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What are ovarian cysts?

Ovarian cysts are the fluid-filled pockets or sac-like structures inside or on the walls of the ovaries. Ovaries are the almond- shaped structures on each side of the uterus that are responsible for the development and maturation of the eggs. So, when cysts form in the ovaries, it impairs their functioning.

Ovarian cysts are commonly occurring and can have an impact of varying degrees on different females. In some cases, ovarian cysts may disappear in a few months, whereas mostly it requires proper medical care and attention.

Ovarian cysts can cause severe symptoms when they rupture or burst in the ovaries. Therefore, once diagnosed with ovarian cysts, a female should seek treatment as soon as possible.


Doctor Doing a Surgery


The doctor physically examines the patient to check for any fluid filled pockets or cysts in the ovaries. If the doctor feels some abnormalities then further diagnostic tests for ovarian cyst are carried out.

Ultrasound- It is the most common diagnosis to confirm ovarian cysts. It makes the use of sound waves to clearly visualize the uterus and get the measurement of the cysts.

Blood tests- If you face the issue of abnormal period blood flow, the doctor usually orders lab tests related to blood to check the blood count. In most cases of ovarian cysts, the female is anemic due to excess blood loss during periods.

Review of medications- The doctor reviews the medication you have had previously or are having for ovarian cystsCT Scan- It is an advanced type of X-ray that uses computers and machines to get a detailed image of the pelvic organs.


Laparoscopic Ovarian Cystectomy- Laparoscopic surgery is a safe and advanced way of removing cysts in the ovaries. This is also referred to as keyhole surgery that is minimally invasive in nature and requires only a few minor incisions on the abdomen.

Before the procedure, the patient is administered anesthesia to ensure no pain or discomfort to the patient. The surgeon inserts a thin tube with a camera on its end (laparoscope) into the abdomen by making a small incision near the navel. The other 1-2 minor incisions are made on the abdomen. Further, the surgeon makes more space between the internal organs and the abdomen. This allows the surgeon to precisely remove the cysts from the ovaries without causing injury to any other organ in the lower abdomen.

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Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

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Assisted Surgery Experience

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Medical Expertise With Technology

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Post Surgery Care

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How do gynecologists in Lucknow treat ovarian cysts?

Not all ovarian cysts demand medical or surgical treatment, and in many cases, ovarian cysts go away on their own without treatment. Because of this, your gynecologist may suggest a period of watchful waiting in order to monitor your ovarian cyst and see if it goes away after 1 or 2 menstrual cycles. But usually, treatment for ovarian cyst depends on the symptoms, type of ovarian cyst and its size.

Treatment options for ovarian cysts include-

Watchful waiting- If your ultrasound shows small, simple, fluid- filled ovarian cysts and you have no symptoms, your gynecologist will wait and monitor the ovarian cysts as they may go away on their own. Your gynecologist will also recommend that you get follow-up with a pelvic ultrasound at some intervals to see if the ovarian cyst changes in size. In such a case, you will be re-examined in a few months to confirm if the cyst or cysts have gone.

Medication- If you have functional ovarian cysts, your gynecologist may prescribe hormonal contraceptives for you. While medications can help in preventing new functional cysts from forming, they will not help in shrinking an existing ovarian cyst.

Surgery- If you experience severe pain and discomfort due to ovarian cysts, your gynecologist medications to help with pain relief. But if medications and other nonsurgical treatments are not much effective, an ovarian cyst removal surgery might be required. Our gynecologists in Lucknow usually recommend minimally invasive methods like laparoscopy for ovarian cyst removal. However, more invasive conventional surgery might be necessary if the cyst is very large in size or if the doctor suspects cancer.

To know the most suitable treatment for your ovarian cysts, meet our expert gynecologists and find relief from pelvic pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Do I need surgery for ovarian cysts?

The most suitable treatment option for ovarian cysts for your case will depend on several factors, including your age, whether or not you are having regular periods, the size of the ovarian cyst, its appearance (in the ultrasound), and associated symptoms.

You might need surgery for an ovarian cyst if the cyst-

  • Does not go away after a few menstrual cycles.
  • Is large in size (>5 to 10 cm) or continues to grow
  • Causes severe pain and persistent pelvic pressure
  • May rupture or twist
  • Appears to be caused by endometriosis in the ultrasound.
  • Appears suspicious of cancer.

In addition, if you are past menopause and have an ovarian cyst, your gynecologist will probably suggest you have surgery to remove the ovarian cyst. Though ovarian cancer is rare, females of- 50 to 70 years of age are at higher risk. Females who are diagnosed with cancer at an early stage have a better outcome and prognosis than females who are diagnosed at advanced stages of cancer.

Will ovarian cyst surgery affect fertility?

For young females (who are in their reproductive age) and have not been through the menopause, the surgeon will try to preserve as much of the reproductive system as they can.

Depending on the severity and complexities of the condition, it is often possible to just remove the ovarian cyst and leave both ovaries intact. This will not affect the female’s fertility in any way.

If one of the ovaries are to be removed during ovarian cyst surgery, the remaining ovary will still be functional and will normally release hormones and eggs. The female’s fertility should not be affected, though she may find it slightly difficult to get pregnant. Occasionally, it may be necessary to remove both the ovaries, even if the female has not been through menopause. This will trigger an early menopause, which means that the female can no longer produce any eggs or become pregnant.

However, it may still be possible to get pregnant with fertility options. If needed, discuss this with our fertility specialists who specialise in assisted reproduction techniques. You should discuss your fertility concerns with your gynecologist before your surgery.

Advantages of undergoing laparoscopic ovarian cyst surgery over open surgery

  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Quick recovery
  • Reduced bleeding and tissue handling during the surgery
  • Minimising risk of scar-tissue (adhesion) formation after the surgery
  • Better visualisation and access to the internal organs for the surgeon
  • Less postoperative discomfort and pain
  • Reduced risk of infection and thromboembolism (blood clot in the legs or lungs)
  • Minimal scar after recovery.
  • Faster return to office work and normal life

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