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What is Cataract Surgery? 

Cataract surgery is the surgical treatment of cataracts. It involves the removal of the defective or cloudy eye lens and replacing it with an artificial lens.  

A cataract is a disease that usually occurs with age but can also occur due to other reasons like eye injury or genetic factors. It cannot be reversed or treated through medications. And if not treated on time, cataracts can even cause permanent blindness. Surgery is the only permanent solution for cataracts.

If you have been diagnosed with a cataract in one or both eyes, you can contact Pristyn Care and get advanced cataract treatment in Gurgaon. 



  • Benefits of Cataract surgery
  • Don’t Delay Advanced Treatment
  • Why Painless Treatment?

Benefits of Cataract surgery


Improved vision


Better quality of life


Long-lasting results




Previous eye surgery




Cloudy eye lens

Blurry vision

Double vision

Trouble seeing at night

Halos surrounding light


Eye test for cataract surgery in gurgaon


If you detect that you are having vision problems, then consult an ophthalmologist without any delay. The doctor will ask about your medical history and symptoms to narrow down the problem. If the doctor suspects that you have a cataract in one or both eyes, he/she may recommend the following test. 

  • Visual Acuity Test- This test helps the doctor to check the eye power or how clearly a person can see an object. 
  • Slit-lamp Exam- This test involves inspection of the cornea, iris, eye lens, and the space between the iris and the cornea. 
  • Retinal Exam- It is done to see clearly on the backside of the retina. The pupils are dilated and an ophthalmoscope is used to examine the eye lens to look for signs of cataracts. 
  • Tonometry Test- This test is done to check the pressure inside the eyes and to look for early signs of glaucoma, if necessary. 


Cataract surgery is the procedure used for the treatment of cataracts. 

MICS - Micro incision cataract surgery (MICS) is an approach to remove cataracts through an incision less than 1.8 mm. The purpose of the surgery is to improve the outcome of the surgery. MICS has been relied on to be a minimally traumatic surgery that offers better postoperative outcomes. In this sophisticated cataract surgery, a high degree of surgical precision and innovation is used. 

Advantages of MICS include:

  • Smaller incision
  • Decreased chances of surgically induced astigmatism
  • Faster recovery of vision
  • Faster healing

FLACS - Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS) is a recent development in the field of cataract surgery. FLACS carries lesser risks compared to non-FLACS small incision phacoemulsification cataract surgery. Compared to manual techniques, FLACS can offer a greater level of precision and repeatability for certain tissue planes. 

If you wish to get rid of vision problems and resolve cataracts permanently, get in touch with Pristyn Care today. 

Why Pristyn Care ?

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Your safety is taken care of by thermal screening, social distancing, sanitized clinics and hospital rooms, sterilized surgical equipment and mandatory PPE kits during surgery.

Assisted Surgery Experience

Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Medical Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.

Medical Expertise With Technology

Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.

Post Surgery Care

Post Surgery Care

We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best treatment method for cataracts?

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Is cataract surgery painful?

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Can cataracts return after surgical treatment?

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Are Pristyn Care doctors available for an online consultation? 

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Get Most Advanced Cataract Surgery in Gurgaon

A cataract is the most common eye problem for people above the age group of 40. When a cataract interferes in the day-to-day life of any patient, it is required for them to get rid of the cataract through surgery. Pristyn Care is now available for the best cataract surgery in Gurgaon. The cataract surgeries that Pristyn Care offers in Gurgaon are tailored for all age groups.

Patient Journey for Opthal Vision retrieval

Here is how the patient journey involves after the cataract surgery. 

  • The 1st Post OPD is completed on the first day of the recovery period
  • The 2nd OPD is completed after ten days of recovery 
  • The 3rd OPD is completed after one month

Highly Experienced Cataract Surgeons in Gurgaon

Pristyn Care in Gurgaon is now available for the best cataract surgery. Pristyn Care houses some of the best ophthalmologists with years of experience in providing the most advanced cataract surgeries and other eye care for even the most complicated cases. Over the past few years, they have successfully done several cataract surgeries in Gurgaon. Our state-of-art eye center for eye care in Gurgaon offers a wide range of services using the most advanced form of tools and techniques. Pristyn Care surgeons for cataracts hold an unparalleled record for eye care and cataract surgeries.

How is Pristyn Care Associated with Top Hospitals in Gurgaon?

Pristyn Care has associated with some of the super-specialty hospitals such as Columbia Asia, Origin Hospital, Max Hospital, etc., in Gurgaon to offer the most advanced cataract surgery technique. We have partnered with the hospitals to make the experienced support staff and the latest technique accessible to each patient. With the combination of these two benefits, we can hold up to our words of making a patient’s hospital stay as hassle-free as possible. 

In addition to this, every hospital working in association with us is maintaining every standard of procedure related to hygiene and sanitization. We are ensuring that the hospital staff is wearing PPE kit both during the consultation and treatment of the patients. The pieces of equipment, consultation rooms, and operating theatres are regularly sanitized.

Why Cataract Surgery Is A Better Option?

The lens inside the human eye is made up of proteins arranged in a particular pattern. The light rays entering the eye pass through this lens and focus onto the retina. At a young age, this lens remains clear and transparent. With age, the proteins start to clump together and prevent light rays from passing through. As a result, the vision becomes cloudy and blurry. There is no option that can reverse the condition. Hence, the only way to restore the vision is by removing the diseased lens and implanting a new artificial lens which is only possible during surgery.

Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Surgery For Cataracts

All the benefits of cataract surgery can be summed into the following five advantages.

  • Better vision- As the primary objective of cataract surgery is to remove the cloudy lens from the eye and replace it with a new one, the restored vision is clear and improved. The light rays are able to reach the retina easily.
  • Improved quality of life- Due to the clouding of the vision, cataract patients are unable to perform even the simplest tasks such as knitting, reading, watching TV, etc. without putting any extra strain on the eyes. In other words, cataract surgery makes it easier for patients to perform such tasks without putting extra pressure on the eyes.
  • Maintenance of eye health- Now that cataract patients have to make extra efforts to see objects, it makes the eye prone to other problems such as glaucoma. With cataract surgery, the risk of such a problem occurring decreases considerably.
  • Increased independence- Often, cataract patients require assistance in very day-to-day activities, which makes them dependent on others. After the cataract surgery, such dependency is reduced to zero.
  • Lesser chances of any accidents or injuries- People with poor vision are prone to running into a glass door or missing out on a pebble. The surgery reduces the chances of such accidents or injuries.

Why Choose Cataract Surgery from Pristyn Care?

In Gurgaon, there are numerous dedicated clinics and hospitals offering cataract surgery using the most advanced technique. Therefore, an important part of ensuring that the surgery is completed successfully is finding the best clinic in Gurgaon. Here are some of the reasons for choosing Pristyn Care.

  • Highest safety and protection- For us, the patient’s safety is very important to us and hence, we are following every necessary instruction against COVID-19 at our clinics as well as partner hospitals.
  • Insurance paperwork- Our insurance team handles the entire process of getting approval for insurance claims required to cover the cost of cataract surgery in Gurgaon. Our team also completes the necessary paperwork.
  • Free transportation- On the day of the surgery, we arrange for a cab to pick you up and drop you off at the doorstep free of any charge.
  • Free follow-up consultation- The first follow-up appointment for checking the progress is free of cost after the cataract surgery.

What Is The Cost of Cataract Surgery in Gurgaon?

The cost of cataract surgery differs for each patient depending on various factors. Therefore, we recommend speaking with our medical coordinator, who can guide you thoroughly and propose an estimated cost accordingly. An estimated cost may range Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000 per eye and may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Type of lens such as monofocal, multifocal or toric implanted during cataract surgery
  • Type of technology such as microincision cataract surgery (MICS), phacoemulsification, and Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery (FLACS) used
  • Locality in which the particular clinic or hospital is located.
  • Consultation charges of the surgeon
  • Fees of the anesthetist
  • Charges required for hospitalization

Does cataract gets covered under medical insurance?

Fortunately, cataract surgery is one of the medical procedures that make the list of treatments covered by medical insurance. In Gurgaon, most health insurance companies offer coverage (primarily partial) for the cost of getting rid of cataracts. Hence, if you have a health insurance plan, the cost of cataract surgery is easily covered. Make sure you go through the terms and conditions of the plan minutely. This should be kept in mind that the health insurance scheme may not cover the same if premium lenses are implanted inside the eye. On average, patients have to wait for two years from the date of the purchase to avail of the coverage. Pristyn Care’s insurance team takes care of the end-to-end process of getting approval on the insurance claim on behalf of the cataract patients.

Nearby Cataract Clinics in Gurgaon

Pristyn Care has a footprint in Gurgaon. Residents of Sushant Lok-I, DLF Phase 2, DLF Phase 3, DLF Phase 4, Bhondsi, Badshapur, Hari Nagar, Islampur, Jharsa, Kherki Daula, Khandsa, Laxman Vihar, Malibu Town, Nathupur, New Palam Vihar, New Colony, Palam Vihar, Patel Nagar, Saraswati Vihar, South City II, Subhash Nagar, Sikandarpur, Shankar Vihar, Shivpuri, Shivaji Nagar, Sultanpur, Civil lines, Laxmi Vihar, IMT Manesar, Sadar Bazaar, Sector 50, Sector 14, Sector 15, Sector 29, Sector 44, Sector 45, Sector 48, Sector 49, Udyog Vihar Phase I, Udyog Vihar Phase II, Udyog Vihar Phase III, etc. can book an appointment at the nearest Pristyn Care clinic and get rid of cataract fast.

How To Book An Appointment at Cataract Clinic in Gurgaon?

Booking an appointment with the best eye specialist in Gurgaon at Pristyn Care:

  • You simply need to call on the above number or fill the form on the right-hand side. Our medical coordinator gets in touch with you at the earliest and assists in booking a consultation (online or physical) for you or your near ones at a time suitable for you with the doctor of your preference.
  • We also offer online consultations for patients seeking treatment for cataracts. You can click on the ‘For Patients’ on the topmost panel of the page and select the online consultation option from the drop-down menu.
  • Another way to book an online appointment is via our mobile application. You can download the app and consult with a doctor of your choice after booking a slot according to availability.
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