your recovery process:

  • Take adequate rest after the surgery for at least 2-3 days.
  • Lie down gently as much as you can to minimize swelling
  • Keep the wound dry by patting the towel on it after the shower.
  • Avoid strenuous activities like sports, weight lifting, or swimming.
  • Avoid sexual activity for at least 2-3 weeks after the surgery.
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