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Weight loss missions are often started with a lot of determination and grit but soon end in a fiasco once the lethargy and indiscipline creep in our lives. Sometimes the time calls to lose weight urgently, maybe in a month and we get anxious and confused as to what to do and how to get in shape on that short note. But don’t worry, everything is possible if you follow a structure and are focused.

Here are 15 ways by which you can lose fat in a month. Before proceeding further let’s have a general understanding of what is obesity and its frequent causes.

Obesity: It can be simply explained as a medical condition that occurs when a person carries excess weight or body fat that could be hazardous to health. A higher BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates higher obesity.

Common reasons for weight gain

Following are some common reasons that are held accountable for weight gain:

  • Genetics
  • Physical inactivity
  • Overeating and bad eating habits (Too much junk)
  • High simple carbs diet
  • Medications
  • PCOS and several other diseases like hypothyroidism, insulin resistance etc.
  • Psychological factors

Health risks

Several health risks are associated with obesity that including:

  • High cholesterol levels resulting in stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Gouts and gouty arthritis
  • Sleep issues or insomnia
  • Depression

How To Lose Weight In A Month

Now, let’s have a look at 15 ways by which you can have a visible effect on your shape by losing good inches or weight in a month

  1. Start counting calories:

    With other lifestyle and diet modifications, start counting and keeping a check on your daily calorie intake. This will help you to know how much calorie consumption is actually happening. If much more calories are taken than being used, then it’s time to limit your calorie intake as most of it is converted into fat.

  2. Stay away from refined carbs:

      You must opt for a nutritious diet any day over refined grains diet as refined carbs top the list of weight gain food. Replace white bread, heavily processed pre-packaged food by whole grain products like barley, brown rice and oats.

  3. Resort to more cardio:

    More cardio will help you burn your calories quickly and aid in weight loss. Adding cardio to your routine will help you lose weight quickly and effectively. So sweat more and more to get those chiseled curves!

  4. Eat slowly, do not munch faster:

    Eating slowly created a psychology that you are full and have eaten nicely. It also enhances certain hormones in the body that sends signals to our brain regarding fullness when it comes to hunger and overeating. Eating slowly is surely considered to decrease intake and aid in weight loss.

  5. Beverage selection is important:

    Choosing healthier beverages over soda, juices and sports drinks will give better results enhancing quick weight drop down as liquids play a very vital role in dieting because so much sugar is consumed with liquid in the body at once. So better choose water over other sweeteners, black coffee in moderate quantities is also believed to enhance the metabolism of the body. (Also Read: Benefits Of Drinking Ajwain Water (For Weight Loss) )
    healthy diet to lose weight in a month

  6. Have a fibrous diet:

    Eating more and more fibers aid in decreasing body weight and calorie intake as well. fiber makes you feel full and also helps in clearing the bowel. At least 25-38 grams of fiber must be consumed daily through vegetables, legumes and whole grains for fast weight loss.

  7. Watch your sleep hours:

    Getting enough sleep is very vital while starting the weight loss regime as a sleep-deprived body will have hormone secretion which will give hunger cravings.

  8. Have a protein-rich breakfast:

    Having a high protein breakfast will make you feel full and energetic as well as decrease the level of certain hunger-inducing hormones. You can include oats, eggs, peanut butter, and yogurt in a protein-rich breakfast.

  9. Intermittent fasting:

    You can practice intermittent fasting as it increases fat loss, improve metabolism and preserve lean body mass to support weight loss. This includes fasting cycles of 16-24 hours straight.

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  10. Bodyweight exercises or gym equipment exercises:

    These are the two best ways to lose weight with resistance training. It also boosts metabolism to make weight loss easier.
    exercise for weight loss


  11. Avoid condiments and sauces:

    Those tasty sauces and toppings on your food might seem little in quantity but it is not good if you plan to lose weight. Cutting them and replacing them with low-calorie alternatives can aid weight loss.

  12. Trust more and more on veggies:

    Vegetable consumption will increase your fiber intake and will keep you hydrated as well. It will increase the weight loss process and will lower the risk of obesity as it will ultimately lead to less calorie intake. (Also Read: Beginner’s guide to Keto diet)

  13. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle:

    Sitting for long hours on your office desk will lead to a bulky body in no time. It is also known to lead to muscle stiffness and body pain issues. So keep your body in movement frequently.

  14. High-Intensity Interval Training exercises:

    Adding HIIT exercises to your routine will help in losing 20-30% more calories than other activities. Include running, cycling and resistance training for 30 minutes in your routine to see the best results.

  15. Make water your best friend:

    Drink more and more water to get those toxins flushed out from your body so the digestion is proper and you stay hydrated yielding to best results with losing weight.


One month is not a short span to lose some kgs if you combine a little patience and hard work without losing focus. These ways may seem and sound simple but it’s pretty hard to follow them with a lot of discipline and self-control. Above all, if you think your obesity is gradually leading to other health problems, connect with a health specialist and ask if you are eligible for bariatric surgery (weight-loss surgery). 

Everybody is beautiful and worth appreciating. But a healthy body will make you feel healthier, lighter and more confident in all spectrums of life.

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