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About Varicose veins

The condition of Varicose veins is marked by enlarged veins that are visible under the surface of the skin. These veins are found to be twisted and they appear blue to dark purple according to the severity of the condition. Sitting for long hours, wearing too tightly fit clothes and obesity are among the most common reasons leading to Varicose Veins.

Varicose veins are also known as Varicosities. For some people, varicose and its variant, spider veins are just a cosmetic concern. But, in some people, it is far more painful and causes discomfort in walking or sitting. Varicose veins affect almost twice as many women as men and are more common in older women.



How to prevent varicose veins?

Avoid standing for long periods of time

Wear compression stockings

Refrain from smoking

Maintain a healthy body weight

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Sit while elevating your legs to promote blood circulation

Foods to eat in varicose veins

Citrus fruits



Chia Seeds/flax seeds

Whole grains

Foods to avoid in varicose veins

Refined grain foods

Junk food

Fried food

Excessive intake of caffeine

Canned & preserved food

Why Pristyn Care for varicose veins treatment?

Highly experienced vascular surgeons

Flexible payment options

Assistance in insurance claim

USFDA-approved treatments

Free-follow up consultation

Free transportation on the day of the surgery

Varicose veins in other languages

Varicose veins Tamil- வீங்கி பருத்து வலிக்கிற நரம்புகள்

Varicose veins Hindi- वैरिकाज - वेंस

Varicose veins Marathi- वेरीकोझ नसा

Varicose veins Telugu- అనారోగ్య సిరలు

Varicose veins in Kannada- ಉಬ್ಬಿರುವ ರಕ್ತನಾಳಗಳು


  • Family history
  • Obesity
  • Sitting or standing for long hours
  • Hormonal changes


  • Pain and heaviness in the legs
  • Burning and muscle cramping
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Itching and irritation
  • Twisted and bulge veins


Doctors performing laser surgery for varicose veins


The doctor will look at the patient’s legs. After the physical examination, the doctor may suggest some tests, such as: 

  • Doppler Test: A transducer probe that detects the direction of blood flow, both in the skin veins and deep veins.
  • Ultrasound Scan: This scan helps in a detailed examination of the deep veins, particularly if the patient has a history of deep vein thrombosis.


Doctors at Pristyn Care in Gurgaon provide the most advanced varicose veins treatments, the surgical treatments involve removal of varicose veins or closing the same. Removal or closure of varicose veins doesn’t cause issues with blood flow as blood continues to flow through other veins. Our team is dedicated to providing a hassle-free experience and best-in-class laser surgery to cure varicose veins. 

A laser is a beam of light and a doctor can use a laser-based surgical device to treat varicose veins. Laser heat ablates a vein and scar tissue closes the vein. A closed vein loses its source of blood and dies.

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Get Most Advanced Varicose Veins Treatment In Gurgaon

Laser surgery is a new age technique, that is less invasive in nature and seals off the bulging damaged varicose veins through laser beams. The surgical technique guarantees quick recovery and no major post-surgical complications. The surgery works best for people of all age groups, and also in patients with larger varicose veins or those with advanced vessel damage.

Varicose veins are very common and their prevalence makes them all the more concerning. If these bulging veins are not attended to in time, serious complications can occur and permanent treatment is the only way to avoid these complications. 

People in Gurgaon can now easily undergo the permanent laser treatment for varicose veins at Pristyn Care. The laser treatment is a modern treatment procedure that has a very high success rate and cures varicose veins in just one day. Pristyn Care offers advanced laser treatment and the techniques used during the surgery are approved by USFDA. The state-of-the-art technology, coupled with the experience of our doctors increases the reliability of the treatment and makes it 100% safe.

Highly Experienced Varicose Veins Surgery Doctors In Gurgaon

Pristyn Care houses some of the most experienced and qualified vascular specialists and surgeons in Gurgaon. All our doctors are certified by recognized medical authorities and have a great track record in treating varicose veins successfully, without any complications at all. If you are dealing with any varicose veins symptoms, you can consult one of our specialists near you. All you need to do is book an appointment online and then you can discuss the problem with the doctor before going for the treatment.

Some of the varicose veins specialists associated with Pristyn Care in Gurgaon are:

  • Dr. Pankaj Sareen: Qualification- MBBS(2003)/ MS(2010)/ FMAS(2016)
  • Dr Anubhav Sangwan: Qualification- MBBS(2013)/ MS(2016)/ FIAGES
  • Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor: Qualification- MBBS(2010)/ MS(2013)
  • Dr. Rakesh Mittal: Qualification- MBBS(2002)/ MS(2007)/ MRCS(2009)

Why Laser Varicose Veins Surgery Is A Better Option?

The laser-assisted varicose veins surgery offers the following benefits over the conventional surgery procedures:

  • Absolutely painless treatment
  • Minimally invasive surgery so no large scars are left behind
  • Does not involve any complication risk and is 100% safe
  • Convenient procedure, takes only 45 minutes to complete
  • Provides long-lasting relief from varicose veins with low chances of recurrence
  • No major restrictions on lifestyle post surgery

Why to take laser treatment of varicose veins from Pristyn Care?

We make it our priority to ensure that every patient who comes to Pristyn Care feels comfortable and heard. Our specialist doctor patiently answers all the queries and does not rush the patient for laser treatment.

The other benefits of choosing varicose veins treatment at Pristyn Care are:

  • Only certified and experienced specialists perform the laser treatment. Hence, there are very few chances of the treatment procedure going wrong in any ways.
  • Only the modern equipment approved by USFDA are used for varicose vein treatment at Pristyn Care
  • We offer more than one financing option to our patients such as cashless payment, Zero-cost EMI,etc. 
  • Free follow-up with the doctor after the laser treatment. Since, the follow-up is free, the individual does not have to contemplate whether to visit the doctor or not. This ensures that the patient recovers smoothly without facing any major troubles.

What is the success rate of laser surgery for varicose veins?

In the past two decades, laser surgery has become one of the safest and effective treatments for varicose veins. Laser surgery for varicose veins works efficiently 94 out of 100 times. However, there are certain factors that determine the success rate of the surgery. A few of those factors are:

  • The age of the patient.
  • The severity of the disease treated.
  • Whether the patient has any underlying disease that could alter the success rate of the surgery.
  • Recovery tips and lifestyle habits followed by the patient.

In rare cases, if the damaged vein does not get closed with a laser, the patient may require a second surgical treatment. To avoid such complications, it is important that you undergo the surgery only at the hands of experienced vascular surgeons.

What happens if varicose veins go untreated?

In contrary to your belief, varicose veins could be more than just a cosmetic issue. What initially starts as just twisted veins can have severe complications with time, if left untreated. Dangers of untreated varicose veins that one needs to be aware of are:

  • Leg swelling – With the increasing pressure build-up, the fluid from blood can lead to the surrounding tissues and cause swelling. 
  • Skin ulcers – The swelling due to the untreated varicose veins can over time cause skin ulcers. When ulcers occur, the skin does not easily recover from any injury.
  • Bleeding – If the bulging veins are not treated, they are at risk of getting hit or cut. This may cause significant blood loss, often more than what you expect.
  • Skin infection – Swelling may cause your skin to get stretched and form a skin infection known as cellulitis. This may come along with distinct redness and rashes.
  • Deep vein thrombosis – In about 25% of people, the clots in varicose veins go on to develop in deeper veins. When this happens, the legs can swell rapidly causing a painful situation and the blood clots may also break off and move to the lungs. This can lead to a life-threatening condition called pulmonary embolism.

How To Book Appointment With The Best Treatment Center In Your Locality ?

People residing in Gurgaon can easily get in touch with one of Pristyn Care’s vascular specialists in the city by booking an appointment online. All you need to do is fill out the form on the website. Our medical coordinators will contact you without keeping you waiting for a long time. You can let us know about the preferred appointment time and other aspects and the medical coordinator will help you set up an appointment according to your preferences. You can also give us a call on the mentioned phone number to book the appointment.

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