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About Miscarriage Treatment

A miscarriage is a spontaneous event that results in the loss of a fetus before 20 weeks of pregnancy. A miscarriage is also known as spontaneous abortion. Miscarriage usually happens during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Medical reports suggest that about 10 to 15 (10-15 cases out of 100) percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

NIH reports the prevalence of miscarriage in Indian women as high as 32%. While the fetus expels by itself in a miscarriage, an ultrasound test and follow-up treatment is essential to ensure complete expulsion. Otherwise, incomplete miscarriage risks severe infections, consecutive miscarriages, permanent infertility, and life-threatening complications to the health of the mother.

USFDA Approved Procedures

USFDA Approved Procedures

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

Insurance Paperwork Support

Insurance Paperwork Support

1 Day Procedure

1 Day Procedure

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Types of Miscarriage Treatment
    • Threatened miscarriage
    • Inevitable miscarriage
    • Complete miscarriage
    • Incomplete miscarriage
    • Missed miscarriage
    • Recurrent miscarriage
Why choose Pristyn Care for Miscarriage treatment in Lucknow?
    • 100% confidential and safe treatment
    • 12+ years experienced female gynecologists
    • No parental/ spouse consent is needed for females above 18 years
    • Multiple payment options including No-cost EMI

Miscarriage - Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis of Miscarriage

Before determining the line of treatment, the gynecologist or OB-GYN might have to run a couple of diagnostic tests for miscarriage. Some of them include:

  • Ultrasound The doctor may recommend an ultrasound to check for the heartbeats of the fetus and confirm if the development of the fetus has stopped. If the ultrasound does not provide an actual result, the female might have to retake the test.
  • Pelvic examination A pelvic exam may be required to check if the cervix has begun to dilate.
  • Blood tests The doctor might recommend a blood test to look for pregnancy hormones in the blood and compare it with the levels of the hormones in the past.
  • Chromosome test If a woman suffers two or multiple miscarriages, the doctor might recommend a chromosome test to check if the genes of the woman or her partner have caused the miscarriage.
  • Tissue test If a woman expels tissues from the vagina, a tissue test might be recommended to confirm that a miscarriage has occurred and that the symptom is not due to any other health issue.

Treatment for Miscarriage

Once the pregnancy loss is confirmed through any of the above-mentioned diagnostic tests, the doctor recommends a Dilation & Curettage (D&C) procedure to clean and expel the pregnancy tissues.

D&C procedure is performed under the influence of general anesthesia. During a D&C, the gynecologist dilates the cervix of the patient and removes the fetal tissues from inside the uterus. During the procedure, a spoon-shaped device (known as a curette) is used to scrape the uterine wall lining gently.

Why Pristyn Care for Miscarriage Treatment?

Best Female Gynecologists. 100% Confidential and Safe.


Highly Expert Gynecologists

Our team consists of the top gynecologists in India with extensive experience in performing medical and surgical abortions and ensuring the patient faces minimal discomfort in the process.


100% Confidentiality

We ensure 100% confidentiality of the patients seeking an abortion. The patient’s identity and all other associated details are kept safe and aren’t divulged to anyone, so the patients do not have to worry about their privacy.


No-Cost EMI

To help patients manage the expense of their abortion, we provide No Cost EMI offers. By availing of these offers, patients can pay for their abortion in convenient and affordable monthly installments.


All-Round Medical Care

We put together a comprehensive, all-inclusive treatment experience for patients. Patients receive complete medical assistance from our care coordinators, starting from the initial consultation to follow-up care.

FAQ around Miscarriage Treatment

What are the risk factors of miscarriage?

Several risk factors can increase your chances of suffering a miscarriage. Some of them are:

  • drug abuse
  • trauma to the abdomen
  • exposure to harmful chemicals
  • smoking
  • excessive alcohol abuse
  • heavy caffeine consumption
  • problems with the uterus or cervix
  • two or consecutive miscarriages

What is a recurrent miscarriage?

Recurrent miscarriage is defined as the loss of two or more pregnancies. After two consecutive miscarriages, it is essential to undergo a thorough pelvic exam and take the necessary tests.

What is the treatment for recurrent miscarriage?

Treatments for recurrent miscarriages include medication, lifestyle changes, and timely genetic testing. Even after having 2-3 consecutive miscarriages, a woman has a fair chance (60-80 percent). It is essential to consult a gynecologist near you to reduce the risk of another miscarriage.

What is a missed miscariage?

A missed miscarriage is when the fetus has died in the womb, but the mother hasn’t had any symptoms, such as bleeding or pain.

What are the benefits of D&C treatment after miscarriage?

Several benefits of D&C make the procedure weigh above any other treatment after miscarriage. D&C is a single, scheduled event that is not drawn for days. The process is performed under anesthesia and hence involves just mild cramps and no severe pain. Additionally, the chances of preeclampsia, placental abruption, malpresentation, or risk of future miscarriages are significantly lower in D&C.

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**Conduct of pre-natal sex-determination tests/disclosure of sex of the foetus is prohibited. Pristyn Care and their employees and representatives have zero tolerance for pre-natal sex determination tests or disclosure of sex of foetus.

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