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What is Varicose Veins?

The condition of Varicose veins is marked by enlarged veins that are visible under the surface of the skin. These veins are found to be twisted and they appear blue to dark purple according to the severity of the condition. Sitting for long hours, wearing too tightly fit clothes, and obesity are among the most common reasons leading to Varicose Veins.

Varicose veins are also known as Varicosities. For some people, varicose and its variant, spider veins are just a cosmetic concern. But, in some people, it is far more painful and causes discomfort in walking or sitting. Varicose veins affect almost twice as many women as men and are more common in older women.


Family history


Sitting or standing for long hours

Hormonal changes


  • Risks
  • Why Painless Treatment?
  • Don’t Delay Laser Treatment
  • Why Pristyn Care?
  • Hassle-free Insurance Approval


Varicose Veins are twisted and swollen veins in the legs which may be red, bluish or purple in color.


Sores or skin ulcers which doesn’t heal on its own


Increasing age


Bleeding from the thin side of the skin


Blood clots that form in veins just below the skin


Deep vein thrombosis (deeper blood clots in veins)


A ruptured vein may develop into varicose ulcers or eczema


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  • Sores or skin ulcers which doesn’t heal on its own
  • Increasing age
  • Bleeding from the thin side of the skin
  • Blood clots that form in veins just below the skin
  • Deep vein thrombosis (deeper blood clots in veins)
  • A ruptured vein may develop into varicose ulcers or eczema

Why Painless Treatment?

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  • No Pain | No Stitches | No Scars
  • 30 - 45 min Procedure
  • 24hr Hospitalization
  • Faster recovery with no pain

Don’t Delay Laser Treatment

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  • Relief from Pain
  • Relief from ruptured veins
  • Treats blood clots
  • Reduces chances of deep vein thrombosis

Why Pristyn Care?

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  • 30% off on diagnostic tests
  • Confidential consultation
  • Single deluxe room
  • Free follow-ups post-surgery
  • 100% insurance claim

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

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  • All Insurances covered
  • No upfront payment
  • No running behind insurance authorities
  • Paperwork by Pristyn team on your behalf



Burning and muscle cramping

Discoloration of the skin

Itching and irritation

Twisted and bulge veins

Advantages of Laser Surgery over Traditional Surgery

featureslaser surgerysurgical (ligation and stripping)
Cuts and wounds
Rest after surgery
 Can resume work
 1-2 month rest
 Minimum, No incision required
 Maximum, 2 incision required
Diet Restrictions



The doctor will first physically examine your legs and then suggest some tests to confirm the condition and its seriousness. A Doppler test is usually performed to track the blood flow in veins and how to go about the surgery if required. An ultrasound scan can also be suggested for the detailed inspection and to check for deep vein thrombosis.


When all the remedies and exercises fail to improve your condition of varicose veins, then immediately consult your nearest doctor in Lucknow. Getting Varicose veins treated is necessary to prevent the disruption or irregularity in the flow of blood. The most advanced laser-based treatment is best to cure varicose veins. If you experience serious pain, then don’t fear to go for the laser-assisted treatment that is minimally invasive. This treatment offers fast recovery and the patient can go back to their daily routine life in 2-3 days.

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Advanced Technology

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  • Painless procedure with no cuts
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  • No recurrence


  • Within a day discharge
  • No cost EMI
  • Free post surgery follow ups
  • Free Pickup & Drop Facility for surgery

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  • Hassle-free experience
  • Post surgery exercise and Diet plan
  • 24*7 personal coordinator
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Frequently asked Questions

How varicose veins can be diagnosed?

Varicose veins can be easily diagnosed by a physical examination. The cause of the varicose veins does require the use of Doppler ultrasound. The test will assess the valve function in the groin and also determine how much of the blood is flowing back to the legs. The test will also determine the presence of the blood clots present in the veins.


How can one prevent varicose veins?

If one starts early then varicose veins can be prevented. The preventive measure is to exercise and by wearing stockings. Other methods are:

  • Elevation of the legs at all times is also recommended
  • One should avoid standing for longer periods
  • Don’t cross your legs while sitting down
  • During the pregnancy, one should lie on the left side with your legs elevated on the pillow. This will prevent the fetus from pressing on the leg veins and will decrease the chance of developing varicosities.

Who can get varicose veins?

Conditions which will cause varicose veins are obesity, pregnancy, trauma and standing for long hours. Varicose veins are common in females and have been linked to estrogen, a sex hormone.


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Smooth treatment for Varicose veins. Doctors and staff at Pristyn Care are brilliant.

Dr.Vaibhav Kapoor at Pristyn Care satisfied all my queries of Varicose Veins. My experience of varicose veins treatment was comfortable and the entire staff was very cooperative. I am now totally relieved of the problem of varicose veins. I am thankful to Pristyn care all the services.

Heena Katyal

Varicose Veins treatment in Lucknow

If you notice red and blue veins on your legs, then don’t take them lightly as you might be suffering from varicose veins. These veins are formed when the valves of the superficial veins of the lower limbs get damaged because of this the blood flow from the lower limbs to the heart is decreased which results in the retention of the blood in the veins. This is most commonly found in legs, calves and feet. Ageing also causes wear and tear of the veins, there are plenty of people in Lucknow which are suffering from varicose veins. Women are subjected to hormone changes. Pre-menstruation, menopause and pregnancy are some of the factors which influence the varicose veins.

The varicose veins are found in as much as 40% of the pregnant women in India. Varicose veins can also be inherited from your parents. People who are obese might also get varicose veins as they impart more pressure on the veins due to their weight. Plus the people who are working while standing for a long time may experience varicose veins. The awareness is the main issue with the varicose veins, there are many people who are suffering from varicose veins in Lucknow. Many people are not aware that they are suffering from varicose veins. The problem is common for people who work as standing for long hours. Affected people suffering from varicose veins are policemen, tea-stall owners, sales staff in malls, etc.

Varicose veins surgery in Lucknow

The treatment of varicose veins should be done within time. Most of the people in Lucknow are living with the varicose veins and they don’t even look for the treatment. The treatment should be done to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by varicose veins. The patient can use compression stockings which will squeeze the patient’s legs and it will also improve the circulation, the stockings should be worn properly. It would be better to go for surgical treatment for varicose veins. Getting to the nearby clinic in Pristyn Care is the only solution. The treatment in Pristyn Care is done with the advanced technologies, there is a state of the art facilities which are used to treat varicose veins. As a patient you will face no problem while getting treated at Pristyn Care. There are experienced doctors who will handle your case.

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